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First posted Wednesday, November 7, 2012
I am glad the cops did not ask me the purpose of the wooden club I stow next to the driver's seat.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012
Glendale (Phoenix), Arizona -- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

KEVIN sends me a link to more Hugo Jaeger photos, this time of a Jewish ghetto in Poland.


I will have a look at them later. I intend using lots of the Jaeger photos in my Himmler book.

I book space at the Embassy Suites in San Diego. I tell Paloma: "Just setting out for Las Vegas from Phoenix, a fine long drive across the Mojave desert. May start looking for a house in Dorney in December/January."

She answers: "Well, with the way business is here in Spain, I may have no choice but to move back to the U.K. . . Bloody disaster . . ."

I tell her: "Nobody here has any money either; some days I make a net loss. In the U.K. things are looking better."

I inquire of my German lawyer: "Ominous silence?" He says we'll get the verdict tomorrow.


I STOP en route at Kingman and deal with a few emails: An email from Alex, yet another unknown fan:

I initially heard bad things about you and your work (notably because of Wikipedia*), and started reading your (freely offered) books a bit on the defensive. It didn't take long for me to realize that you were a thoroughly honest historian (everything you assert is sourced), and both an excellent and entertaining writer. Actually, the best British writer I've encountered yet.

I especially enjoyed Hess: The Missing Years. To my knowledge, your book is the only one which offers detailed and plausible information on the internment of Rudolf Hess in Great-Britain. [I personally don't think Hess was in the least mentally ill; his symptoms were more symptoms of legitimate anger and/or nervous breakdown due to interment conditions than cerebral dysfunction].

I am currently in the middle of your Goebbels biography. To be honest, I find its tone to be occasionally a bit hostile, but I understand that you must cater to a less "hitlerite" public as well. On the information level, there is truly nothing to criticize: it is neutral and exhaustive.

I had read years before Hitler's Table Talk, writings that you have authenticated as genuine. That was truly fascinating.

My interest in Third Reich matters comes primarily from my ideological views (I could be described as a "race realist"). I am 19 years old, and French. I have learnt English mainly thanks to the Internet; the educational system in France is a disaster.

Your contribution to history, as well as to the rehabilitation of the Third Reich, is enormous. Whatever the slander your (mostly Jewish, from what I've seen) opponents pour on you now, you have made your entry into history, and your digitized works are immortal and indestructible.

Thank you for everything. You can be proud of you. I wish you a long life and, perhaps more importantly, healthy remaining years.


* I enlighten him about Wikipedia: "Thanks for that. On Wikipedia you are quite right. I know one guy [Thos Holzel] who has been in open conflict with their controlling gang for two or three years. You may wish to communicate with him. I don't what can be done about their vicious and systematic libelling."


I ARRIVE at Las Vegas, Nevada, with the tank almost empty. Gasoline here is even more expensive than in Arizona. Last time round it was a lot less. Hotel room is ho-hum but okay for two nights, I suppose. I lie down on the bed and fall into a horrible, deep deathlike sleep for an hour and a half.

I then drive downtown for an hour in an attempt to find an ordinary restaurant. I park outside the Sunset Station casino, and go in. It is a pandemonium of fat, cigarette-smoking women jerking the handles on slot machines, and teenage girl waitresses wearing skirts that look like narrow belts to me. My idea of Hell. I get lost looking for a proper eatery inside, and give up.

I tease Gabriela some more.


Friday, October 19, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The incorrigible Pole of yesterday replies:

How clever of you to say that, sir, to avoid answering. . . Thank you for reply, though. So it's actually true you "answer" every single e-mail. Jan Kowalski, Kraków.

I reply:

No, it is just a matter of English courtesy. You know my name and everything about me. You hid behind a mask of cowardly anonymity.

Since the Embassy Suites in Sherman Oaks is booked all next week I try the Marriott. They will call back. I ask for a better price. They call back, after five or ten minutes, saying they look pretty busy next week, and they don't have space available next Tuesday. I guess she found something on her screen: "Check with management first."


Saturday, October 20, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada -- Irvine -- San Diego, California, USA

No news from my German lawyer, which is disturbing. He should have a court decision by now.

I thank Kevin for some great ideas. "Had a good evening in Las Vegas yesterday. Gradually thinking about renting a house. But need a cash stockpile before I can do that."

Robert Arnold writes about Gitta Sereny, "I understand you wrote an obituary on the recent death of this lady -- can I read it?"

I reply: "Sorry, misinformed. I corresponded with her [from my Vienna prison cell]. She wrote a good book about Albert Speer, but [she had] libelled me in her review of my Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich -- stating I had stolen the microfiches from the Moscow archives, and other injurious lies. I issued a writ for libel but had to abandon the action after the Lipstadt trial."


I LEAVE Las Vegas around midday, after posting a hundred letters to Washington State and Oregon, then on the road all afternoon on Interstate 15. I halt at Peggy Sue's Diner as usual for late lunch at three p.m. at Yerma on Interstate 15, just before Barstow, then onward eventually in light rain and heavy cloud down into Irvine on the Pacific coast, around three hundred miles. Gasoline here costs a dollar a gallon more than in Nevada. Bad enough. About four hours at the wheel today already, and another hour tonight.

Arrive at the rather upmarket Boulevard hotel on Macarthur Blvd in Irvine at 5:15 p.m. and unload a ton of books into the meeting room. Pricey but adequate. Mark Weber also speaks, and does so as usual surprisingly well. We have some good people on our side. At least nobody asks here about Jaenelle, because she never got this far south in California on her tours with me before flouncing out. They do ask wistfully about Gabriela, the Peruvian beauty queen, instead.

I set out at eleven p.m. for San Diego down Interstate 405 in heavy drizzle and even heavier traffic.

12:03 a.m at the Embassy Suites. Impossible parking arrangements. Grubby carpets, the lift stinks of cigarettes, room very ho-hum. The last time I shall stay here.


Sunday, October 21, 2012
San Diego, California, USA

I ask my German lawyer if there's any news, and then the same of my youngest daughter at university:

Brief report on how things are, Jessica? I am keenly following these first few weeks. Any WAMPANs yet? [White Aryan Milllionaire Princes Aristocrats Non Smokers]. Not that I am pressing. Having lost J., I don't want to lose you too soon yet.

I am now in San Diego, the southwesternmost corner of the USA (bottom left hand corner to you). Over the next week I drive north to Seattle, the top left hand corner. We had a good evening meeting last night . . . Of course petrol, car rental, hotel etc takes a big bite; the function room cost over $500.

Himmler's mistress writes one of her last letters to the reichsführer, January 1945; below, her sports badge card

Hugo writes: "I attach copies of the Himmler-Potthast letters. I also attach a copy of the photograph of Potthast from her Sportausweis." It has taken him two years to squeeze these out of the German authorities, but better late than never.

He adds: "David, I urge you to take a course in how not to be rude. You have lost so many supporters because of your rudeness. That includes [. . .] who was a staunch supporter." He continues remorselessly:

Are there any pills for rudeness?

Only of the well-known Zyklon brand and I am way short of being that rude. I think. Ask anybody (except Jae. She has witnessed some pretty ugly scenes.)

I have -- and they all say the same thing . . .

except Janet [Lady M.]! And millions more.

Yes, but to spare your feelings I deleted the words 'I wondered whether we were talking about the same person' which immediately followed that.

Your imagination is profound.

David, has anyone told you that you often delude yourself?!!

Yes, it's being so cheerful wot keeps me going. (That's from either ITMA or Ignorance is Bliss, both before your time. Google them.)

To another message I reply: "All your other comments are noted. It's in our chip. . . I would not accept a gift from [G . . ]. I would tell his mother to bin it. I assume he hangs most closely to her skirts or apron strings. To me, he was a zero and always will be."

11:50 a.m sent this to H.: "I am in San Diego. I am hopefully reading Jessica's silence as a sign of great industry elsewhere."

