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First posted Thursday, May 31, 2012

I shall keep my eye on the lights ahead: no sign of red, not yet even amber, so far as I can tell. We are all in God's hands.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012
Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

WE decide to stay an extra day here in Sioux Falls as the weather is good, around 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Accustomed as she is to Key West, Mna. finds it "chilly".

Ned writes me: "Keep your eyes peeled for a good copy of Churchill's War, vol. i: Struggle for Power."

"Oh, we had one until yesterday. . . We have 900 more in Australia. I am trying to find a shipping firm to freight them to Atlanta."

A soup at Panera with Mna., then I send her off shopping. I resume Himmler while she's away.

Don P. has written about J. I reply: "She is banking on my good nature; she was an intimate friend for years."

Jessica's big exams are approaching. How swiftly Time flows past. I send her this: "Just came across this in my diary for May 15, 1996:

Mailed everything with Chitra at 4:50 p.m. Worked on design for Bookseller advertisement for Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich. - Then an hour with Jessica teaching her the letters of the alphabet, which I drew in perfect Roman lettering outline for her. She was enthralled, and called out each letter as I was half-way finished. "S - T - K - P!", etc. What a bright girl: her mother's looks, and my brain; as I am wont to say, it could easily have been a disaster.

She replies: "Ha-ha. That's really sweet."

"I expect you have long forgotten those sessions. I have always been proud of you. This is what I looked like that day. I did a TV interview with Selina Scott."»»

"You look so handsome!" she squeals. "No wrinkles!"

I reply: "I had probably been made up for the TV interview."

George Lee writes:

It must seem incongrous to many that a great writer and researcher, and you are, excellent stylist, too, would attend to his pants [UK: trousers] with a stapler, and let his servant see that, too. And have seemingly only one pair of pants. Amazing. . . You are one of the very few great writers on WW2, if not the greatest, which would be my vote, and no one can take that away from you.

"Dear George, I think the stapler story is an exaggeration, but I don't mind that as much as hunting for five thousand dollars' worth of missing books."

Erik Z. asks for data on Danny Parker, the expert on Himmler's (later murdered) adjutant Joachim Peiper [see below]. I reply: "He used to live in Cocoa Beach. My data on him are some years old."


Monday, May 14, 2012
Sioux Falls - Rapid City - Hot Springs, South Dakota (USA)

Tiit Keskula wrote:

A READER in Estonia asks me more about Albert Speer's 1970 memoirs, "Inside the Third Reich".

My question is, are we talking the same book? Here, Estonia in bookstore is available Albert Speer "Memories", original title Albert Speer Erinnerungen Ullstein. 1969 by Verlag Ullstein GmbH and Jochen Thieß 1993. If yes then I'm in big confusion. NB! I hope You find time to visit Estonia. You are very, very wecome.

I reply: "Yes, Annette Etienne-Engel was the book's editor, Joachim Fest the (now dead) historian who assisted in writing the book, and Wolf Jobst Siedler, who also wrote it, was the Geschäftsführer of Ullstein. Annette edited my books also, and told me the story: they had sent questionnaires to Speer, which he answered, and they then wrote the book for him. The book which Speer wrote in [Spandau] prison, of which he read several chapters to me, was politically incorrect. He told me at Frankfurt, "Nicht einmal die Kapitelüberschriften hätten den damaligen Nuancen entsprochen!"


WE drive west all day across the magnificent high plains and deserts of South Dakota to Rapid City, scene of the wonderful final acts of Alfred Hitchcock's North by North-west. We check into a ghastly La Quinta hotel at first: it turns out to be under renovation, the no-smoking rooms have been smoked in, and the restaurant is attached to a screaming water-sports center and stinks of chlorine; I indicate less than politely to the hotel that we shall not be staying after all, and drive straight off with Mna. in the early dusk to see Mount Rushmore before this evening's meeting.

She has no idea where we are going. I too have never been here before, except as Cary Grant in the Hitchcock movie.

