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First posted Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I ask him his name. 'Bridget,' he says, 'Bridget Smith.' Aaargh. I forgot.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

BREAKFAST at the Banana Café at eight a.m. The heat here is so intense that Philippe, my old friend the owner, tells me that with 135 customers yesterday only two chose to sit outside, like myself today. I cannot find my summer togs which I left here two months ago.

  Quick navigation  - note new cities, dates, and times!Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

I MUST gradually shift back onto English time. There is a flattering letter from a reader:

"Just a short note to congratulate Mr Irving on his outstanding work. I have read several of his books, starting with Hitler's War in the late 1970's as a schoolchild and moving on from there. My Grandfather fought in Russia, being part of [Waffen SS] division Wiking and subsequently Nordland (as I understand it). . . I possessed my grandfather's cap skull-and-crossbones, his bayonet, and his belt buckle. They've disappeared over the years."

I pedal my bike up the islands to the Rusty Anchor for an early supper.

Another reader warns about my forthcoming USA speaking tour:

I noticed your first meeting will be held in Tampa on August 28, which is where I live nearby. The Republican National Convention is being held in Tampa during that week, and virtually all the accommodations in the city and surrounding area have been either gobbled up or have risen astronomically in price.

I reply: "Thanks, I will have to think. Maybe move my meeting to Clearwater as usual? what do you think?" -- I make the move a few minutes later on the websites.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

AMERICA's holiday. Mrs. D., a vegetarian, has been invited to a barbecue at her neighbour's. She comments: "Nothing like being around a bunch of drunk, fat American country folk, eating a hog and other disgusting unmentionable things. Wish you were here!"

I reply at 5:45 p.m "I am afraid I might abandon my normal tactful, quiet, silent character.

Daughter Paloma writes about a Spanish holiday apartment. Petra L. comes with my Key West mail. I pay her what I owe her. Is going to Czech Republic later in August. Martyna will drive her around Poland, she says. "You don't have to worry about M's driving," I tell her, "she is excellent, a very responsible driver, on US roads anyway."

Interesting invitation from eastern Europe: "I would like to know under what conditions is Mr. Irving willing to make a speech in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, or Hungary."

I reply that I would prefer Budapest.


SHANE, a young Irish student, has written me from Wales asking my opinion on how Adolf Hitler is portrayed in the media and education.

I did History A-Level last year and one of the topics was, of course, "Hitler & Germany 1933 - 1945". I found it to be exactly the same as GCSE History, in greater depth. Hitler was the Führer of Germany making him the 'absolute' leader and dictator, but in my opinion the German people wanted a single figure as they did have with a Monarch before WWI. I feel that History in education, and in general, has been set out as unbreakable fact -- Hitler was a very bad man, evil, a monster, a psychopath/sociopath. He killed six million Jews, he was an awful anti-Semite. I'm not a defender of the Nazis, as they did commit many crimes, but I believe in the truth through honest, impartial and methodical means.

After I learnt that we had to write a coursework piece on the 'holocaust', I felt that I wouldn't be allowed to go against what we'd been told to believe, so I left the course.

I reply:

Well, bravo Shane, because if you had deviated from the accepted versions it would have been marked against you. Much of those versions is true, but an awful lot is not. See what I wrote to an eighth-grader two months ago and about my upcoming tour on Hitler and I. I get a lot of worried letters now from bright students like yourself. Hang in there, eventually Real History will win through!

Things are looking up. Youngsters are thinking for themselves. This startlingly literate letter comes from a fourteen-year-old, allegedly:

I will keep this short, but I hope this will bring some type of help to your day. I would like to say that you are an inspiration to a new generation of open minded people. Please keep up the good work, I very much enjoy listening to your speeches on YouTube and over the Internet. You are the only historian I have ever heard talk about the Holocaust who actually made sense, and used facts. I will definitely enjoy bringing up this interesting conversation in my freshman classroom. I am from Kentucky and many people have been "brainwashed" by the propaganda that the media and the special-interest groups put out. Myself and all of my friends already believe in these things but there are so many others that do not know the struggles of yourself, Ernst Zundel, and many others around the world. It troubles me to see other people my age (14) who are not interested in history or even politics. Modern Pop Media Culture is so destructive to the young mind I suppose. Anyways, again thank you.


I WORK all evening on the letters which have been returned as undeliverable, updating the database, and I forget all about Key West's July the Fourth celebrations, which I was going to watch at nine p.m. A few minutes after that time, a heavy thunderstorm begins, with a tropical downpour. But this time, despite the heavy rain, I see the flash and boom of the fireworks at Higgs Beach.