I add: "I have run my eye over the [Himmler] letters. There is no doubt the letters are from Hedwig to Heini, and not vice versa. That is Himmler's handwriting, confirming that he received the letter in Forbach-Gausbach on Jan 18, and wrote from his Sonderzug ("Geschr. i. Zug n. Berlin Jan 20, 1945." -- they had broken off the Ardennes campaign and returned to Berlin where the Soviet Grossoffensive was now threatening. Anyway: Thanks, you have done excellently. EKII, soon to be upped to EK1."

He asks: "Any more news about the Rommel film?" -- "My lawyer had two days in court last weekend and since then the silence from him rather disturbs me. I have asked him for an interim report."


MARTIN DUCHOV registers at the last moment for this afternoon's meeting. Too late now. He turns up early, and buys one book for $35, but gives me only $5 cash and asks me to charge the other thirty, as the card will not work if more. Hmmm. Overweight, and perspiring heavily like many a double-dealer I have met; but why the Russian email address? His mother is Russian, he says, and his server cannot be subpoena'd which he evidently finds to be an advantage. He is from New York, he asks questions repeatedly, suggesting he is doing so on somebody else's behalf. He perspires all the time. Inevitably -- no surprises here -- his card is declined. I ask him for a different card number, but am not optimistic. [The card is permanently declined for the next weeks and I give up. A fraudster.]

We have a very successful "hotel-suite" starter-function here -- that was another of Jae's bright ideas.


Monday, October 22, 2012
San Diego -- Costa Mesa, California, USA

THE Brandenburg court has relieved me of the obligation to attend the hearing (which hearing?), but no other word yet from my German lawyer.

Six to 8:30 p.m. supper with Richard O., a major contributor, and his Japanese wife and three very Japanese looking and intelligent children and a half-Hungarian male friend. A very agreeable evening. I fill up the long-wheelbase Tahoe with gasoline, the first time I have paid over $100 in cash for a tank of gasoline in this country.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012
Costa Mesa -- Sherman Oaks -- Newbury Park, California, USA

IRONICALLY, after the film production company has done all it can to thwart our attempts to get a private showing of the Rommel film we claim is based on my biography, my German lawyer has won a ticket to the premiere in Stuttgart: as he has to be in Munich to fight our appeal against my banning from Germany, he has transferred his ticket to our Berlin expert who will now get to see the film in advance, whether they like it or not.

Our application to the courts for an injunction to stop SWR showing the movie is today rejected by the Stuttgart courts, as we cannot cite any concrete examples of the plagiarism -- because the film company has moved Heaven and Earth to stop us seeing the film or script, disregarding even the Brandenburg court Order we obtained to that effect. So our expert now flies from Berlin to Stuttgart to the premiere, tape recorder ready.

This is getting costly, and rather out of hand.

Robert O. writes thanking me for coming last night to supper: "It is always fascinating to hear your insights on history. We wish you safe travels for the remainder of your US tour."

I reply:

That was indeed a lovely evening Robert, and I hope to see you all again. Please thank your wife and children for having made it as enjoyable as it was for me, at the furthest reach from my own family in Europe.


I ARRIVE at the Best Western in Sherman Oaks, which looks suspiciously like the one which we used last time and which refused us for this week. Have I told everybody the wrong location? Manager says they have a cancellation for tonight's meeting, so all is saved. I snap it up and pay in cash.

I instruct our expert:

It is the overlapping dialogue we must look for, copied from my book, and the situations which are clearly those I have researched, and which are the opposite of what die allgemeine Historikerschaft writes about Rommel. Rommel going upstairs to his wife, "In 20 Minuten bin ich tot." Rommel handing the house keys to Manfred, die werde ich nicht mehr brauchen, etc. "Speidel hat mich verraten, ich hoffe, ich habe ihm den Kopf gerettet." (Those are from memory, I wrote the book thirty years ago).

An excellent turnout in Sherman Oaks as usual. Now four days' break until San Francisco.

I drive off at ten p.m. but halt after only an hour at Newbury Park, too tired to drive on. I email to tonight's would-be host: "I gave up. I will set out at midday and be with you around two or three p.m."


Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Newbury Park -- Pismo -- San Luis Obispo, California, USA

JESSICA has written: "Hi, sorry my replies aren't very prolific, I'm wildly busy."

H. writes: "Are you saying she [Hedwig] wrote the letters, [etc.]"

"Aaaargh!," I reply: "Hugo, I have studied lots of those letters. . . Pausing now for three days on Pacific coast at Pismo, but with an elderly geezer (and his wife) who is sending me endless emails looking forward to my coming. I have just sent him a characteristically rude email (nothing else will suffice) warning:

"Joe, if I come you MUST NOT EXPECT TO TALK WITH ME ALL DAY LONG, AS I REPEAT I SHALL be writing..." I add two minutes later: "I have no time to watch Television or YouTube, for example, and my emails are very very very brief."

A lovely daylight drive up Route 101, which would have been horrible in the dark last night. At three-thirty p.m I pause somewhere north of Santa Barbara. I phone Joe B., but once again he inundates me with words. I fear I shall not tolerate him for more than one night.

At five p.m. I call in at Pismo first, for my traditional bowl of clam chowder at Brad's in Main Street, then on to Joe B.'s nearby. For half an hour I search for a way to enter his gated community. When I phone him, his directions are verbose and fortunately needless as I am right next to the gate. He is heavily bewhiskered, a Father Christmas look-alike and as fat as that. Not my cup of tea. Offers me a glass of wine, which I politely turn down; his wife makes a coffee which turns out to be vanilla-flavored with "almond milk," whatever that is. I leave it aside after one sip.

A bad start. Three days of this will drive me crazy. He accuses me of making him feel guilty, and I say bluntly that he is inundating me with words and I wanted to keep a clear brain for three days to write. There are already hints of "chem. trail" conspiracy theories in him, and "genetically engineered food" theories in her. I prefer freedom, whatever the price. But I am becoming very irascible, there is no doubt (the word is one he used).

. . . I decide to drive on, and halt at a cheap motel at San Luis Obispo.

Colin Wright states: "You write:. . . One guest informs me that he downloaded on his Nook "tablet," whatever that is, two of my books including Nuremberg, but without the illustrations; that is of course copyright-theft by Nook." He still sees nothing wrong with that. I have again had to request to remove a stolen pdf of Hitler's War from their website.



Thursday, October 25, 2012
San Luis Obispo, California, USA

I REALISE that in passing the Hoover Institution in Palo Alto on Monday I can get another copy of the June 1943 report on Operation Reinhardt in Poland. I obtained that in July 1976, and it went 'missing' while in storage with the trustees after all my possessions were seized in 2002. I wonder if that German Professor Peter Longerich somehow "found it" while assessing my documents in the warehouse, and has used it. I doubt he has even been down in the Hoover Archives.

I have a lot of registrants already for San Francisco. Not bad. I develop a timetable for next few days, staying here in San Luis Obispo hotel (cheap) until Saturday, then onward to Mountain View for two nights, and calling at the Hoover Institution on Monday morning on the way over to Sacramento, to get the Operation Reinhardt report.

I write to the Hoover Library:

Continuing my research on Heinrich Himmler, I would like to review again a document which Agnes Peterson showed me about twenty years ago. Or perhaps thirty. Can I come in on Monday morning (October 29) to see it? I made this file note on the identity of the item. Bericht SS Polizeiführer in Distrikt Galizien an Höh.SS. und Pol. F. Ost, SS. OGruf und Gen. d. Pol. Krüger, Krakau, vom ... [Juni 1943] [etc.]

Colin Wright repents about Nook's thievery: "Actually, upon inspection, it seems to be worse than that. Nook has multiple titles of yours available -- for free. Obviously you would have a case. For what it's worth, Amazon -- for whatever motives -- does NOT have electronic editions of your books. They've got plenty of conventional editions -- but no Kindle versions."

Joe Szabo's twelve-year-old Boy Scout son Joey writes: "Dear Mr. Irving,

Thank you for letting me interview you last night in Sherman Oaks. [For a Boy Scout badge]. This is something that I will always remember.You are the best and most interesting person that I ever met. I can't wait to share our interview with the troop. I was going to thank you last night but I had to go to bed. Sincerely, Joey.