The Americans do these things so well. As we emerge through the monumental arches to the viewing terrace and she sees the unexpected spectacle of the four president's heads hewn out of the mountaintop, she gasps with delight. Apparently, I deduce, women like being taken to places. I thought they just liked "malls". A bit late in the day, and I will bear it in mind for the future.

Back at the hotel, the female receptionist, or hotel-commandant, snarls that if we abandon our booking because of the filth and chaos, they will make no refund.

I turn up the verbal glare to full heat. When asked, the manageress professes not to know the address of La Quinta corporate headquarters, and when I persist, eventually agrees to cancel the charges. We drive on to a little hotel in Hot Springs, on the onward stage to Cheyenne.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Hot Springs, South Dakota - Cheyenne, Wyoming (USA)

I TELL our printers in Tennessee: "Please pay one thousand dollars a day over the next three days onto the account. . ."

10:46 a.m I answer Facebook queries, including one which Mna. makes in Polish.

Gabriel A. asks if there is anywhere to see my current lectures on video, perhaps on YouTube?

I reply: "We are gradually posting all my old Real History lectures on DVD and they will be available at my bookstore. Several new releases coming this month!"

Felicity Boncardo remarks that Gudrun Burwitz, Heinrich Himmler's first daughter (right), is her idol. I reply:

Gudrun Burwitz is happily married and a charming old lady now. She has spent her life in the grim shadow of her father. I met her once at the German Federal Archives, in 1993. It was the day I was finally thrown out of the archives "in the interests of the German people" (i.e., their puppet government). She thanked me for donating copies of two of her father's missing diaries, 1935 and 1939, along with a ton of other documents to the archives. I asked her what she was researching. "I am writing a book to clear my father's name," she said. She has been doing it since 1945. I hope my four surviving daughters will one day be as loyal.

Felicity adds: "I'm finding Peter Longerich's biography on Himmler really unfulfillling and arbitrary." I explain: "Peter Longerich comes from the turgid and unreadable 'Richard Skunky Evans' School of Historiography. He is a German, and displayed his charmingly vague knowledge of English in the witness box for Lipstadt in her 2000 trial for libel."


A BEAUTIFUL 250-mile drive across the high prairies of Wyoming from Hot Springs to Cheyenne all day, arriving around four-thirty p.m.

Higgs the freight handlers respond to my query about getting the books up to civilisation from Australia: "We'll be able to put something together for you on this. Can you give me a day or so to get something together and I'll get back to you?"

I reply: "Take as long as you want, if I can dare to use those words."

I write to Jessica: "Report on today's exams please? I worry about you. . . Went yesterday to see Mount Rushmore (Google it) most impressive."

She replies: "I didn't have any today but I have English tomorrow. I know what Mount Rushmore is! Cool."

Cool. According to Der Spiegel, that was the same multi-usage exclamation she used in 2005 when she was told I was a political prisoner in Vienna. I did not see her again for a year and a half. The perils of writing Real History.


I WRITE to Jae's lawyer, Andrew Dutachnyk, left, to get to the bottom of a suspicion about him, which is gradually forming in my mind:

Your former client Mrs Jaenelle Antas has made a statement to a third party, which he has referred to me, and which needs immediate clarification and correction: Referring to me, your client writes: "He owes me and many other people considerable sums of money." . . . As you know we voluntarily settled all her claims in good faith, paying her in fact thousands of dollars over and above the amount she was claiming.

Please provide us with a final statement of account, showing the payment we made to her account to your firm for you to hold, which you confirmed you duly forwarded to her after she answered our Questions. . .

His reply is evasive to say the least: "I do not know what you mean by a final statement of account. You made the agreed upon payment and Mrs. Antas provided the agreed-upon responses."

That is not good enough.

I currently have no evidence from you that the payment, or any payment, was made to your client Mrs Antas. Your client Mrs Antas is now claiming that she was not paid by me, in which case she has every reason to feel aggrieved at me.

