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First posted Sunday, March 25, 2012

Go for it, I reply, descending to the American vernacular like a trained linguist. She always liked the town.

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Monday, February 27, 2012
Kew, London (England)

DON Guttenplan (whom I used to admire as a journalist) writes on the Wiener Library in yesterday's New York Times:

Through its combination of testimonies and records and current journals and works of scholarship, the Wiener Library has played a unique role for historians," said Richard J. Evans, the Regius professor of modern history at the University of Cambridge and author of a three-volume history of the Third Reich. As the principal expert witness defending the American academic Deborah E. Lipstadt in her 2000 libel trial against the British writer David Irving, who claimed that the Holocaust had never happened, Mr. Evans found the library's collection an indispensable resource.

I claimed that the Holocaust had "never happened"? A lazy and thoughtless smear, which will no doubt now be quoted and requoted an nauseam.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I HAVE begun posting details of my May/June USA tour on the bookstore's ticketing page. Meticulous work. Have to get it just right.

WHERE IS DAVID IRVING SPEAKING IN THE USA THIS MAY AND JUNE? Contact us: Apply for details. Register online [link].

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I REPLY to a friend in the USA:

Australia. Not much I can do. They are determined to keep me out, and I have long learned not to fight hopeless battles. I fought them four times in the Full Federal Court, and their answer was to change the law when I won the second round. You can't fight that.

I complete uploading the new itinerary onto the bookstore. Thirty-one US cities in it so far, including a lot of very small meetings. Jeannie begins a flattering email by saying: "D, I hate to say this because I think your ego is already big enough, but . . ."

Wrong. Size does matter.


Thursday, March 1, 2012
Kew, London (England)

LARRY M. points out an error. I reply thanking, and add hopefully: "I suppose there is no way I can use the HFC for a talk in Cambridge MA this tour? I just posted the itinerary." That's the Harvard Faculty Club, where I have spoken several times.

Munich has decided in double-quick time that the twenty year old ban on my setting foot on German soil is to be extended by another ten years.


Friday, March 2, 2012
Kew, London (England)

KEVIN comments on the German negative decision document:

Lengthy load of crap in the document - what does it boil down to and can you do anything about it ?

I reply at 8:40 a.m: "Yes, I can (expensively) get my lawyer to appeal to the Munich Administrative Court, which is like appealing for a judicial review. I shall do so, and raise an appeal."

He comments: "The amusing thing is that actual criminals -- people who will rob a bank or shoot someone, come and go daily in Germany with impunity! The extension of the ban was their response to your asking them to lift it? Or they realised it was about to end, and decided thus to extend it?"

I reply: "No, they are not allowed in law to impose a ban in perpetuity, so they fixed it at ten years, no doubt renewable."

To bed early, as H H-T wants to watch Benidorm, which is real mind-slop.


Saturday, March 3, 2012
Kew, London (England)

THE German lawyer says my cheque cleared. I reply: "Danke. Hoffentlich machen wir bald Fortschritte wegen Rommel. . .?"

Into London in the afternoon and I get the laptrop keyboard replaced, finally. £210. I also hope for a new screen to be fitted next week.

Before bed I check the emails. A fan writes:

A significant source of my adult fascination with the Second World War was my childhood discovery of your book 'The Trail of the Fox.' As a young man I basically memorized my tattered copy, a cherished possession I lost in a recent move to the UK. Upon searching the Web for a replacement volume I stumbled upon your site, and was startled to find a free PDF download of the very book I sought.

Thank you for your generosity in freely distributing the fruits of your intellect.

I disagree strongly with many of your philosophical positions and historical conclusions. I also support your right to absolute, unqualified, unfettered freedom of expression.

I thought you might like to know that there are those of us who, while not necessarily finding ourselves in concord with your views, nonetheless wish you success in weathering the censorial storms that swirl around you.

I thank him kindly.


Monday, March 5, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I IDLY check the Munich judgment, and find it spiced with absurd lies supplied by the British authorities. Thank you MI5! For example, I allegedly belong to a London society called "The Holocaust Denial Society," etc. Did MI5 really invent that? There is no such body to my knowledge. I cannot allow these lies to stand, but cannot afford to fight them in the Munich courts.