I thank him: "That's fine Joey, I was very impressed by you. You are a fine lad and I sometimes wish I had had more than just daughters, great though they all are."

The German press has belatedly learned of our attempt toget the German ban on my entry overturned in the Munich courts, and begins caterwauling: Süddeutsche Zeitung (and Welt, Bild and others) report: "Irving klagt gegen Einreiseverbot. Er ist als Nazi-Verharmloser und Holocaust-Leugner bekannt: Schon vor Jahren ist gegen den britischen Buchautor David Irving ein Einreiseverbot verhängt worden. Dagegen hat der nun geklagt -- er will so bald wie möglich wieder nach München kommen."

I forward the links to my German lawyer.

I write to Barnes & Noble:

I am shocked and angry to see that Barnes & Noble are selling my books as Nook products. These are all copyright works and you have no permission to do so. Kindly inform me what income you have made from these sales to date. I shall instruct my attorneys unless you (a) cease and desist immediately and (b) offer a proper immediate settlement. You will find these books offered at this URL.


A reader protests about what I am said to have said at San Diego: I google this quotation, and find it is in a blog posted by John Friend who was an "unknown" who attended my San Diego meeting. I email him at once:

I am not at all happy that you have posted an unauthorised account of my private talk in San Diego. It was a closed meeting, and journalists were not allowed to come for precisely this reason.

What an idiot. It is just like Stormfront, who repeatedly post on the Internet details of locations where I have spoken or, even worse, am about to speak. For one moment of glory this guy violates a confidence. I inform him: "I have removed your name from future lists and you will not be admitted in future. We have strict no-journalists and no-reporting rules which are made plain in admission letters."


Friday, October 26, 2012
San Luis Obispo, California, USA

WILD dreams all night, ending with a lengthy scene in prison after being picked up in Belgium on some trumped-up political charge: I am finally in a big hall with other prisoners, seated in a row for, I assume, mugshots, but when I get up and go over to ask some venerable officials about seeing the British Consul, it turns out that this is a Holy Mass being prepared. I reflect: What about non-Catholic prisoners? Then I realise I am supposed to be speaking in San Francisco on Sunday, and how can I advise people that the next dates will be postponed? Fortunately I still have my shiny Sprint phone concealed in my right hand. I am concerned in case somebody rings me and it is detected.

Where do these dreams come from? A familiar cry. And go to, for that matter, because if I had waited a few minutes more to write this it would be gone.


MRS D. my bookstore manager asks about the Martin Duchov card nuisance. "Who is this?" I explain:

This is a slimy, perspiring fat half Russian [I tell her] who bought one book, had dinner with me, then apologised that the card number he had given "might not now work" and slid a dirty $5 note across the table saying that I could charge the balance. It didn't work. The expiry date on the card was 2020, which I have never seen before. Home-made, perhaps?


I phone Best Western in South Francisco, but they want six hundred dollars rental for the meeting room. I phone Albert's, but they are closed on Sundays, which rules them out. I shall have to go the expensive way. The Sacramento location on Monday is also a problem: our regular venue closed down last year. Pity, the manager always welcomed us.

1:25 p.m My German lawyer sends me, signed only with a smiley face, the Munich court advance judgment: Pending an appeal, the ban on me will be lifted as from March 21 next year. Wow!! Twenty years banned from visiting Germany, and seeing my hundreds of friends there, as a penalty for telling the historic truth about the fake building shown to tourists at Auschwitz since 1948, as the Polish government itself admits.

Giles L. has a useful suggestion for Sacramento: "I thought you used the Doubletree Hotel on Arden Way, across from the Arden Mall, last year. On reflection, that would be a good venue again as access and parking are both good."

Then somebody sends me links to today's German press: the journaille is not happy that the entry ban is to be lifted.

I comment to my German lawyer that it is a pity they keep repeating the Holocaust Denier smear -- "Next!" -- and I inform K., H., and Jessica: "The Munich courts have yesterday overturned the ban on my entering Germany as from three days before my next birthday. Outrage in the winebars!" Praise for my Kiel lawyer is pouring in. He made a fourteen-hour train journey for that. Now for the Rommel film.

British historian David Irving overturns German entry ban
By our dpa-correspondent and Europe Online
Munich (dpa) -- David Irving, the British author, won his fight Friday to overturn an entry ban for Germany, imposed for his questioning of the Holocaust.
Irving, 74, has written a series of books about the Third Reich denying the historical evidence for the Holocaust. [Website: In fact not one such book has he written].
A Munich court convicted and fined him in 1993 on a charge of insulting the memory of the dead after he disputed that the gas chambers at Auschwitz killed hundreds of thousands of Jews. It also imposed the entry ban.
Irving applied last year for re-entry, but German authorities replied that he remained banned until 2022.
The administrative tribunal rejected this, ruling that this ban could not be upheld under European Union rules of free movement. dpa jbp fmj mat
Authors: Jean-Baptiste Piggin, Angelika Klingenfuss
I forward the above report to my daughters -- to Jessica in Bristol and Paloma in Madrid and Beatrice in Brisbane, Australia. "You'll be interested in this news article: British historian David Irving overturns German entry ban. The German press is on the other hand livid and abusive!! I have a really first rate German lawyer. I think Germany now has to pay his bill."


Supper at Applebee's. Their ribeye steak is so tough that my left lower back tooth snaps in two. Hey ho. They take the steak off the bill, very graciously. Probably they suspect I am a scrounger and carry the broken tooth around in my pocket. I don't -- I just wanted a steak. Tip the waitress ten dollars to dispel the scrounger image.

R M. writes:

Seems you're having a streak of legal luck ... and an able lawyer. Everything is imaginable, but it's very hard to see how a court could not award you damages against Teamworx. The thievery is so incredibly blatant. By the way, the ambitious Sönke Neitzel is named as one of the "historical advisors". He can't have done much for his money.


Hugo adds: "Sorry, David, I forgot to attach the photograph of the Latvian singer. I attach it to this."

I concede: "Okay, very similar to Bente, not as good as Jaenelle (pre paunchy wallet-wielder anyway)."


THE poor old Süddeutsche Zeitung, still lagging behind reality, has written:

Holocaust-Leugner will nach München Irving klagt gegen Einreiseverbot
Von Ekkehard Müller-Jentsch, 25.10.2012, 17:22,
Er ist als Nazi-Verharmloser und Holocaust-Leugner bekannt: Schon vor Jahren ist gegen den britischen Buchautor David Irving ein Einreisevebrot verhängt worden. Dagegen hat der nun geklagt -- er will so bald wie möglich wieder nach München kommen.
   Der rechtsextreme "Historiker" und Buchautor David Irving, britischer Staatsbürger, möchte möglichst bald wieder nach München kommen. Doch das Kreisverwaltungsreferat lehnt das ab: Das gegen ihn verhängte Einreiseverbot soll nicht vor 2022 enden. Dann wäre der als Nazi-Verharmloser und Holocaust-Leugner bekannte Irving aber schon 84 Jahre alt. Deshalb hat er vor dem Verwaltungsgericht München Klage erhoben, über die am Donnerstag verhandelt wurde.
    Die Münchner Sicherheitsbehörden stützen sich vor allem auf zwei Verurteilungen des Holocaust-Leugners. 1993 hatte Irving vor Gesinnungsfreunden in München behauptet, dass die den Touristen in Auschwitz gezeigte Gaskammer eine Attrappe sei, die nach Kriegsende von den Polen gebaut wurde. Dafür verurteilte ihn das Landgericht München I wegen Beleidigung und Verunglimpfung des Ansehens Verstorbener zu einer Geldstrafe von umgerechnet 15.000 Euro. Die Münchner Ausländerbehörde wies ihn unbefristet aus.
    Der britische Holocaust-Leugner David Irving will wieder nach München kommen und klagt deshalb gegen ein Einreiseverbot gegen ihn. ((c) AFP)
    Irving hat auch in Australien, Italien, Kanada, Neuseeland und Südafrika Einreiseverbot -- und in Österreich: Hier war er 2006 in Wien wegen "nationalsozialistischer Wiederbetätigung" zu drei Jahren Haft verurteilt, später ausgewiesen und nach Großbritannien abgeschoben worden.
    Das Aufenthaltsverbot für Österreich endet 2014 -- für das Münchner Gericht ein wichtiges Datum, da die Münchner Verurteilung viel älter als die Wiener ist. Da Irving EU-Bürger sei und man die Problematik daher im Lichte europäischen Rechts sehen müsse, sei daher eher Januar 2014 ein angemessener Zeitpunkt, Irving wieder einreisen zu lassen, deutete die Vorsitzende der 12. Kammer an.
    Vorausgesetzt natürlich, dass der Brite bis dahin nicht neu belangt werde: "Er wird es halt milder formulieren, sodass er sich nicht strafbar macht", vermutete die Richterin. Ein Urteil will die Kammer an diesem Freitag verkünden.