After my talk, I find an email from Albert in Key West: "David, Just drop it! Unplug! Move on!" That annoys me, and I reply: "I paid $8,000 to satisfy Jaenelle's claim. That is twice what I owed her. She is telling people I owe her. It sounds to me as though the shyster lawyer has not forwarded to her the money I sent to him for her."


Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Cheyenne, Wyoming - Denver, Colorado (USA)

I SPEND ten minutes chatting on the phone with Jessica. Our little Skoda is still there and she will start it briefly, as I asked.

We arrive at the Denver hotel at two p.m. My debit card does not work, as its daily limit has been maxed out by the printer payment. I phone the bank to get the daily limit lifted.

This goes to Jaenelle's lawyer at two minutes to five p.m., since he has made no attempt to confirm whether he sent the money to her:

For the avoidance of doubt, let me restate the position. [. . .] This financial statement should be very simple for your firm to provide. If you have not provided this by close of business tomorrow May 17 I shall complain to the Indiana State Bar Association without further notice.

Seven p.m. I talk at a meeting in the (very expensive) conference room. We make a few hundred dollars but not enough even to cover the hotel let alone Mna.'s pay, the books, the petrol hither, etc. But a pleasant day all the same. None of these "inner ring" cities can really justify the expense. A bowl of chowder for supper.


Thursday, May 17, 2012
Denver, Colorado (USA)

RANDY H., who will host us in Connecticut, writes me about Jochen Peiper, below right in the photo. I reply at eight a.m.: "Very impressed by your words about Peiper. I stumbled across Dan Parker's research in the Hoover Library, and corresponded with him thereafter." He has moved from Cocoa Beach however and I do not have have his new address.

Our Facebook fan-page has this question from Marco Stabile about the captured German generals and the microphones hidden in their rooms in British captivity. "Is that in one of your books, and if not, why not?" I confirm to him:

I have quoted from these secretly recorded conversations in several books, including Hitler's War and Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich. In fact I was the first historian ever to use them, and was nearly imprisoned by Harold Wilson, our prime minister in the 1970s, for having illegal copies of them (they were Top Secret). But you will find the best source is my own book on the conversations themselves. It was never published because my German publisher, Langenmüller, was frightened of being accused of Nestbeschmutzung - fouling his own nest. You can download my discussion of that unpublished book on my website and the book itself free here [pdf] and the secret conversations specifically referring to SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Gabriel A. asks whether the bombing of Dresden wasn't "a punishment" for the bombing of British cities? I reply: "The British started the deliberate bombing of civilian areas, a strategy which is now classified as a war crime."

Another fan asks: "You tell us that there's a real book by Adolf Hitler." I tell him:

In 1928 Hitler wrote a book now published under the title Hitler's Second Book, with a fine introduction by historian Gerhard Weinberg, who first found and published this manuscript. Hitler wrote it himself. It is more important than the pamphleteering Mein Kampf.


INTO Denver's city center. Very pleasant sunny afternoon with Mna. in The Cheesecake Factory on the 16th Street Mall, doing nothing in particular.

In the evening I post "Jaenelle, and a cautionary tale about shyster lawyers" on my website. Immediately, a Canadian lawyer friend, E.T. Herbert, asks, "Why in God's name would you deal with some pretend lawyer named Dutkanych?"

I explain: "God knows why she felt she needed one, I sent her the two cheques before he even came on the scene! I suspect her . . . boyfriend persuaded her to do it."


Friday, May 18, 2012
Denver - Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)

I ANNOUNCE on Facebook that I regard the corruscating Jaenelle-lawyer episode as closed. It has generated a slew of posts, none of them very flattering about her, which I regret, or her lawyer, which I don't.


HOW very different are German lawyers now! Their fees are strictly controlled by the courts themselves. Our legal action is making good progress against TeamWorx Television & Film GmbH, the German film production company which has plagiarised my Rommel biography for a major television biography of the field marshal to be shown this autumn.