Thursday, July 5, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

A MESSAGE comes seemingly from a semi-literate British attorney:

My name is Jonathan Angell, a solicitor based in United Kingdom. I am contacting you again to confirm if you received my previous letter to you regarding inheritance funds belonging to your late family member? I am referring to late Dickson Sasse.I will like to assist you in accomplishing the claim process.

Update me as soon as possible via email if you would like to proceed with the claim.

Jonathan Angell.

I send it to the real Jonathan Angell, a British solicitor.

I have this morning received the email . . . I presume this is a phishing scam, and you may wish to take some action to protect your good name? signed David Irving (yes, the David Irving)


I AM TOLD that Wikipedia's "biography" of the Jewish activist and burglar Gerald Gable (right) has been pared down to less than 350 words and now says nothing relevant about the man -- especially not that he is Jewish and was the long-time editor of the "anti-Fascist" smearsheet Searchlight. My correspondent tells me of his efforts to expand their entry:

The tapioca hit the fan when I referenced a fawning biography of Gable in a Jewish Australian newspaper. At first that reference stayed up on the GG bio, but it was so incriminating, showing GG as a real swine (and admitting to be "half-Jewish") that it was later removed. Then, lo and behold, the reference itself--which had been up for 12 years--suddenly disappeared!! (Such is the long reach of Zionism.)

Then I put up the question of why, since the article did not mention his burglary conviction nor his conviction for slander, that it was up at all. Well, they didn't like that! And that comment was quickly deleted.

Now the article says absolutely nothing, and all commentary is shut off. Case closed.

I, who have been banned by Jayjg until mid 2014, keep getting my ban secretly lifted by sympathetic editors, to the intense fury of Jayjg and his acolytes. They have even gone to the lengths of removing anything I put upon Wikipedia--I am especially active in the history of Mt. Everest, supplying much original research, etc. They go around and reverse anything I have to say. (Think of the effort!)

What I would love to do is expose who Jayjg is. His identity is a closely guarded secret. Do you have any way to find out?

I have given up on the worldwide Wikipedia entries about myself. They contain so much that is malignant and downright libellous. But I am reminded of what Winston Churchill once said: "The world is full of damnable stories about me. And the most damnable thing is that many of them are true."


Friday, July 6, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

A HUNGARIAN, Gábor Szabó, writes: "One of my favorite books is Uprising, I bought an old English copy from Amazon. . . I would like it to be autographed by you. Do you plan any visit to Hungary in the near future?

I reply: "Dear Gábor

I will be happy to autograph the book some time perhaps in Budapest later this year. The new edition is dedicated to my favourite Hungarian, Réka, who visited me in the Vienna prison every month.

I place an advert in the Key West Citizen to run on Tuesday.

"British author seeks fit partner for exhausting two-month all-US speaking tour by road from late August. Driving licence essential. European languages an advantage. [Email] today Tuesday only for immediate Key West interview."


Saturday, July 7, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

TODAY Martyna leaves for Poland. She was an excellent driver, and good friend. Bente says the two hundred Canadian dollars I sent have not yet arrived. Hey ho. Hope they were not stolen in the mail.

Gerald W. in Australia buys a lot of my books: "I look forward to new titles. Is David still barred from Australia? If not I would attend the next presentation."

I reply: "Dear Gerald

alas there is no prospect of the Australian government lifting the ban, although my fourth daughter is an Australian citizen (lives in Brisbane) and she has two children. John Howard (right) said they would change the law again if necessary to keep me out. Go figure!

I delete Denver from the next tour: too far for me to handle single-handed, and I was there already on the last tour. The new tour now ends at Kansas City.


MY bookstore manager Mrs. D. sends me a message ending: "Your discretion is questionable." -- I reply stoutly: "Wrong. It is non-existent."

Supper at Rusty Anchor. Hamburger, not good. I text to Bente that my legs now hurt more after these long rides against a headwind. I hope they will settle down when I get back to the UK.

I get an unexpected call from a Hoosier. The missing boxes of books, she says, have been in Jaenelle's Indianapolis condominium all along: she is in Australia and has told the finder to call me with the news.

I pass the news to a friend: ". . . Incidentally, Jaenelle now turns out to have had those dozen boxes of autographed books stored on a shelf in her Indianapolis condominium all along, and had forgotten it. She today admits her mistake -- though to a mutual friend, not to me direct!"


Sunday, July 8, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

I WORK until late polishing a difficult Himmler chapter (June 30, 1934).