Saturday, October 27, 2012
San Luis Obispo -- Mountain View, California, USA

H. AGREES that I should stage a huge birthday dinner in Germany three days after the ban is lifted: "How about the Rhine-Hotel Dreesen in Bad Godesberg, which was one of my favourite watering holes when I was serving in Bonn" -- he was a leading British embassy official.

I reply: "I think it has to be a Munich hotel for the dinner. Dreesen has 'connotations.' I am concerned about possible arrests, and will ask the embassy first if I am clear. Just about to set out norf to San Francisco. Three hour drive ahead. Wish J. was at the wheel. Only solution is to imagine her fat and ugly, and I fear that may well soon be her fate.

Fat, anyway. A "Dr Alexander Jacob" -- I do not recall ever having had dealings with him -- has written me: "Dear Mr. Irving, Greetings! It has been so long since we last met -- I cannot even remember exactly when it was! I am interested in the Eichmann memoirs you received in Argentina in 1991. Are these different from the Ich, Adolf Eichmann memoirs? Best wishes, Dr. Alexander Jacob."

I reply cautiously: "Yes, they are different; about 600 flimsy legal-sized pages of typed transcripts of tapes or other memoir drafts." [sample, pdf]


My tongue is sore and swelling, from the jagged edge left by the broken molar. I set out from San Luis Obispo in lovely sunshine around one p.m., and reach the Mountain View hotel at 6 p.m. -- This was the hotel where Jae executed her first flounce. The reasons for which still mystify me.

I have an uneasy feeling that I am being set up for another Vienna-style ambush and arrest next March, in Germany.


Sunday, October 28, 2012
Mountain View -- San Francisco -- Mountain View, California, USA

A POOR night; quite chilly in the early hours. This hotel's coffee machine is crap. It fills, then overflows everywhere instead of into the beaker. Fortunately I have brought my own as a back-up. Overnight our first registrant for Wolf's Lair 2013 has paid his $500 deposit. Another Australian. But this time there is no beautiful assistant . . . to steal from me.

From Germany comes bad news. My German lawyer sends today's judgment of the Stuttgart court, refusing us an injunction against SWR. They accept in particular the film company's weird argument that I am not the owner of the rights in my own Rommel biography and thus have no locus standi! I reply to my German lawyer:

Es heißt: "Sie bestreitet, daß der Antragsteller Inhaber der Verlagsrechte, insbesondere der Rechte an der deutschen Ausgabe seiner Rommel-Biographie sei."

Wer den sonst? Das ist ja blauer Dunst, etwas Vorgegaukeltes. Die Firma bringt überhaupt keine Beweise für diese diffamierende Behauptung (etwa daß ich meine eigene Werke bestehle: Denn ich veröffentliche weiterhin Fremdausgaben dieser Biographie in der ganzen Welt, in verschiedenen Übersetzungen -- darunter japanisch, indisch, französisch, usw. Die Teamworkx hätte wohl fälschlich angenommen daß ich verstorben bin, und die Rechte wenn auch illegal vogelfrei seien).

Wiederum: Es heißt: "Sie bestreitet, daß der Antragsteller Inhaber der Verlagsrechte, insbesondere der Rechte an der deutschen Ausgabe seiner Rommel-Biographie sei."

Das ist ja ein Unfug. Niemand behauptet, daß ich Inhaber der Rechte an der Übersetzung als solche bin, das ist aber eine derart abstruse Verteidigung, daß es vollkommen abwägig ist. Das ist ein vollkommen getrenntes Urheberrecht -- ein separates Ding, und steht hier außer Debatte.

Wenn das Gericht hier Recht hätte, könnte u.U. der (leider inzwischen verstorbene) Übersetzer einen Anspruch erheben, der ursprüngliche englische Autor, der beim Erscheinen des Werkes schon zwanzig Jahre lang an dieser Aktensammlung gesessen hatte, aber nicht?

Hätten wir Einsicht ins Drehbuch bekommen, hätten wir wohl die übrigen Verteidigungsargumente ohne weiteres zurückweisen können, da in diesem sollen die Fußnotizen und Quellenangaben eindeutig auf meine Biographie als Quelle hinweisen. Das hat aber die Produktionsfirma wohlweislich uns geweigert.

My German lawyer answers at once that our appeal against this decision is already in the works.

I tell him: "Ich vermute, das Gericht Stuttgart versteht herzlich wenig von Urheberrechten. Da sind zwei ganz getrennte Urheberrechte, oder choses wie man auf englisch (altfranzösisch) es juristisch bezeichnet, also "Sachen": (1) Übersetzung, und (2) Buch, Autorenrechte.


M. writes that the film's scriptwriter Niki Stein has told the Frankfurter Allgemeine: "The problem is that Irving has collected and hoarded an incredible amount of material."

Hoarded? I comment that on the contrary I had instantly made my entire Rommel files available to the lazy body of historians, including my transcrpts of the correspondence between Rommel and his wife Lucie to which she had given me exceptional access. ["-- im Gegenteil, alles sofort der faulen Historikerschaft zugänglich gemacht! Einschliesslich meine Übertragung der ganzen Briefwechsel zwischen Rommel und Lucie, deren Einsicht sie mir s Zt ausnahmsweise erlaubte."] And of course Rommel's 1941-1943 diary, which my secretary Jutta Padel and I took six months transcribing from the German shorthand.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has published a very helpful interview with Niki Stein:

Stein: "The Rommel picture painted by Frau Hecht and Mr Remy shows Rommel as a resistance man on principle from 1934 on. That often sounds as though Rommel swore his oath to the Führer with his fingers crossed behind his back. And then they suddenly came from the other side and criticised me for relying too much on the biography by David Irving...

[FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG:] ... a Revisionist and Holocaust Denier...

Stein: ... who was the first to knock the Fighter Rommel off his Resistance pedestal because he wanted so to speak to cleanse him of the Resistance smear. The problem is that Irving collected an incredible volume of material and hoards it. Not even Frau Hecht can get by without quoting him. That's why it's a bit rotten for them to say that Stein does this, and so he's rightwing."

Das Rommel-Bild, das von Frau Hecht oder Herrn Remy gemalt wird, zeigt Rommel als Widerständler im Prinzip ab 1934. Das klingt manchmal, als habe Rommel schon den Eid auf den Führer mit einem Hexenkreuz im Rücken geleistet. Und dann kamen sie plötzlich von der anderen Seite und kritisierten, dass ich mich zu sehr auf die Biographie von David Irving verlasse ...

[FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG:] ... einem Revisionisten und Holocaustleugner...

...der der Erste war, der den Widerstandskämpfer Rommel vom Sockel gestoßen hat, weil er ihn sozusagen vom Makel des Widerstands reinwaschen wollte. Das Problem ist, dass Irving unglaublich viel Material gesammelt hat und hortet. Nicht einmal Frau Hecht kommt darum herum, ihn zu zitieren. Deswegen war es schon eine miese Volte zu sagen, Stein tut das, und deswegen ist er rechts.