My lawyer asks if we should apply for Legal Aid in Germany. He sends me the forms, but a quick view of the depth of their proposed probing helps me decide against.

Ich habe mir den Antrag angesehen, und dabei ein unwohles Gefühl bekommen. Wenn ich soviel Auskunft erteile, ermöglicht es gewissen Behörden, nicht nur eine Nein-Antwort zu erteilen, die wir wohl erwarten dürften, sondern auch allerlei Gegenmassnahmen zu erwirken bei Verlegern, befreundeten Spendern u.s.w. Es öffnet auch Tur und Tor zu versch. mir nicht wohl gesonnenen Behörden. Eine alte Erfahrung, leider. In welcher Grösse dürften die Rechtskosten in den beiden Fällen hier so ungefähr liegen? Wobei im Falle "Rommel" ich den evtl. Ausgang als einen durchaus positiven erwarten würde.

My friend L., the Incorrigible Jew of Atlanta, sends me an Associated Press dispatch from the 3 May, 1945 Indianapolis Star, p. 20, saying: "It made my day."

May 3, 1945

Dresden Wiped Out by Raid

Freed Prisoners Say 300,000 were killed
With American troops near Dresden, May 2 AP -- British prisoners-of-war returning through the American lines today said Dresden police told them that 300,000 persons were killed in the historic 14-hour Allied air raid which wiped out Dresden Feb 13 and 14.
They said the Germans were forced to employ flamethrowers to burn thousands of the dead to prevent mass outbreaks of disease.
In the group of Allied prisoners, were 241 British and Hollanders and 350 French.
Nine of the British who were working in a Dresden factory said the destruction, horror and devastation were beyond human comprehension.
"The whole city is flattened."

So far so good, but then L. comments: "Payback -- tho' not nearly enough -- for Guernica, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Coventry, London, Stalingrad, Leningrad, and other cities 'flattened' by the Luftwaffe. I salute the courageous Allied air crews who regularly flew into the jaws of death to bomb Germany and destroy its war making industries & other targets, including Dresden, the rail/transportation center for the Reich, with numerous military factories and installations (government ministries had been moved there from bombed-out Berlin, ammunition/armaments factories were located in the city, as well as the important Zeiss-Ikon complex ,producing cameras and lenses, and by itself employing some 10,000 people on military contracts, usw, usw.) If you want to blame someone for the deaths of civilians (if there is such a thing in 'total war'), the obvious culprits are the German rulers and people who served and followed them, especially Hitler and his Nazis."

This reveals either an innate malice, or a shocking degree of ignorance about what happened in these firestorms.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I DRAFT new chapters for Himmler (the "Röhm putsch") all morning.

A reader, David Peck writes me about Captain Jack E Broome (right):

Some years ago I was given a copy of Paul Lund's PQ17 Convoy to Hell which contains the following handwritten note:

"Keppel. Simpson. If you and I could tell the true story, this book would never have been written. As my second in command you were the best I ever had and I am always glad to know that you survived the hell which you experienced in later years. John Broome"

Needless to say, I have wondered what lay behind this remark and at last I have decided that I would try to find out. I thought of approaching the BBC as I believe they are good at researching and may in fact already have something on this story. However, first I tried Google and was amazed at what turned up. I really had no idea that you had written on the subject and that you had been through such agonies as a result -- I have spent much of my life buried in the countryside!

If you can indicate, perhaps as a result of your examination of official records, the truth which might have precluded the writing of this book I would appreciate a line from you.

How fascinating. I reply: "'The whole truth about PQ.17?' Maybe Broome was referring to the codebreaking aspect, which was still top secret when Lund's book was published. You will find my story of the resulting PQ17 libel action on my website at"


THEN comes great news from Chicago. Linda N. reports: "Jeremy Hammond, the guy who busted up your 2009 Chicago talk . . . . . . has now been arrested in a worldwide sweep of a hacker group: 'His previous run-ins with the law include an arrest during the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City, a 2005 conviction for stealing credit card information from a conservative website, arrests in 2004 and 2010 for marijuana possession, a 2009 arrest for violently disrupting a talk by Holocaust denier David Irving and a conviction for or tearing down a 2016 Olympics banner and burning it in the Daley Plaza eternal flame alongside his twin brother, Jason.'"