Jessica writes: "Stop ignoring my text re: house!" (We have to start looking for one, she means; we have been homeless since September 2010). I reply lamely: "I am just about to look at it, having sent 200 emails this morning. Hope the Skoda started okay."

I look at the house she has linked to. It is awful. She persists: "It's the cheapest! . . . The same in Windsor etc (none in Dorney available)."

At four p.m. at The Cheesecake Factory again for a quick bite before driving on. William C. comes, and importunes again with questions about Auschwitz and the Holocaust. Aaargh. What is this obsession with this single, narrow facet of WW2? It is spreading like an unstoppable plague, like obese women and cell-phones in the street.

We leave Denver at six pm, and drive to Colorado Springs, exactly one hour.


Saturday, May 19, 2012
Denver - Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)

SLEEP is difficult at this unaccustomed altitude, around 7,300 feet. I decide to junk the Canon printer, which is brand-new; unseen earlier, the small print in its instruction booklet specified an Intel processor on the Mac. Aargh.

More Facebook messages, some heavy with what I take to be backhanded praise, and my answers:

"Mr. Irving -- thank you for all of your wisdom. Just finished watching a couple of your lectures on YouTube. I have one question, if you don't mind. What is your response to court decisions against you for manipulating WWII history?"

I have little complaint about the British High Court or its judge in my four-month January 2000 libel action against Lipstadt, Mr Justice Gray. To complain would bring me close to Contempt of Court (for which I already once sat two weeks in London's Pentonville prison in 1995, imprisoned incidentally without my having any kind of court hearing)!

The Lipstadt judge wrote a 333-page Judgment which was dripping with vitriol; he later admitted to The Guardian that he wrote it even before the trial ended! He confessed that he did not know at that time that each of the expert witnesses had been paid up to half a million dollars to give their "neutral opinion" on me, and he called the payments obscene.

Wikipedia quotes only the hostile passages of his Judgment, and every attempt by people to insert the highly flattering passages about me as an historian "whose knowledge of World War II is unparalleled" is instantly removed, literally within seconds, by the largely Jewish board of censors sitting at the control-panel for the "David Irving" entry.

I chide my youngest daughter, Jessica: "I am very unhappy [to hear] that the Skoda battery is flat. I will ask K. if he can come and help you start it. It must not get flat again." She replies: "Urgh, not tonight please, I'm working and tired." "No, next week some time. He will be reluctant to come out to Kew. I should have asked you a month ago to do it, but a new battery should not run down as fast as it has. Something must have been left switched on."


SINCE he has remained silent, I mail the complaint against Jaenelle's shyster lawyer to the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. It won't do any good. I tell K., "I think Jae's lawyer swallowed all the cash." Poor girl.


WHERE IS DAVID IRVING SPEAKING IN THE USA THIS JUNE? Contact us: Apply for details. Register online [link].


Sunday, May 20, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)

K. asks: "How is the tour going?"

"The answer is, it is depressing. Recession is biting. Driving hundreds of miles. . . This inner circuit is a loss-maker. No repeats."

I add: "I shall probably have to make up the shortfall to Jaenelle, if I ever get contact details, as it is wrong to leave her out of pocket." And: "Nasty story on my front page today. Thugs attacked somebody else's Chicago meeting last night, eight injured."

He makes a further comment about Dutkanych as having demonstrated the stereotypical behaviour associated with his ilk.

I reminisce: In the 1980s, after twenty years of happy marriage, my wife instructed a Jewish lawyer, a Mrs Lissner. I enraged (or outraged) her, by addressing all letters to her with the German spelling, Lißner, which alone generated a heated correspondence from this graceless London lawyer. Amazing what tiny things can please one person and enrage another. Before that, the late Mrs Irving had had the tactlessness to instruct Herbert Smith & Co., a very fine law firm but the self-same firm which had prevailed against us in the 1970 PQ17 libel action acting for Captain Broome, which had so very nearly ruined us. I am sure it was purest coincidence. We are still on good terms.