Im diesem Gremium [Gerichtshof des Heeres gegen Speidel] war auch Heinrich Kirchheim vertreten, der Rommel aus Afrika kannte und dort schwer mit ihm zusammengestoßen war, weil er Rommels Vorgehen beim ersten, sehr verlustreichen Sturm auf Tobruk für abenteuerlich gehalten hatte und deshalb der „Feigheit" geziehen worden war.

Kommentar: das kann nur aus meinem Werk stammen, hatte ich ja die entsprechenden Unterlagen exklusiv von der Witwe des Kirchheims bekommen.


Komment des Herrn Lindenmeyer zum Obigen Artikel: Es gibt keinen einzigen Beleg dafür, dass Rommel durch die Aussagen von Hans Speidel unter Verdacht geriet. Diese Meinung ist durch David Irving in Umlauf gebracht worden, einem Historiker, der als Holocaust-Leugner verurteilt wurde.

Meine Antwort: Kirchheim's eidesstaatl. Erklärung bestätigte das, und auch eine eidesstattl. Erklärung der Wite Lucie Rommel, Ihr Mann habe ihr das gleich (wenige Minuten vor seinem Tode, nach dem Besuch der beiden giftbringenden Generale aus dem Führerhauptquartier) mitgeteilt: Speidel habe ihn belastet. Speidel strebte eine Verleumdumgsklage gegen mich und den Verlag an, zog sie zurück, nachdem er diese Dokumente einsehen dürfte.

K. asks: "Can you challenge the Stuttgart decision ?" I reply: "My lawyer is working at this moment on the appeal to the superior court in Stuttgart, the Oberlandesgericht. That's what we had to do in Potsdam. I guess the lower judges are too nervous to grant injunctions. Good lawyer, anyway."

More press notices appear -- in Germany, the Rommel story is hotting up:

Der Spiegel publishes a very favourable article about my work on Rommel.


Nr. 44, titelt mit Rommel. Schöne Werbung für den Spielfilm.:

S. 62

"Es ist das Verdienst des Historikers David Irving, die Legende vom anständigen General ein wenig zurechtgestutzt zu haben. In seiner 1977 vorgelegten Biographie schildert der Brite Rommel als einen politischen Einfaltspinsel, der bis zum Schluß der Hoffnung anhängt, der Alliierte Soldaten bei der Landung in der Normandie am 6. Juni 1944: Der Beauftragte für die Diktator werde noch einen diplomatischen Ausweg aus dem verlorenen Krieg finden. Die Kontakte zum Widerstand hielt Irving für weit übertrieben: über einige Gespräche sei sein Anteil nie hinaus- gegangen, ein Attentat auf den "Führer" habe der General bis zum Schluß abgelehnt. Für die Rommel-Gemeinde war das Buch, das dem SPIEGEL eine mehrteilige Serie wert war, ein Schock, denn es er- schütterte die These vom "Wüstenfuchs" als Widerstandskämpfer nachhaltig. Daran änderte auch die Tatsache nichts, dass Irving spüter in den Irrsinn abglitt und sich ins Lager der Holocaust-Leugner einreihte, was ihm neben mehreren Gerichtsverfahren ein Einreiseverbot nach Deutschland und Österreich bescherte."

S. 63 "Beinah täglich schreibt der Feldmarschall nach Hause, auch dabei ganz der pflicht- bewußte Ehemann. David Irving, der als erster Historiker Zugang zu allen Briefen hatte, empfand deren Lektüre als eher enttäuschend: "Er wiederholt sich, schreibt oft langweilig, grammatikalisch holprig und sogar spießig." Nur einmal, nach dem Besuch einer Ballettvorstellung, streift der General ein kulturelles Thema, das nichts mit seinem Beruf zu tun hat (die Aufführung langweilte ihn). Als Quellenmaterial für die Einschützung seiner Launen und Ambitionen sind die Schreiben hingegen un- gemein wertvoll."

and the production company has placed stories in the media denying they have plagiarised my book:


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:

FAZ: "Plagiatsvorwurf gegen den Rommel-Film"

In der FAZ ebenfalls schone Werbung für den Spielfilm MONTAG, 29. OKTOBER 2012 ü NR. 252 ü SEITE 27

Bisher nur in Print. PDF für Piraten:

"Plagiatsvorwurf gegen den Rommel-Film

Nach Angaben der Produktionsfirma "TeamWorx" hat der britische Historiker und Holocaustleugner David Irving bereits im Oktober 2011 nach Medienberichten über die Dreharbeiten zu "Rommel" erstmals gegenüber der Firma den Vorwurf geäußert, Szenen des Films seien aus seiner Rommel-Biographie übernommen, und hat deshalb Einsicht in Drehbuch und Schnittfassung des Films gefordert. Die Produktionsfirma wies diese Forderung zurück mit dem Hinweis, eine Verletzung von Urheberrechten David Irvings sei ausgeschlossen. Im Rahmen der Drehbuchentwicklung seien die historischen Hintergründe um Rommel vom Autor und Regisseur Niki Stein umfassend recherchiert worden, der dabei auf zahlreiche Quellen, unter anderen auch verschiedene Rommel-Biographien, zurückgegriffen habe. Der Jurist der Produktionsfirma betont, dass eine Biographie -- anders als ein Roman -- nicht vollumfänglich urheberrechtlich geschützt sei. Die wiedergegebenen historischen Tatsachen im Film seien in ihrer inhaltlichen Ausgestaltung grundsätzlich gemeinfrei. Alles, was allgemein über Rommel bekannt, aus Quellen recherchierbar sei oder sich zwingend aus historisch überlieferten Teilstücken ergebe, sei frei verwendbar. Nur solche Elemente habe man bei der Drehbucharbeit benutzt. (wiel)"

Aus dem Interview mit Nico Hoffmann: "Was sagen Sie zu den Vorwürfen des Historikers und Holocaust-Leugners David Irving, Teile des Drehbuchs seien aus seiner Rommel-Biographie übernommen"

Die Vorwürfe sind haltlos. Bereits im Vorfeld möglicher weiterer Entscheidungen hat ein Potsdamer Gericht bereits ein entsprechendes Urteil getroffen. Es gibt keine Urheberrechtsverletzungen, da wir uns ausschließlich auf allgemein zugängliches Forschungsmaterial beziehen, das jeweils durch zwei Quellen belegbar ist."

. . . in which case they might like to explain why they fought one whole year tooth and nail to refuse us access to the final screen play written by Niki Stein.


Monday, October 29, 2012
Mountain View -- Sacramento, California, USA

THE Potsdam court has annulled our injunction on October 18. I am told this only now. It was the same female judge whose refusal earlier to grant the injunction was overturned by the superior court at Brandenburg. I tell my German lawyer, "Mir schleierhaft, dass ein Landgericht eine Verfügung eines OLG aufheben kann (vor allem ohne unsere Anwesenheit, also ex parte). Wäre in England nicht statthaft." ("I don't quite understand how a Landgericht can squash an Order made by a higher court than itself, particularly in our absence, i.e. ex parte. Couldn't happen in England!")

I rather fear we are losing the battle.


WHAT a curse drugs are. H. does not understand why I am so bitter and venomous about people who make light of what they call "experimenting." Clip-boards, lab overalls, and stop-watches, eh?

At midday I am over at the Hoover Archives and copy the whole of the SS Gruppenführer Fritz Katzmann report in June 1943 on the Solution of the Jewish Problem in Galicia (above, Nuremberg document Dok. 018-L, found by Daniel Lerner in 1946), except for a few pages which are illegible. (It is a photographic copy of an original, location unknown), 64 pages plus photos. A quick lunch snack in California Avenue in Palo Alto, then I set off at two-thirty for Sacramento.

I stop at a McDonalds to go online. G. writes from Lima, Peru: "Hello I'm on Skype" and sends a photo (right). Doesn't look dead to me.

K. comments on the situation developing in Madrid: "The rest of the family should assist." I reply with a sigh: "In theory, but I am head of the family and it boils down to me. . . I have to do it. About which I am not complaining, just would have preferred more warning. It has destroyed the nest egg I was creating for the house rental search this winter."

A deathlike sleep outside a McDonalds for half an hour, then on to the luxury hotel in Sacramento, where we have hired the [. . .] Room for our dinner-event.