I thank her for this press clipping: "The FBI told me they were very interested in bringing him down with our help. The credit was entirely Jaenelle's. She sent for the police, against my advice, and as the Hammond thugs then (to my surprise) invaded the Edelweiss restaurant, we got the welcome message from the dispatcher: 'The patrol cars are already outside the location, ma'am.' Caught them all red handed. That was the fourth time she saved my life. Ho!

"I subsequently turned over the whole hacking file to the FBI in Chicago, who told us they have been wanting to get him for some time. Seems they now have."


Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I TELL my German lawyer: "Ich arbeite gerade an einer kurzen Begegnung und schicke es Ihnen in den nächsten 30 Minuten." Then, "Hier ist meine vorl. Antwort. Lassen Sie mich bitte gelegentlich wissen, ob es ratsam erscheint, weiteres zu unternehmen."

He then writes:

Ich habe gerade angefangen, einen Entwurf der Klageschrift zu fertigen. Ich werde Sie in den nächsten Tagen diesbezüglich kontaktieren.


Thursday, March 8, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I HAVE been deaf in one ear for ten days. That is worrying. I am hoping it is just a cold, caught from Jessica.

I email to my lawyer in Kiel, Germany:

Hinzuzufügen in der Anklageschrift wäre übrigens: Ich habe vor dem Jahre 1993 meine Aktensammlungen unentgeltlich und auf eigenen Kosten dem Bundesarchiv bzw. dem Münchner Institut für Zeitgeschichte deponiert, wo sie als Sammlung(en) Irving geführt wurden bzw. werden. Es handelt sich um jeweils 500kg bis 1 Tonne Archivalien. (Siehe anl. Bild - mein mit Archivkisten verladener weisser Miet-Kombi steht vor dem Institut für Zeitgeschichte in München, Mai 1992.)

Seit der Ausweisung ist es mir nicht möglich, meine eigenen Aktensammlungen dort zu verwenden! Dagegen werden diese munter von meinen Rivalen wie die Professoren Ian Kershaw and Richard Evans und auch meinen Gegnern verwendet und diesen zugänglich gemacht.


LINDA H. comes at midday and we sign the transfer of the (thirty-year-old) Silver Spur to me, as from today's date. She confirms that she still has Hitler's hair samples, in a faded brown envelope, and will accept my offer for them, refundable if the tests prove them not to be authentic.

She asks about the blonde girl who accompanied me to her house in Enfield a year or so ago. I tell her of the disaster, of how the ... scooped her up; and she sides totally with Jaenelle. Hey ho, that's women for you.

In the evening I write to Matt P.: "Hi Matt

All is well here (London); I have finally gotten round to removing most of the online pictures of J. from the Radical's Diary, as she wanted for security reasons I believe. Rather labour-intensive, and it all takes time, and what with the op. I had a lot on my plate.

A PhD student Albert Copley inquires if he can ask me ten questions: "I look forward to hearing back from you."

I reply: "You can try -- fire your questions at me, but do not expect me to write your article for you."


Friday, March 8, 2012
Kew, London (England)

AT 8:15 a.m. I have the answers ready for Copley:

  1. Were there any ideological differences between Mussolini and Hitler? - No response
  2. Albert Speer avoided execution, and instead was sentenced to twenty years in prison at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. Was this a just verdict? - Others who were far less guilty than he were hanged. His real diary reveals the extent to which he was aware of the Final Solution in Berlin. He profited from it. He then had a fake, sanitised diary (Chronik der Dienststelle des Reichsministers Speer) concocted, while in Spandau prison, which he foisted onto the Bundesarchiv. I revealed it (e.g., in my biography, Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich), and so did Mathias Schmidt in End of the Mythos.
  3. The Third Reich banned the works of numerous musicians and writers, from Felix Mendelssohn to Franz Kafka. What is your view on Nazi cultural policy? - Israel now does the same, banning literary works. So does the Bundesrsepublik with its Index of jugendgefährdende Schriften and by other, more subtle, means (e.g., banning me from Germany effectively for life since 1993, so I cannot access publishers, booksellers, audiences, archives). As for their cultural policy, some of Germany's greatest artistic works were produced during the Hitler era, e.g., the sculptures of Arno Breker (with whom I once spent an afternoon together with my friend Rolf Hochhuth).
  4. What were the positive features of German government at this time, and what, if anything, can we learn from the Third Reich? - No response.
  5. From your extensive research into German archives, are you able to give a definitive figure of the number of Jews, gypsies, disabled people and political prisoners who died in Nazi concentration camps? - Over three million, very few of them in "camps," most of them in Einsatz Reinhard in eastern Poland; probably less than seven. I am not a Holocaust historian. I have no interest in numbers. I am interested however in personalities. As the American gun lobby says, Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Incidentally, in 1939 there were fewer people in Nazi concentration camps, 29,000 I believe, than in British prisons today, 87,000.
  6. Many historians claim Edward VIII, among others, greatly admired Hitler. Was this the case, and if so, what was it the British establishment found so appealing about the Nazis before the war? - I don't think the whole British establishment did. Those who visited Hitler's Germany uniformly came away with positive impressions, so far as I have seen. But as Churchill once said, there is no such thing as pubic opinion, there is only published opinion. Edward VIII admired Hitler and what he was doing and was willing in 1941 to come back to England and take over. German F.O. documents reveal this. The British and Americans went to great lengths to find and conceal these documents after 1945. See my book The War Between the Generals.
  7. In contemporary American and British politics, support for Israel is often criticised by the left. Do you think Israel had the right to establish itself after the Second World War? - I think that if Israel had the "right" to seize Palestinian land and orchards after 1948, then so did Hitler have the "right" to seize the Ukraine, etc. Tough on those whose orchards are seized, but their voice apparently doesn't count for much in the world's councils.
  8. Was the post-war de-Nazification of Germany justified? - Justified is an odd word. if you lose a war you must expect some changes. There was a severe punitive element involved however, and collective punishment is now outlawed. See my book (documentation), The Morgenthau Plan.
  9. Do you consider Orwell and Koestler to be honest chroniclers of 20th Century history? - Orwell, yes; or rather not so much a chronicler as a commentator. Koestler, a Hungarian Jew, no. He savaged my book Uprising in The Sunday Times in 1981, precisely because of the Hungarian Jewish blinkers he was wearing. He was "into" levitation, believe it or not. He hanged himself at the end, which I suppose is a kind of bodily levitation.
  10. Heinrich Himmler was supposedly an admirer of Islam, and during WWII, Haj Amin al-Husseini - former President of the Supreme Muslim Council - appealed directly to Hitler for assistance in the Pan-Arab struggle. In contemporary politics however, the 'new right' have accused Islam of being a threat to European democracy. What are your thoughts on Islamism and the emergence of groups such as the English Defence League? - no reply.


I write to Neal Jackson in London reminding him, "In April 2008 you wrote me,

I have a complete Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler photo album of the troops and Sepp Dietrich attending the Hanselbauer Hotel round-up and purge (Hummingbird). . . My work on Himmler is coming eventually to a close for printing. Do you still have the album, or if not, do you know who has?

He replies with very unexpected news: "That is a sore point.

I was held at gun-point whilst my house was ransacked by several men. They made off with a large selection of items and my safe which contained cash and valuable documents. The Leibstandarte photo album was amongst these things, together with some personal items belonging to Ernst Röhm which were recovered from Munich in 1945 by a Mr. Silverton (a family friend) who was working to gather post-war intelligence.

Very few people knew I had these items so it is unlikely they were the target of the robbery.

Despite collecting DNA from the rope that was used to tie me and a visiting friend up, the police never found the culprits, nor have any of the items been recovered. If not destroyed these items may well appear on the militaria market and the police have asked me to keep an eye out for them. What are the chances?

By the way, Edmund Heines was in one of the photos and very much alive. So, he wasn't shot inside the hotel! Myths, eh?

I comment: "Oh Gosh. What an extraordinary story. And I suppose you never had time to make copies or scans of any of the photos?"

"No," he replies: "I didn't scan anything as it never entered my mind that they would be stolen. Until that point I had never been the victim of crime. All I have left are some items which belonged to one of Röhm's personal Stabswache."


Monday, March 12, 2012
Kew, London (England)

PRESUMABLY having read the Independent on Sunday article, a Shaya Green, evidently not a well-wisher, whose email address is mysteriously,, writes: "I hope you join Mr. Hitler very soon."

