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First posted Sunday, September 22, 2013
She lives on in my memory, every remaining day of my life since then.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Eton (England).

DEBORAH LIPSTADT, the acclaimed historian, has taken her dog-and-pony show to Australia, thirteen years after her trial for defamation. She should get a life. Oh, this is her life, being paid to wail, whine, and waffle. Her successful UK High Court defence cost her friends thirteen million dollars - not her money of course. She has published a biography of Adolf Eichmann, a notable achievement for a woman who reads no German and speaks only American (with a painful Joizy or Jerry-Lewis accent), Hebrew, and Yiddish.


Dragon-slayer, libeller: More from Deborah Lipstadt on her heroic single-handed Battle to Beat the Denier, David Irving: uh, at her trial she refused to go into the witness box. Amazing what money alone can do [see Our Lipstadt dossier]





When HBO began making a TV movie on the Lipstadt Trial, Anthony Hopkins was selected to play me. We asked: But who can play Lipstadt now that Rock Hudson is dead?

An Australian Lynn Henty reports on Lipstadt's appearance on Australian radio programme Late Night Live:

She portrays herself as the underdog in your court case with a pro bono lawyer, says you deliberately falsify research info when questioning the Six Million, says Irving is like shit on your boot, not so bad if its not spread around; she was interviewed by self-righteous old communist Phillip Adams on ABC radio

I thank her: "These professional Jews seem to be obsessed with excrement. I think they should seek psychiatric help, that's always a red flag to those skilled in such things."

As for Phillip Adams, he always had his knife out for me -- relatively safely, as he is twelve thousand miles away and knows I am banned from Australia. Adams joined the Communist Party at age 16 - in 1956, the year of the Hungarian Uprising! - but left at 19. We shouldn't hold that against him, perhaps just pencil it in as "a fact of interest."


"RICHARD Burton" again phones, twice within one minute (I do not pick up in time, and again Caller ID shows: "No number") to ask in a belligerent tone when a Radical's Diary will be posted. The voice is distinctly common, North London. I remain hostile. "Mr Burton, or whatever your name is, Why have you withheld your number?" "I haven't."

I tell him that Caller ID shows that he did, and I am cautious with such callers. Same common voice, with no friendly undertones despite professing to be "thinking of" making a donation. Etc. He ends with "Okay." -- I suspect he is trying to locate my cell phone, for whatever no doubt unpleasant reason.

Into Eton to charge Robert H's card. The charge duly clears, and I send him this message:

We would prefer that you reorganise your return flight [from Poland] to depart on the 10th., as per our previous mailings. If you need to return to Canada before the end of the tour I will provide you at our expense with a car and driver (probably Martyna) to take you direct to the Warsaw airport, as we shall be in northern Poland (East Prussia).

I have a long talk with my German lawyer. I say my view is that the Munich judgment has not been aufgehoben, he says that faktish this is correct but in law facts don't always count, as Munich and Lüneburg take the opposite view. I say that Munich evidently believes there is no need to conclude the matter as the old ban is still in force. I persist, surely it cannot be, absent a successful appeal by Munich. I repeat for the benefit of listeners that I am keen not to break any laws.

"I am sorry if I have made you cross, says Robert H., but ... this trip is an enormous priority. I understand your whole approach now in scheduling now by the way."

I reassure him:

you have not made me cross at all. I am paying a rather cross Polish girl who is handling the hotels etc., and she snarls at me a bit, but I can take it. We shall make you as comfortable as we can and go the extra mile.

Thanks so much for your understanding.


I WRITE to Jessica:

... Just checking to hear that you are well. Hope the US card is of good use. You have that privilege as a reward for not going near drugs, cigarettes etc. Instantly revocable of course. Two more silly UK girls your age arrested in Peru yesterday (their Mums thought they were just whooping it up in Ibiza), facing 25 years' jail now for carrying 10 kg of cocaine. Of course they had fallen for some kind of police sting. My housekeeper says they had it coming, but I still feel kind of sorry for them. They're learning the hard, very hard, way.

My housekeeper says hello, and her seven cats say (of course) just miaou.


Thursday, August 15, 2013
Eton (England).

I WORRY during the night about the forthcoming Germany trip. The free democracies!

I drive into London, pick up a SatNav from Halfords in Chiswick on the way, and am at the restaurant in Mayfair at 6:35 p.m. [Third daughter] Paloma and Adam there for supper.

Two fair-skinned gypsy beggars aged 12 to 14 come along and aggressively threaten us with violence when I pull out the mobile phone and start dialing "9--". "I will smash a glass into your face," snarls one, etc. Their mouths are full of violent obscenities. Phony name tags on leather straps, which they decline to turn round so I can see the name. Claim to be Irish, but strong Eastern European accents. Very violent, and protected by our "anti-racist" governments. Since we first moved into that street in 1968, the city has become uglier and uglier. The buildings the same, but the people -- the people!


Friday, August 16, 2013
Eton (England).

I AM regretting having arranged the UK tour. I should be writing, not driving. Michael M. reports from Southampton about posters and leaflets announcing violent attacks on my meeting there:

At least now you're aware. I'm not the only one who's been tearing these down by the way. I've seen a fair few ... that I certainly did not get to. Honestly speaking, if you are putting in an appearance, I think you'll find more like-minded individuals here.


DEBORAH Lipstadt is still safely and no doubt very lucratively slagging me off in Australia. Lipstadt ("what, me a libeller?") says : "When he was a child during the [1940] Blitz, David Irving would stand on mounds of rubble giving the Nazi salute". Gosh, we had completely forgotten doing that.

left: David Irving with twin brother Nicky in Essex in 1940, shortly before or after the incident described by American historian Deborah Lpstadt in Australia

Hugo has emailed.