Some difficulty afterwards, as the front desk says it cannot find the vehicle keys, although I know I am looking right at them. The girl churlishly refuses to let me identify them. Half an hour wasted.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Sacramento, California -- Reno, Nevada, USA

BENTE texts, she has got a new phone, and shares my frustration over the Madrid payment.

I update the front page and remove this passage: "Despite attempts to stop it, an independent expert has now viewed SWR's blockbuster Rommel film, due for its television premiere on Nov 4, and he reports: It is demonstrably based (illegally) on Mr Irving's best-selling biography. On October 28 the Stuttgart courts refused us an injunction against the SWR television network halting broadcast of the movie, arguing mysteriously that he does not own the rights in his own biography! We now proceed to the next stage."

There are still more German press items about the Rommel movie.

A fan thanks me again for my talk Sunday last in San Francisco. "It was the fourth time I've had the fortune to hear you, and you continue to tell us more and more fascinating facts each time. I sincerely hope you have a few more visits to us left in you. You had never looked better, nor seemed more at-ease. The two friends I'd brought along were simply, gobstopped, as I believe your side might say."

No, not in my vocabulary, that word.



Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Reno, Nevada, USA

A VERY iffy night. Probably the food, in a Black Bear restaurant. The knife would not even cut the rib-eye steak I ordered, which was perhaps fortunate; I left it scarred by the knife-blade, or scratched, but otherwise untouched. Like in a Bob Evans diner twenty years ago in Cincinnati (a shepherd's pie), that one bad meal is enough to ensure I never set foot in that chain again.


A thought-provoking email from The Sunday Times: it seems that MGL has been in trouble twice with the law since he took us in so disastrously in 2002.

I reply:

I have extensive correspondence and diary passages which refer to your subject.

It boils down to this: if you go through life believing everybody is a potential fraudster, you will be a sick and miserable bastard. So you don't, and occasionally you "get took in." In my case, it cost me my million pound [2002 price] apartment in Mayfair where I had lived 38 years, as we relied on him [MGL], and too late found he was a fraudster.

Frankly I think he has a medical problem, but as you go through life you too will stumble across people who appear totally honest and convincing, but are in fact not -- people whose brain shifts gear fast enough to provide instant and highly convincing explanations for every flaw in their spiel with which they are confronted.

They sometimes end up in Broadmoor; at other times, we find them answering Prime Minister's Questions in the House! Mr Sanctimonious Blair comes to mind.

Your subject took in not only myself but my very experienced lawyer, who lunched with us at Simpson's, at your subject's expense. In my case I was only baffled why he had done it.

A lengthy phone call follows from The Sunday Times. Before we start I extract from him [a certain undertaking].

My German lawyer sends me the Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart judgment, 2.5MB. This time, no smiley face. In lieu of opening it, I ask him the bottom line.

He replies: "Our appeal is denied. They state that our expert's affidavit is insufficient to prove concrete violations of your coypright." -- Hmmm. So I don't bother to open the full document. Need to keep a clear head.

An email comes from Dresden inviting me to attend next year's annual memorial service for The Destruction of Dresden in February 1945. "We are in the middle of the preparation for the next year's memorial and we thought it could be nice to invite you as speaker at our demonstration officially. We remember the 1990s when you spoke in the Kulturpalast in Dresden and became an honored citizen of the city." -- Yes, I had an audience of two thousand in the Kulturpalast, in February 1990. It seems a long time ago now.

I reply: "Please announce that now that the entry ban on me is being lifted, I shall attend the Gedenkmarsch and speak."


I AM at the Reno hotel at five p.m. to unload books and set up; we stay until ten p.m., and the large meeting room I have rented fills and then overflows, as extra chairs are brought in. The guests shower thanks on me for having taken the trouble to come to Northern Nevada too to speak. Latecomers include Natalie M., a well-kept long-haired brunette. She is an engineering student, with a year to go at university here. She asks inforrned questions about Dr Morell and his proprietary Vitamultin and Pervitin Gold-foil wrapped tablets, and the STD tests (she argues that Adolf Hitler's syphilis tests would have shown "negative" anyway after a few years had elapsed); and other points on which I thought I was something of an expert.

Afterwards we chat for a while, as her friend A. looks on, perplexed. What does all this remind me of! A splendid, lively evening, and everybody leaves happy.

I put ninety dollars of petrol into the truck on the way back to my cheap motel, ready for tomorrow's long haul through the mountains. Cheap! My room here in Reno is $30 per night.


Thursday, November 1, 2012
Reno, Nevada -- Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

MY BACK hurts every day, for an hour or two. It is inevitable. The heavy lifting, or bad beds in cheap motels. I dreamed I was exhausted and could not go on; that I wanted to get into D.'s car but he drove off without me. I was doing the whole tour on foot, I dreamed.

I stop at Susanville, California, to go online at McDonalds. "We exceeded our October target, thanks to all our friends. Our November target must be $5,000, as we have a major legal battle ahead against SW German TV who have plagiarised our famous Rommel biography." -- A beautiful drive in sunshine and faint drizzle across the high plateaus and glacial plains and tundra of northern Nevada and eastern California. I may be able to make it all the way to Oregon today. -- Here there is not a Black face to be seen.

H. now replies: "I understand very well why you react the way you do towards people who use 'recreational' drugs."

What is wrong with the man, waffling about "recreational" drugs. I suppose he is thinking of his old college pal Michael B.

H. asks whether I ever got a reply from J.'s mother about the Christmas gift. "I rather fear the parcel and its contents have gone for ever," he apologizes. His curiosity is insatiable. I reply, "No reply to three letters I have sent, so far as I know. Rather poor form." Old-fashioned courtesies are no longer observed.

I pause as always for the night at Grants Pass. My German lawyer sends me a link to the SWR Rommel movie, but it needs a Flash version which I cannot install. He also informs me that in violation of European freedom-of-movement laws a German court has fined me '70 days' in absentia -- that is Tagessätze in their weird vernacular -- for my two-day visit to northern Germany with J. in June 2010, to research privately-held Himmler files. That is a fine of ten thousand dollars or more. It is the first I have heard of any court case. I was not even served with a summons or Strafbefehl. Crazier and crazier, welcome to the New Europe.

I now read the Munich court transcript, and am shocked by the defamations by the government lawyers (whom we have nonetheless defeated).

Ich komme wieder6:22 p.m to my German lawyer:

I have now read it and it is scandalous. There is nothing unconstitutional or illegal in my DVD Ich komme wieder, and nothing concrete against it is produced by the security service. The same with their other allegations -- all very vague, nothing concrete. For example, about my lecture series here on "Hitler & I". I occasionally go into the current facts about the Holocaust, and in the following discussion too. In my Foreword to the "Leuchter Report": I explicitly say that I found it flawed in parts. In my Poland trips we visit not only the former headquarters sites of Hitler and Himmler, like hundreds of thousands of others every year, but we take in each time one of the so called Operation Reinhardt sites like Belzec or Treblinka or Auschwitz. And I am called a "Holocaust denier"! In Poland my Hitler biography was a best seller when it was published by a leading firm. I have published nothing since 2002, as I am slowly completing my great Himmler biography. Those are the answers you can give them the next time. As for the leading German publishing firms, I am told that the German ministry of the interior has asked them to desist from signing contracts with me on new books.