11:06 a.m to Jessica: "Best wishes for tomorrow's ordeal. Biology isn't it?"

11:38 a.m: "Yupp." -- "Very communicative."


SUSAN A. writes: "You recently sent me a snail mail letter re your various speaking engagements. You mentioned 'the Holocaust, whatever that was,' and that struck a nerve. I don't understand what was done to you to make you so angry that you would 'flip off' such an incredibly awful, profound life-changing event, but whatever it is, I think you are just really pissed off and exhibiting an "I'll show you persona." Get over it. You are -- or could have been -- one of the most respected historians ... but you got caught up in this pissing contest. Please take me off your email list."

I reply: "I will happily remove your name and spare the postage. Ignoring for a moment your crude language, the reference to the phrase which struck your nerve is simply explained. Most Holocaust historians harp on about Auschwitz, where comparatively few were put to death, and ignore the Einsatz Reinhardt in eastern Poland, where about 2.5 millions were systematically killed. I have visited all these sites in person, and take tour groups there. See my letter to an eighth-grader. As said, you are now off the list. Stay in the dark, and believe what you want. It's a free world."


Monday, May 21, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA)

JUST before nine a.m. I email to Jessica: "How did Biology go? I woke during the night, looked at the clock, and realised you were in the exam and wished you good luck! I bet you're looking forward to when it's all over! Lots of love, Daddy."

Within minutes she replies:

Bit disastrous, seventy percent were questions which required "lateral" thinking, i.e., my nightmare! I like to be spoonfed! I have a headache from working so much, but I'm back in library still as have another History of Art on Wednesday . . . Architecture and Design.

I inform her: "Tomorrow we drive down to Pueblo inside New Mexico, then on to Texas and it gets warmer again. Call me if you need a chat and I will call you back. Love, Daddy."


SUSAN A. apologises for the rude email. "I had had too much to drink." I commiserate: "Thanks. I often write rude emails myself and regret it."

A reader asks on Facebook:

Two questions, if you have time to answer them: Roughly when can we expect your long-awaited Himmler book? And, other than minor changes re: the Holocaust story, have you felt the need to make substantial revisions Hitler's War since 1977, as new documents become available and as a result of your research? I am re-reading the Millennium Edition - having had the original soft-cover years ago, which has long since disappeared somewhere.

I answer: "The problem is, one never knows for sure how many working years one has left. I am now fitter than ever. But my much older brother John warned me a few years before he died last August that one always thinks one can do it, but when the time arrives one finds one cannot do it any more. He worked until he died, systematically putting all his business affairs and tax returns in order until the very end, and he was a shining example to me." I continue:

I have three new books left in the pipeline, already researched and written, but not yet finally edited for publication: Himmler, Churchill vol.iii, and Memoirs; I might then write one about an aspect of 9/11 which troubles me - Flight UA.93.

If I can find a good young assistant with the necessary knowledge of German, I am toying with the idea of reissuing an updated Hitler's War in an expanded two-volume edition, including now a lot of the recently available materials, particularly from the British decoded ULTRA intercepts and the MAGIC files on Japanese messages.

I shall keep my eye on the lights ahead: no sign of red, not yet even amber, so far as I can tell. We are all in God's hands.

At seven p.m. our guests all come to our meeting suite and stay until 9:35 p.m. They get a good talk on Himmler, and book sales reflect the wealthy nature of the resort. Joe B. lends me two 1944 letters from Schutzhäftlinge in Auschwitz and Dachau to scan.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Colorado Springs - Pueblo, Colorado - New Mexico - Amarillo, Texas (USA)

I THANK an East Coast correspondent: "A couple of others sent me that link this morning too. So far, so good. But I'd feel safer if Jaenelle were with me on this tour!"

He suggests, "You need Mna to pack some heat." Um, no.