Photo: At Niagara Falls

Monday, July 9, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

"I ENJOYED seeing you once again in Columbia, South Carolina," writes a fan. "I always find it such a treat to have you right in my own town to give a talk. The suspense is really building for your Himmler book . . . We were talking about your noticeable weight loss and I asked you how you did it. We were interrupted by the TV crew. It has since nagged at me. Would you please take a few minutes to tell me how you trimmed down. I'd like to try it."

I reply at 9:16 a.m

Everybody has his own method Wes. First thing, is to get good bathroom scales on a level floor, and weigh yourself each morning wearing nothing, post shower, and record the result. You'll see dramatic improvements at once on Day 2. Depending on the climate, you may temporarily lose a pound or so through perspiration during the night. With my leg just post-surgery in January I was not able to do much exercise, so that was not what lost me weight. It was the diet, which had a name I forget; I've done it on and off for thirty years. Anyway, fancy names of diets don't slim you, it's your own desire to lose weight.

In my case, Jaenelle told me her paunchy Australian admirer was claiming to have lost thirty pounds in two weeks (she did not use the adjective paunchy, that's mine); I told her that wasn't possible and I wanted to see if it was. American food does not help: it's loaded with meat-fattening hormones which are illegal in Europe, and other health-inhibitors.

No alcohol, you're really wasting time dieting if you drink beer. Run the diet for seven days, repeated for another week if you feel up to it.

Buy a lot of eggs, you're going to eat them every day at breakfast. Like boiled eggs. First day (and starting on a Monday is a good psychological idea): just eggs, two/three/two perhaps, a tomato or two. No frying. Black tea or coffee, no milk, no butter, no potatoes. Dry toast, one or two slices. You'll get used to it very soon. Ingredients of other meals: cucumber, white fish, veal, one steak or two during the week, spinach, cottage cheese, fruit salad, celery, tomatoes. Have as much as you want, but only these things.

One or two evenings you may feel a certain lassitude because of the metabolic changes. When you stop you'll healthily regain some of the lost weight, but it will settle down somewhere in between, i.e. lower, and you've done it. Then step off those scales and bask in the praise. Wait a few months, do it again (I will, now that I am returning to the UK, and getting away from US "food"). And watch what you stuff into your mouth in future. Your food industry is unfortunately out of control, like our banks.

I buy a heavy-duty wrap for my bike, as it will be six months before I can use it again.

Up the Keys to the Rusty Anchor. Legs are still not pumping as hard as they used to. Two bicyclists overtake me, if not more.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

TODAY the Key West Citizen is running my advert. In England, I used to get ninety calls after advertising for a Personal Assistant in The Times.

The first to call is a man with a deep, husky voice, probably a smoker. I should have said: Non-smoker. I ask him his name: "Bridget," he says, "Bridget Smith." Aaargh. I forgot -- I forgot that, after San Francisco, Key West is the second homosexual capital of the USA. Wrong to say I was looking for a "fit partner" perhaps. Assistant would have been better. Rethink needed. That's awkward: I have to decide right away how to shake off unsuitable applicants. I shall ask about their European languages.

I tell Jessica by email adding: "Nobody else called yet." -- "Hahaha, that's hilarious," she teases. "Give him a chance."


CHARLES M. goes to pick up the boxes of books from our Hoosier friend, but sends me disappointing word almost at once, with a photo of the four (4!) small opened boxes. "I was expecting to find a fair quantity of books, especially the autographed and boxed Churchill's War II. But C. had only a few small boxes containing a total of eleven books: none autographed."

5:49 p.m: "Oh dear, that is sad. Our hopes are dashed therefore. These are not the grand haul of autographed books that have been missing since I signed them for Jaenelle [in Washington DC] in November. What on earth has she done with them? Oh, well. Damn." So many items are still missing, the phone-charger, the disc player, and other trivia, but above all thousands of dollars of our autographed books. Did she leave them with her fiancé (now: deeply unhappy ex-fiancé), to look after, while she waltzed off to her new beau, Gerwich Bode, Down Under? Still no closure, and some will say it's her fault.

I stow the bike away and pick up a rental car at our little airport. I have taken about a dozen phone calls from applicants during the day, and late in the day I interview the only promising applicant, a Melanie: most of what she said on the phone checks out -- she speaks other languages including German, as she was born there, and Arabic, and has a clean driving licence as a former school bus driver. She has two grown up boys living in Phoenix. -- She is also over qualified, in business administration etc. I said "fit" in my advert, but she is fifty pounds overweight. Hey ho. Maybe I should have told her about the Irving Diet. I could have. After all Mrs. D. did say my discretion is questionable. Perhaps I am too demanding, or apply the wrong criteria.


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