I reply: "Thankyou. May I take it that you are Jewish? and that you have not realised that it is your people's attitudes which partly answer the question, which you never ask, 'Why us?'"


Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Kew - Eastbourne - Kew (England)

NOT much done during the day. I drive to Eastbourne, deposit a stack of books with Gardners and am back at Kew at 1:15 p.m., after a quick stop at Sainsbury's to buy steaks for supper. That rather deflates my energy for the day.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Kew, London (England)

I UPGRADE tomorrow's Delta ticket for a better seat so I can work tomorrow. Costs fifty pounds. Hmmm. Coming this way in December it was fifty dollars.


Thursday, March 15, 2012
Kew, London (England) - Miami - Key West (Florida, USA)

I LEAVE the house at 6:45 am on the dot for Terminal 4. Delta 261 to Miami. At the Departure Gates, shoes off and X-ray again -- we have Israel to thank for all this -- but guess what, I am immediately shunted off to the private search area and held there half an hour for a pat-down. I had expected an X-ray because of the big metal blob now installed in my hip, but they satisfy themselves with another pat-down. Do I look like a mule, or drug-dealer? Mist and fog. Plane delayed by these for an hour. Texts to B., Jessica, and Réka Antal, and friendly replies from all.

We make up the time on the ten-hour flight with an unusual tail wind. I work for two hours correcting Goebbels typos from the lists friends have sent in. The index is riddled with wrong page numbers. Land at Miami 4:15 p.m. and I lope at unaccustomed speed, nay titanium speed, to the passport control, arriving there as Number Two off our plane. It takes three hours to clear Immigration -- an hour shuffling in line with two thousand others off a bunch of incoming flights, and then a special David Irving Handicap as I am "selected" -- shunted off to the Secondary Line, always an ominous sign, and held there until seven p.m. over "a fingerprint issue". When finally called forward, long after everybody who arrived after me has come and gone, I remark cautiously that I thought that having a ten-year US visa was supposed to obviate this kind of irritation.

That is not all. There is evidently a special mark on the Customs slip which they now hand back to me, because the Customs officer instantly requires me to go to Sector 8, for special Customs clearance. This however does not even stoop to opening my cases, they just X-ray them. Being something of an expert now on Immigration and Customs, having watched endless episodes of Nothing to Declare, the whole thing mystifies me.


THE new Miami airport layout is of course far worse than the old. In olden days you walked twenty feet from the baggage carousel to the Hertz desk, then twenty feet to the kerbside for the Hertz shuttle bus. Now? After a ten-hour flight, there is now a one-mile struggle on foot around the entire horseshoe terminal to the train shuttle station which takes you to the combined car rental building two miles away. Not very nice for cripples. But somebody has made billions out of the MIA airport improvements.

The Hertz lot is empty of cars. A Sony convention in the city, they explain. I am forced to accept the twelve-seater bus I have reserved online as an emergency two weeks ago, and they claim to have no car to replace it. Grrr. Only fifty dollars rental, but, grrr. The gas it guzzles! I sally forth finally around seven-fifteen p.m., with the sun already setting, and arrive at Key West around eleven-fifteen p.m. It has been a long day.

As I drive south, Mna. begins texting and calling, from Atlanta's Hartfield and then from Key West airport, and is audibly relieved when I respond from the car, uh, bus. She's waiting on the stoop at Albert's. Effortlessly incorrect as ever, I compliment her on the two or three pounds she has added, which improves her looks. I drive her round to the cottage in Margaret Street; it has indeed been totally refurbished and she graciously accepts it for the coming weeks.

The alternative would have been the couch in Albert's apartment, where I am staying. It is piled high with furniture oddments, most of which look as if they have been hammered together from driftwood and cardboard; but these things too shall pass. Bed finally around midnight-thirty: A 23 '/2 hour day behind me.


Friday, March 16, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

I BUY a bright orange bike and a large basket to go with it. The bike's color shrieks "Please steal me", I think, but it is light weight alloy and so on, and just what I need. I give it a test run. What can now go wrong today?

I return the bus to the airport a few minutes before its one day is up. I cycle on to the Rusty Anchor for supper alone, against a fierce headwind. Just like old times.