I tell another friend that Jessica is now knee deep in her A-Levels. He replies with feeling: "A-Levels, eh ? It's over forty years since I sat mine (Latin, Greek, and Ancient History) - and I STILL have revision nightmares!"

I tell him that I eventually took seventeen "O"-levels and nine or ten "A"-levels, or perhaps more, what with the subsequent Imperial College, University College, and LSE requirements. I have a broad but shallow knowledge in consequence!


WE set out from Colorado Springs at eleven a.m. . . to Pueblo for lunch with an elderly fan, Dr Joe Blagale. He turns out to be rather deaf. We have lunch in the street by the old station building, long closed to passenger traffic. He suggests that my occasional "dazzles" are a visual symptom of what is called "migraine equivalent", a harmless condition which occasionally recurs, but is unaccompanied by any headache. [Also called migraine aura without headache in consequence].


Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Amarillo, Texas (USA)

JESSICA reports: "Just had History of Art exam. I was SO worried for it because I'd had no time to revise for it and I was so worried that I didn't sleep till one a.m. and then I had to get up at five to revise more. It was actually all right in the end except I couldn't remember any dates and one of the design questions was so broad: Normally they ask you to talk about a movement i.e., Festival design, but they asked for a broad essay on ALL SEVEN movements on the spec."

"That is a relief, Jessica. I am now in Texas. Drove around four hundred miles yesterday [in fact 375] through Colorado, New Mexico and Texas. . . Not many females can stand the strain," I add, referring to my trusty fellow driver.

11:45 a.m I speak by phone with two unknown applicants for the coming Oklahoma City meeting, and both seem okay. Hard to tell, of course.


Thursday, May 24, 2012
Amarillo, Texas - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA)

A TWO-HUNDRED-and-eighty mile drive ahead today; Mna. is still on board, though not without some dramas.

Christos Tryantafyllopoulos, an expert on the German wartime breaking of American cyphers, and those of the OSS in particular, writes to me. The wonders of the Internet, and of notoriety too!

Mr Irving, you referred to the codes of Allen Dulles being read by the Germans. Since I know a few things about the work of the German codebreakers I wrote a small piece for my weblog using all available information ([Wilhelm] Höttl, British intelligence etc): link. Do you have any additional information on this?

I reply:

Thanks for the interesting link. The Abwehr traitor Hans-Bernd Gisevius reports that he visited Dulles in Berne in 1944, and slapped a RSHA(?) decode on his desk, to warn him. Dulles echoes this in his memoirs but claims (wrongly) he camouflaged the names of the traitors in his despatches to Washington. It is a matter of great interest for my Himmler book, as it would throw light on how much Himmler knew before the [July 20, 1944] Bomb Plot. The diary of his wife appears to show that he sent her down from Berlin to Gmund, in southern Germany, that day, July 20, 1944 [or just before]. (Just as he ordered police protection for her and Gudrun on June 30, 1934).

I am spending two days in Princeton reviewing the Allen Dulles Papers for further evidence on that. We know that the Gestapo was keeping the big names under surveillance, probably in consequence of the intercepts, but that on July 19, 1944 Himmler scrawled on Müller's request for their immediate arrest the words, "The time is not yet ripe."

I am not optimistic that the Dulles papers will reveal anything concrete about this. The SS papers in the archives will also have been weeded before they were returned to Germany. Note how the Forschungsamt files have vanished, after partial capture by the Americans. See incidentally my book on the FA and codebreaking by the Germans, Das Reich hört mit. Free [pdf] download at this link.

Later I write him again: "I've now read your blog fully, Chris, and am deeply impressed. Write me again in a month and I will tell you if I found anything in the Dulles papers, but I am now more sure than before that they will have been weeded to spare embarrassment."

I add: "The ULTRAs on Japanese intercepts are particularly useful in establishing dates. The 1943-1944 American lack of code security was a repetition of the June 1942 Bonner Fellers episode. [The Americans] couldn't care less!"