[Ich habe es nunmehr gelesen, es ist eine Infamie. In meinem DVD Film Ich komme wieder steht nichts, was verfassungswidrig ist: auch wird nichts darüber konkretes vom Verfassungsschutz vorgebracht. So ist es auch mit den anderen Behauptungen. Alles ganz locker, nichts konkretes. So zum Beispiel mit meinen hiesigen Vorträgen über Hitler & ich. Darin diskutiere ich u.a. manchmal die genauen Tatsachen über den "Holocaust," und auch bei der anschliessenden Diskussion. In meinem Vorwart zum sog. Leuchter-Gutachten weise ich darauf hin, dass das Gutachten m. E. in manchen Punkten "flawed" (fehlerhaft) ist. Bei meinen Polenreisen besuchen wir nicht nur die ehemaligen Gefechtsstände von Hitler und Himmler, wie auch Hunderttausende anderer jedes Jahr, sondern sogar jedesmal eines von den Aktion-Reinhardt (= d.h. Judenvernichtungs-) lagern, z.b. Belzec oder Treblinka oder Auschwitz. Und ich soll ein "Holocaust-Leugner" sein!? In Polen war meine Hitlerbiographie Bestseller bei einem renommierten polnischen Verlag erschienen. Heute auch in der Tschechei. Seit 2002 habe ich nichts mehr veröffentlicht, arbeite ich ja langsam an der großen Himmlerbiographie. Das sind die Antworten, die man demnächst erteilen kann. Den "namhaften" deutschen Verlagen soll angeblich vom Bundes-Innenministerium bedeutet worden sein, sie möchten keine neuen Verträge mit mir abschliessen.]


Friday, November 2, 2012
Grants Pass -- Eugene, Oregon, USA

I SEND off an email to my German lawyer, about which I have brooded during the night: it is a mistake to leave the press out of our legal battle. On the question of the Munich court transcript, I reminisce:

My Vienna lawyer Dr Schaller told me, when I found astonishing fictions in the courtroom protocol which reached me in my solitary confinement cell a few months later -- namely an abject confession in the opening lines, which I had never made -- "Mr Irving, you must understand, that as far what was said in court is concerned, it is the version that is recorded in the protocol which counts as having been said, and not what was actually said."

[Herr Rechtsanwalt bzw Strafverteidiger Dr Schaller hatte mich in Wien einmal unterrichtet, als ich erstaunliches im Gerichtsprotokoll feststellte, das mir Monate später in der Einzelhaft zugestellt wurde -- nämlich ein vollständiges Geständnis gleich in den ersten Zeilen, die ich nie abgegeben habe! "Herr Irving, für das was im Gericht gesagt wurde, gilt nur das was im Protokoll als Gesagtes gesagt wird, nicht das was tatsächlich gesagt worden ist.]

As I am driving north, at 2:22 p.m an educated young female phones from a California number 760 912 9709 wanting me to tell her the location for tonight as she has found our registration page is now off the Internet. Indeed. Is studying sociology, is working class, she says. Says: Her boyfriend Camron ("Cam for short") is coming; but she doesn't want to give his second name, I say I will phone her back. -- We have no Cam's registered, and tell her she is too late. I hear a man's voice in the background coaching her on what to say. REFUSED.


Saturday, November 3, 2012
Eugene -- Portland, Oregon, USA

I AM a bit dispirited by the Rommel legal setback.

I get an inquiry from a researcher in Holland:

Mr Schoenman passed on to me a recommendation he had himself received of Deborah Lipstadt's Denying the Holocaust, and I found a downloadable PDF of it. I already intended to read it, but assumed there was another side on the issue and wanted to have that at my disposal as well.
  • Can you advise me of a specific place or places on the site where you deal with Lipstadt's book directly and exclusively?
  • Do you feel that you do not have control over the Wikipedia article about you?

I reply, "Dear Roy

I am on the road at present, so time is limited, but I can answer you a bit. Have a look at these links [1], [2] and [3] for a start. I will deal with Lipstadt in my memoirs, further down the road.

As for Wikipedia; the David Irving entry worldwide is locked down and controlled by a gang of, one suspects, hostiles. The same gang also prevents any referencing of any of my thirty books although they are frequently the leading source on, say, Rommel, Göring, Hess, or even Hitler! Have a look and you will see. It is a pity, Wikipedia was a great idea and is frequently (on minor characters in history) very useful for facts.

If you don't believe the gang exists, have a look at the documents in the file I attach: One (other) man's efforts to rectify the libellous entries about me. I have never tried myself, as said earlier; life is too short.

One horrifying footnote: when I was on trial in Vienna, the Judge first secretly read the Wikipedia entries on David Irving. In solitary confinement in my cell months later I received the Judgment and court record, and he had actually appended half a dozen pages from Wikipedia entry, heavily underlined in parts by himself. In the UK and USA he would be unfrocked as a judge for doing that.

At 1.22pm a "Margaret Taylor" phones from Oregon number 971 282 7893, asking what exit on I-405 to get off at. She is very reluctant to give her first or second name, when I ask her. I tell her that I will not give her the location, and when she presses me I say just that it is Embassy Suites. She repeats that name. I then take the battery out of the phone, so the enemy can't track it . . . to our Portland location.


I HAVE been having trouble with my eyesight since leaving Eugene this midday: difficulty to focus, and feeling light headed; rather worrying.

At three p.m. at the hotel La Quinta in the NW Industrial area of Portland, a real dump. Tom S. is waiting and we unload the Tahoe into the upstairs conference room. The meeting room is like a tip, being used to store old furniture, asbestos sheets, etc. We tidy it up and the guests arrive -- and so do the first demonstrators, so one of the people on my list may have been a mole.

Soon there are said to be twenty to twenty five demonstrators, most of them young, all wearing masks, and the management sends for the local police.

Two cops arrive here, the rest having been diverted to "a second demo at the Embassy Suites," as they tell us. I grin.

So we at least split their forces. Management (an Indian owner) panics and at first asks us to limit our function here to forty-five minutes, and then a few minutes later insists that we end forthwith. Tom is downstairs and does not really dig his heels in on that point.

Management should have required the trespassers to leave the hotel premises including their parking lot. I have been speaking only ten minutes when this develops.

I announce the alternative location we have ready, and say we will meet there again in one hour. So far as I can see we do not lose a single guest. Pity about the weak-kneed management, the Patels again. Had I known that . . .



Sunday, November 4, 2012
Portland, Oregon- Seattle, Washington, USA

CLOCKS went back an hour last night. Still a bit woozy, eyes failing to focus properly, mildly worse if I shake my head. I take some aspirins.

K. says: "Also sounds like you need to see a doctor and get your blood pressure checked."

I reply: "Problem is a tooth broke a week ago in San Luis Obispo, and that has been cutting into my tongue which has swollen painfully."

Roy of Rotterdam does not understand the significance of the Vienna judge reading the Wikipedia entry on me.

I educate him: "A judge in Anglo-Saxon law is not permitted to inform himself independently, e.g. from the Internet, about a case. He (and the jury) are allowed only the information formally put to them in the courtroom. Wikipedia!"

A "John Singer" has asked for today's location, and is put on hold: "Hi David, Understand the hesitation. Can assure you I am the ally you seek. Vielen dank mein herr Kamerad, fuer Destchland und Korp, mein hertz geben! Alle Beste!" [sic]. -- He is placed onto the REFUSE list, with good reason. (MAGIC).

I tell H.: "I have less than an hour to go to Seattle. . . I identified two moles in Portland yesterday, but there were three. Today I have identified two more in Seattle . . . how many are there?"

At twelve-thirty a "Francis Welsh" phones from 206 251 9038 for the location of today's "crime convention." He sounds reluctant to give me a name. I say: "Embassy Suites hotel, it used to be the university hotel."

I arrive at our real location, the skyscraper Hilton Hotel in downtown Seattle, in good time. Our meeting room has been set up on the main lobby level, which is on the tenth floor. I remove all the signs outside. Dane C., a sturdy, bearded gentleman in a smart blazer comes early. The room soon fills, all chairs being occupied.

Around three p.m. I notice a female, an unappetizing stray, on a cell phone in the lounge outside, telling somebody, "I am at the lobby level." I am not an idiot, and I see straight away that she is no innocent bystander. I ask her point-blank if she is looking for something. She wanders off, clinging to the phone and still talking; I hang around to catch the rest of her conversation, and indicate to Dane that he should follow her, but he cannot get close enough before she stops talking.

"She's one of them," I say, "giving them directions." This could get ugly (and God knows, she was ugly enough). I am well aware of the violence the masked, cudgel-wielding "Tinley Park Five" inflicted on those luncheon guests in Chicago in May this year -- they are still in jail, held on million-dollar bonds and whining to get out.