Back to the apartment at speed with the wind now a tailwind and slightly reduced. There is unfortunately no table at all in Albert's apartment, just a small round table outside in the garden -- quite useless for writing on, as I warned him months ago.

Not much work done today. I design a voucher for our online bookstore customers. The two other houses are packed with adolescent men in their late teens or twenties, here for a wedding and going on Monday, says Tom the gardener without visible regret. They are very noisy, most of them drunk all the time, and rambunctious.


Saturday, March 17, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

UP AT seven a.m. after a good night's sleep, apart from four-thirty a.m. noises and shouting from the returning revellers next door.

A reader has written to the bookstore:

You have written many a book that has successfully challenged orthodox views on history. And yet one book remains to be written, about how David Irving uncovers history. This is something that you speak about. I believe the time has come that it be in a book form.

How David Irving uncovered the facts that ended up in the books he wrote would be the book that would tell posterity why his work matters to them. Who but he knows this best and who better to say it while there is still time? It will be like a keystone in an arch holding all the stones in place.

I think it will also be a guide to the future generation of historians. One David Irving can be detained, imprisoned, shouted down or defamed. What if there are two? What about ten? Even more perhaps, there is no upper limit. Such a book has the potential to spawn a whole generation of historians who . . . would certainly be his ideological descendants.

I think the work is of the greatest potential. Please consider it.

I reply: "Thanks for those kind words; you will be glad and interested to hear that in the Vienna prison I began writing very detailed memoirs, and they will be written finally after I complete Himmler and Churchill. It is already largely complete. There are many chapters describing my interviews with Hitler's staff in particular."

W. phones, the microfilm printer has been sent here by UPS. And siehe da, it is standing outside in the porch. A big box weighing around 100 pounds.


Sunday, March 18, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

Gabriela on the beach

10:45 a.m. a rather unexpected message, a sign of life, from the Peruvian, La Peruana, Gabriela Marquez (seen alive above in 2007), reading simply "="

[Rather killing The Goose Which Laid etc., she had me informed last April that she had died in a road accident.] I reply at 10:54 a.m: "Lovely to hear from you, pillina." We called her The Pirhana, but she was always a very popular assistant.

I forward the news to Jeannie who now manages our bookstore:

Remember Gabriela, the girl who used to work with me, and was killed in an auto accident last April in Colombia, she said? She just sent me a one-character email: (=). That was it. I always suspected she might have been dead only briefly. Jaenelle of course said so all along.

Jeannie replies: Weird. Am I going to have to fake my death to get away from you? (Fortunately she is now extremely happily married).

I reply:

I adopted a policy of sending her . . . photos of herself, and saying I would be posting them in an In memoriam page. I . . . guess she gave up waiting for the second shoe to drop. - There is NO getting away.



I PHONE W., and confirm that the machine has arrived here. He says he has the films, and paid $50,000 for them, in East Germany, I gather. I state straight away that their content seems to be part of Fond 500 of the Soviet Osobi archive, and that comparison with the films I have seen at the Holocaust museum, and the online catalogue of that Moscow collection, Fond 500, leaves little doubt that their content is from the KGB archives. As such, their uniqueness (and sale value) is in question. I suggest he sends me the films now as I shall not be back in Washington DC before the end of July.

A reader makes a suggestion:

I have recently bought a Kindle device and thought it would be perfect for purchasing and downloading some of your works, however none of your books is available. Despite everything from early Assyrian histories to Tudor cookbooks to hair styling tips for dogs being freely available, nothing comes up when I search under your name. Is this an example of the unspoken censorship imposed on you -- or are there any plans to release your works so that they can be purchased with a Kindle?

The answer is, we are totally stymied by these eBook devices. I have tried many self-styled experts to find ways of creating eBooks, and so far they have all failed me. I am an historian, not a computer expert. I am baffled, frustrated and -- losing money.


Monday, March 19, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

THE fire ants have been biting me round the ankles for a couple of days. More irritating than painful. But then, so is the lack of a table to write on. Grrr. Emails at 6:59 a.m.

John Jackson orders two copies of The Night The Dams Burst and writes: "Hi,

At long last I have been able to order a copy of your book. To be honest I thought it was an article only and not a book so I am over the moon. May I ask if the book has been published before, or is this the first time it has appeared as a "hard copy". I am very interested in the subject and will be making my thirteenth journey to the Dams this coming May. I am so looking forward to receiving the books.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

Breakfast at Harpoon Harry's with Mna. . .