TERRY M. who was present last night has sent a nice thankyou:

I wanted to thank you again for one of the most interesting and inspiring discussions in my recent memory and I sincerely hope that you will come back to Amarillo. I must tell you, I had real trouble going to sleep last night, because of the wide range of our discussion and most importantly, I want to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me about Himmler, and especially your personal dealings with others of common interest.

We drive on across the prairies to Oklahoma City, and Mna. softens and agrees to carry on until Atlanta, unless I am mistaken, but for increased pay. She drives for an hour, and I work editing the two latest Himmler chapters. We arrive at OKC around 6 pm., a very easy drive of about four hours.

We are just in time for a late dinner at an Outback. Mediocre. The Baymont is very run down. . . Mna. takes it in good sorts, and even instals and fires up the new printer which we have had shipped to here.

Jackson Reilly of Ontario sends me an interesting exchange of letters he had with Jaenelle: he had inquired whether my leg surgery would prevent this tour. She replied on October 24, 2011:

We do have to postpone the tour until after David's surgery, unfortunately. He is in no state to spend weeks in a car. His leg has gotten really bad and he struggles with basic mobility now. Once he has his surgery, he will have a four to six-week recovery period and will then do the tour. Once we know when that will be, we will set a new itinerary and you will be notified of the new date. Sorry about the postponement. I know it's an inconvenience.

That was very thoughtful of her. I comment to Reilly: "I think that Jaenelle had a lot on her plate toward the end, and hope she will 'come into land' sooner or later. . . She was a lovely friend and I valued her greatly while she was with me."


Friday, May 25, 2012
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA)

JOHN W. inquires about the New Haven meeting location. I have to reply: "Thanks John. You are registered for the meeting, but for various reasons we send out the location details only a day or two ahead. It is in a private address, I can confirm that, and there will be a small buffet."

Christos now writes more about US code security failures:

In general all of the WW2 participants did not like to admit that their codes could be read by the other side. For the State Department it seems that security was never a high priority before the war. I guess the idea would be that even if the codes were read, US diplomats had nothing to hide.

During the war they used the new strip cipher for their high level traffic but this was read extensively by the Germans. [Dr. Erich] Hüttenhain, chief cryptanalyst of OKW/Chi wrote in the 1970's in an unpublished manuscript that twenty-two strips were read between 1942 and September 1944.

Due to the Stella Polaris affair the State Department cipher experts learned that the strip was heavily compromised plus in December '44 the Japanese message (of July 1944) mentioning the material given to them by the Germans was decoded (Strips: O-5 General, X Vladivostok and 38-1 Moscow).

From that time the Americans went over to the SIGTOT one-time pad teleprinter. This was theoretically unbreakable but was removed from service after the war since during operation the cipher input became desynchronized from the plain-text. The Germans had found a similar problem with their T43 teleprinter and had taken measures to ensure synchronization.


A FRIEND sends me this link without comment: Under her usual soubriquet Tristania, and giving her location as "in transit" Jaenelle reports: "We will be closing down Lighthouse Literature over the next three weeks and we have put every title on sale."

That is sad. She told me in September last year she would never allow Gerwich B., who has been courting her ever since he turend up on our Wolf's Lair tour last September, to discourage her, and she would never leave her country. She might seem to be doing both. Hope he's worth it in the long run. She once said that he had offered her twenty thousand dollars as a gift to help Lighthouse Literature get off the ground, but she was resisting the temptation. Now he has squelched her only business venture. My Hoosier legal friends tell me that they bought a property near Indianapolis on February 9, the same day that my big check to her lawyer Dutkanych cleared; she is still using her first (Polish) husband's name. All rather mysterious.

At six p.m., I lug ten boxes of books etc. up to the meeting room. . . The restaurants are all closed by the time we finish. No meals at all today then. These vast tours take their toll.