I tell the hotel staff what to expect, and instruct them to lock our second door, leaving only one door to defend when the thugs arrive, as they now surely will. This turns out to be fortuitous. Indicating the door, I quote to my guests in jest my favourite ironic lines from How Horatio Held the Bridge in Lord Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome. I ask Dane to keep an eye on both elevators from street level.

"They're here already," he says, as they pour out of the elevators. The words are exactly reminiscent of Jae's at the Edelweiss in Chicago. "And they're coming in."

I shout to Dane not to let them get in, and he blocks the doorway. There is a screaming mob outside, pushing, spitting, shoving, trying to force the door, chanting pro-homosexual, pro-Black, pro-communist, pro-Jewish slogans. I am guessing that they have little real idea of the tenor of my lectures.

Clutching a ***, I keep out of sight just to the left of the open door, which the thugs are jamming open. I am ready to use it on the first thug who comes through the door. I sorely regret we don't have J. with her pepper spray or even her new Glock. (She has a concealed-carry permit, like several of my Hoosier friends.) With my free hand I have prepared jugs of scalding hot water from the extra Hilton urns which I have ordered in, given that the management is unable to furnish cauldrons of boiling oil to pour from the battlements. (The water is so hot that it actually melts the plastic water-cups). Dane holds the pass against the thugs long enough until police and hotel security come and lock this second door too. The excitement is over.


QUIET returns. Dane comes back and says the hotel is now crawling with police officers and firefighters, and there are police cyclists patrolling every level of the car park, and heavily-uniformed firefighters too (because the thugs started throwing lighted firecrackers over the heads of our defenders into our room and the lobby). Dane says that the police have made several arrests. Slaps on the wrist all round, no doubt.

It is good that the thugs were stopped at the door, as they had already started throwing furniture around in the lobby, said Dane, whose courage is worth a mention in dispatches. The thugs I saw had forgotten to put on their masks. He told me later that while he was outside he saw several of them attacking the burly hotel security chief, getting an armlock around his neck, and flooring him. Dane himself has also been attacked.

I complete the lecture and discussion without further interruption but the general manager seems unhappy, and when I ask if he will object if I come back in two hours' time, after dinner with Michael G., to clean up, he insists that we package everything up now. So I guess we will not be welcome at the Seattle Hilton again.


I GET away at eight-thirty p.m. and set out for Cle Elum, but sensing the almost immediate onset of weariness I stop for the night while still in eastern Seattle. I prepare a toned-down account for the front page, as I cannot afford to frighten off future Seattle audiences. As my father said about the great naval Battle of Jutland -- in which he fought in 1916 -- the one who wins is the one who first claims victory (not the one who dares). "Leftist thugs tried to break up our talk on Hitler at Seattle's downtown Hilton hotel. They failed. The hotel security staff fought back courageously, police and firemen did the rest, and arrests were made."

Alas, attempts to go online fail as the motel WiFi does not reach room 138: not a whisper. So I won't get it out first after all.


Monday, November 5, 2012
Seattle suburbs -- Cle Elum, Washington, USA

HEAD problem has cleared, but my ear lobes are slightly swollen. I write to Michael G.:

thank you so much for that splendid dinner last night; sorry you had to go through the earlier ordeal, I have had that numerous times. . . Fascinating chat with you, we must do it again. I know what it is like to go through the loss of a child. Worried about that all night afterwards.

Which is true. Poor Josephine, God rest her soul.

H. has suggested a change to our annual Hitler's headquarters tour next September: "I think you should start or end at Kraków which is really worth a visit, especially as it survived the war unscathed."

I reply : "Kraków start is not a bad idea, but it is the wrong direction for Hitler's HQ, logistically."

Mrs. D., who is notoriously far politer than I am, says:

D, I went ahead and issued the refund [to one of the moles we refused] with a polite note saying we're sorry if there was a mix up and that we missed seeing him at the meeting.

I reply: "I am on the road again shortly, I have turned the corner and I am heading back east again."

The enemy have now got their version out:



David Irving Speaking Event Disrupted

Sun, Nov 4, 2012 -- 4:22pm -- Anonymous

On November 4, 2012 David Irving -- Nazi apologist and holocaust denier -- came to Seattle to give a reading from his new book, Hitler and I. Local anarchists and anti-racist organizers investigated and obtained the location, which was the Hilton on 6th and University. In a cruel twist of irony, the room the reading was convened in was named after the Chinook, a Northwestern indigenous tribe.

About 20 anti-fascists arrived on location and, pouring out of the elevators on the 10th floor, crowded around the open door of the event. A security guard, who looked as if they would fit in at any Volksfront meeting, barred the entrance and assaulted four protesters as chants of "Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, David Irving GO AWAY!" filled the hall. Curious seminar attendees for a separate event joined the raucous crowd, shouting their approval for anti-Nazi sentiment. Reading attendees were approximately the same in number, a group of dour white men glaring ineffectually behind Irving's hired muscle, who called the angry anti-racists "Zionists." Two of the protesters were also physical assaulted by a hotel employee.

Hotel staff announced that police had been called, and as the neo-Nazis' fascist comrades rushed to the scene to protect Irving's event, the antifa crowd dispersed and got to safety.

They knew the location by 1:08 p.m. yesterday, which makes it easy for us to identify the mole.

To K. and H. at 12:17 p.m: "Hitting the road now and heading back east. From top left corner of USA. I have turned the corner. 8,000 miles behind me and another five or six to go, thousand. I now hunker down in the mountains, a little town called Cle Elum, and write Himmler."


Tuesday, November 6, 2012
Cle Elum, Washington, USA

DURING the evening it becomes plain that the Democrats have won the U.S. presidential election for another four years. The Republicans have an unerring aim for selecting the wrong candidates -- John McCain, a nice guy but his clutch already slipping; and this time "Mitt" Romney, who has made his millions by putting thousands of ordinary workers on the scrapheap, and who is totally out of touch with the ordinary man. Eisenhower was the last Republican I would have voted for, and Roosevelt the last Democrat. Were McCain and Romney really the best that the United States can do? Of course not, but that's the way the system works, at present.

Obama's re-election is a slap in the face for Israel, and perhaps he will now come clean about his birth record. Putting a faked PDF of his birth certificate on the Internet was a dumb move. When the layers were peeled off, it revealed the real certificate underneath, belonging to somebody else. I guess the guy who made the PDF did that deliberately. In my long experience of dealing with them, forgers have a death-wish, a desire to be found out, so that the world will marvel and say, "He was so clever he had us fooled, almost."


Wednesday, November 6, 2012
Cle Elum, Washington, USA

I DRIVE briefly twenty miles over to Ellensburg to get ink cartridges for the Epson printer. The prices! The girl behind the counter has her left arm tattooed from the inside wrist upwards, and I shudder visibly.

"What do your parents say about that!" I ask, and she snaps that she is an adult and can do what she wants. Hmmm. I educate her that if she ever comes like that to Europe people will look at her like a freak.

"They do here too," she snarls.


BACK at Cle Elum, the gas station asks me to back up the truck from Pump 3 to Pump 1, as Pump 3 is not starting. I inch carefully backwards. There is a mild thump and I hear loud groans. A man is lying on the ground at the back. His first words to me are: "Are you carrying insurance?"

He puts on a big act of dying, groaning, holding various parts of his body, opening and closing his eyes, his whining soon drowned by the sirens of approaching ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars. Biggest event in this little town for months, it seems. I chat with friendly (i.e., White) police officers for a while, and report the victim's remark to them, adding, "I am not drawing any conclusions from that."

They take my particulars, and wave me on. I am on the road again shortly.

The cops take photos, remark that there is not the slightest scuff mark in the dust covering the back of the car, and check the gas station's grainy CCTV footage. "Put on quite an act, he did," says the chief.

They are more concerned about last night's election result than about the wretched tramp who has tried what appears, prima facie, to be an insurance scam.

Just another hidden hazard of driving thousands of miles in a depressed country, it seems. I am glad the cops did not ask me the purpose of the wooden club I stow next to the driver's seat.

"Controversial historian," -- that might not have satisfied them.



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