Somebody sends me a link to a law journal article on "libel tourism," [cached] the phrase an outraged Georgia professor Deborah Lipstadt coined when I sued her in England for libelling me. I write to its author Damian Penny:

I read your amusing article. Did it not occur to you (and her) that by peddling and publishing her libellous words in Britain to make money, Lipstadt was exposing herself to an action in defamation there, my native country? It has nothing to do with her bleat about "libel tourism."

Before you protest that the Court found that her words were not libellous, in fact the court found that two or three passages complained of were libellous, (e.g., her absurd allegations about my consorting with Hizbollah terrorists, and stealing microfiches from the Moscow archives) but that I was not entitled to damages (under Section 5 of the Act).

You may just have copied your comments and opinions from the articles of others, but as you surely know that too is no defence in law.

The real concern should be the use of highly paid "expert witnesses" in such cases. Hers were paid up to half a million pounds each to give their "neutral" opinion. Hmmm. Okay, I suppose, if you've got that kind of money. Most historians haven't.

He replies that he disapproves of my banning from Canada, but adds unhelpfully: "You are still a shit." A lawyer, true, but evidently one with only a limited vocabulary.

A slew of orders has come in. Why this, now? I am baffled at the way sales rocket and slump. I think Little Angel told me sometimes about monthly swings, paycheck dates, and stuff. I did not believe her.


Thursday, March 22, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

ALBERT has arrived back during the night after his two-day drive down from Atlanta. I find him using the trestle bed I set up for him. All very cramped and crowded. Not good, and not what I have paid for.

Major St., a serving US officer in Europe, writes:

Thank you for your life's work. It takes tremendous personal courage to operate under one's real name and to sacrifice a comfortable life in academia for sake of the truth and one's convictions. I will be giving the Hungarian copy of Uprising I ordered to my Hungarian relatives who live in Martonvasar outside of Budapest that are beginning to take a more critical look at historical events than that they have been given their entire lives. I bought the English language guide to the Hungarian uprising sold at Statue Park in Budapest and apart from a small mention of the Soviet authorities condemning the uprising as "anti-semitic," it makes no other mention of the more tribalistic roots of the conflict.

I hope to attend one of your lectures upon my subsequent return to the U.S. this coming Fall.

As I walk back from the Five Brothers with a cup of Cuban coffee, Albert drives by and honks.

I climb in and we have a bowl of soup at Pepe's. I remark that J. will probably ask to come and stay in Key West with her new Australian moneybags. He very decently inquires, what should he say to her? "Go for it," I reply, descending to the American vernacular like a trained linguist. "She always liked the town."

Jeannie has evidently not forgotten Gabriela (left, runner up to Miss Perú in 2010). She emails from our Georgia bookstore: "Yes, you are stuck with me until I fake my death and you have to find someone much better that you won't have to complain to people about. I'm feeling a bit weak and frail today. I better go rest."

Everybody's got to be a comedian.


WITH rather more spleen than humour, Gary Christian,, writes me:

You Nazi Cow! I sincerely hope that some relative of a Jew murdered by Nazi f+ckers like you guts you like the Nazi pig that you are.

The unsubtle language he uses triggers the usual reply. Our computer sends it:

This is an automatically generated response. We regret that we receive up to 300 emails a day and cannot undertake to read them all. If you wish your recent email to be considered for posting in our hate-mail section, please ensure that you have thoroughly checked its spelling and grammar, and resubmit.

Supper with Albert and Mna. at the Rusty Anchor. She is better disposed today, and laughs at some of Albert's jokes. He talks Russian to her, and deprecates her tattoos. As she carries her bag into the cottage he comments to me how remarkably like Little Angel she is, apart from them.

Back to his apartment. No early resolution of the table problem in view, let alone the cramped accommodation.


Friday, March 22, 2012
Key West, Florida (USA)

THE table which Albert has now brought for me is round, with a glass top and a lip round the edge; that is three no-nos, just as he was told before. I am toying with the idea of going back to the UK this month, where other family problems are brewing.

Supper with Albert and Mna. in Bobalou's. Meat loaf. Albert sings lustily all the way back. Plus ça change.

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