Saturday, May 26, 2012
Oklahoma City - Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)

THE hotel is very run down, and the staff are slovenly - the women at the reception are fat and dressed in jeans and sweaters or whatever they care, their hair is unkempt, and their loud, shrill voices echo round the lobby. Breakfast: an obese and sluttish White woman is shouting at her four brown children. Laundry. The laundry room is unbelievably filthy. Grime and filth everywhere, and I hesitate even to touch the switches.


AT 12:42 pm as we are just driving north out of Oklahoma City, I get a phone call from Randy Wilson, of 25850 Lariat Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74014, asking for our meeting location tonight. He runs a computer company in Tulsa. I say that we will not divulge the location as early as this. He should arrive at the lobby of the hotel in Tulsa as directed in our letter, and phone me. He persists, and then suggests there is some confusion, that earlier it was set at three pm and now at seven pm. I do not think that is so, but I confirm the latter time.

We arrive in Tulsa at four-thirty pm, and at six we take a truck of boxes into the meeting room. The first guests arrive, T. and C., both respectable and in suits. I begin to talk, but there is no sign of Randy Wilson, and it proves impossible to reach him.

Uneasy, I remove the sign from outside, and make sure the curtains overlooking the atrium are closed. Soon I think I hear the familiar sounds of shouting, some of it orchestrated, from the atrium. I had not expected this in Tulsa. Randy Wilson, "thank you so much" but you made a mistake -- we have your phone number, street address and company.

His email address is he runs Wholesale Computer Supply from 5727 South Garnett Road, Tulsa, OK 74146, phone (918) 250-7283. I am sure the police will be interested in knowing who has orchestrated this -- perhaps even the Feds too, because "depriving a citizen of free speech" is considered in this country to be a violation of his human rights. After half an hour the front desk phones us, to say they are having "trouble" downstairs and to ask are we okay. I continue the talk, but ask Mna. to go down and look around. As the clamour echoing upwards in the atrium increases I [give her further directives].

We at once lose one of our guests, C., who murmurs that he is uncomfortable with the "situation" and would we excuse him. A few minutes later Joy at the front desk phones again to ask me to come down immediately for a word with her General Manager. It seems that thirty men dressed in black with bandanas, masks, etc., broke in and stormed through the hotel, searching for us; they had found a birthday party in the meeting room for a Dr Kunz amd his family, assumed that was our cover, and smashed their way into that. Ten police cars had turned up and restored order.

The manager . . . knew my name from history lessons, he says, and is very friendly. He emphasises that freedom of speech really matters to him. . . Three cheers for the Hilton Group hotels.


Sunday, May 28, 2012
Tulsa, Oklahoma - Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)

UP at 8 a.m. Six hours on the road today. I post this spoiler on the website.

Saturday night's private meeting with David Irving in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went without incident. Elsewhere in the luxury hotel thirty men dressed in black with bandanas and masks and the usual hand-equipment, stormed in, found a birthday party, and mistakenly smashed into that. The criminal trespass and violence were organised by Randy Wilson, of 25850 Lariat Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74014, owner of Wholesale Computer Supply of Tulsa.

I am hoping my readers will tell Mr Wilson their opinions. After discussion with Mna., we decide to forego this evening's Memphis meeting; it was to have followed the same pattern, in the same hotel group, and would inevitably have been wrecked. I put a notice on my front page stating that it is going ahead, while notifying my most trusted guests that it is not., and a few minutes later, using a secure telephone line, I advise the grateful manager of the Memphis hotel to have police stand by at seven p.m.

K. comments: "It is a function of hard times that the number of deviant unwashed communist homosexual scum in American society has increased." Mostly accurate, though I am not sure that all were unwashed.

We arrive at the Marriott in Shreveport after six or seven hours on the road.


Sunday, May 27, 2012
Shreveport - New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

SUPPER in an Outback. Is this what Australians eat? No wonder so many of them are hairy-backed and paunchy. As for Mna., the going is sometimes difficult, what the Americans with their wonderfully inventive language call "hard sledding." I have suggested she take tomorrow off and go shopping. That may lighten her load, I know it will mine.


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