To Kevin about Sunday's Southampton talk:

The "Antifa" are placarding the whole city threatening mob violence in their usual charming way. I am reluctant to expose my guests (or myself) to that. I have identified one mole I think, and I will send him to a homosexual bar and apologise humbly after. That was a retribution first recommended to me by the late Tony Hancock in Sussex.

And a plague upon them all. I register for a new investigative device, and pay the £87 fee or so, as it seems a good addition to SNIFFER.


I wonder what these folks would do if it weren't for me. Antifa announcements:

Well-known fascist and bogus historian David 'Berlin' Irving is planning to tour the country to speak about the life and death of Heinrich Himmler.
Fixtures are planned for London, Edinburgh, Southampton, Exeter, Bristol, North Yorkshire, Manchester, Newcastle and more.
Irving's revisionist view of history is motivated by his rabid anti-Semitism and admiration of Hitler, generally making it up as he goes along.
An old friend of Oswald Mosley, he has travelled the world promoting Holocaust denial and inciting racial hatred.
Irving has been imprisoned in Austria, deported from Canada and banned from entering numerous other countries. On his planned return to Germany after a 10-year ban, the German hoteliers' trade association have pledged to deny him accommodation.
Why should we have to put up with him here?
Protest called against David Irving in Newcastle upon Tyne, 6pm on the 27th of August 2013. More details to follow on North East Anti-Fascists' website.
Counter protests also planned in Southampton (18th August) and full details of Irving's tour are on the action diary page -- let's make sure he's opposed wherever he goes.
Called by North East Anti-Fascists and supported by the Anti-Fascist Network

I met Sir Oswald once in my life when he came to speak at University College London in January 1961 (right). I later found and published the proof that he had been funded by secret payments from Hitler and Mussolini. Not much of a friend there, I fear.

I am disturbed by the prospect of violence and damage on this coming UK tour, which I just cannot afford. I think therefore we will … tactically take the windout of the "antifa" sails for future events. Nothing worse for mobs than to take their harp to a party and nobody asks them to play.

Jessica is not amused. She advises: "Stop picking fights with people! You'll end up really hurt and I won't feel sorry for you asking for it!" So I should allow myself to be silenced? She should know her father better than that.


I IDENTIFY one of the mobsters and send him this fake message:

Please note that we have arranged a minor time change for the Sunday talk in the Southampton area for security reasons. It will now begin at three o'clock, not 7:30 pm. Location details will follow in good time. I hope this does not inconvenience you but your comfort is of importance to us.

I direct him to the decoy site I pick with the help of an online guide to "gay-friendly" bars in Hampshire: The Pilgrim Inn. It is a homosexual haunt well outside Southampton.

I do more work on the "Churchill's War", vol. i: "Struggle for Power" reprint, and am again surprised at how good a book it is. I can't write like that now. Every sentence I write now costs me blood, metaphorically speaking.


Saturday, August 17, 2013
Eton (England).

I FINALLY post the text of my 1988 Toronto speech on my website, which somebody sent me two years ago.

A journalist asks: "Hello, My name is Patrick Knox and I am a reporter from the Southern Daily Echo newspaper, based in Southampton. I am interested in finding out where David Irving will be on Sunday ? Could we please attend ?"

A journalist? I send him to The Pilgrim Inn, the homosexual bar on the edge of the forest. The journaille are no friends of mine.

Midday is swamped with emails and replies. Coventry appears to be sorting out nicely. The Pilgrim Hotel is indignant:

I have been made aware by Patrick Knox from The Daily Echo that David Irving is planning to hold a book talk here at 6.30pm. I am advising you that you are not welcome within my establishment tomorrow with regards to holding a book launch and talk here.

Please take advice that you will be asked to leave if yourself or any of your followers, colleagues and team turn up. You have received no permission from myself to hold this event here and the information that you have given the paper is incorrect.

I hope the Antifa got wind of it.

I respond. "I am sorry you have been misled. Somebody has apparently been taken for a ride."

I send out the first refusals for our Southampton function:

As you know, on our registration page we reserved the right to refuse admission to our events. This does not reflect negatively on you, merely that we attach importance to our guests' comfort at these functions. We have already refunded the registration fee to your account. Sorry to have to disappoint you like this.

My housekeeper stays out all evening. I suppose she went on to darts and forgot to tell me. Or, more likely, I forgot. So, no supper. I work until late, two more chapters of Churchill vol.1, and root out more minor OCR errors. Somebody or something taps on the window, tap-tap-tap, which catches my attention. I wait for a follow-up but there is none. I draw the curtains after a while.


Sunday, August 18, 2013
Eton - Southampton (England).

PLEASANT dreams about Carla Venchiarutti in the last hour before waking -- a girl one might have wished for, were one not happily married at the time.

As anticipated, "Richard Burton" calls from "private number". I answer the call, but say nothing, just listen for 34 seconds. He (the same common-voiced man, ca thirty) says hello, hello, -- nothing else, and no background voices or noises -- twice, then hangs up. I speculate that they are hoping to track the phone. I will take the battery out at one-thirty p.m.

Journalist Graham Horne phones and mumbles something. I say, "Yes, the meeting's going ahead, but we're not inviting the press. Alright?" and hang up before he can reply.

Movement on the French eBooks operation: "I found the following titles in French," writes my agent there:

  • Rudolf Hess -- Les années inconnues du dauphin d'Hitler, Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1988 (1 volume)
  • Göring, le Maréchal du Reich (1933-1939 / 1939-1946), Editions Albin Michel, Paris, 1991 (2 volumes)
  • La destruction de Dresde, Editions Robert Laffont, Paris, 1964 (1 volume)
  • Hitler -- Les carnets intimes du Dr Morel, Editions Acropole, Paris, 1984 (1 volume)
  • Insurrection ! L'enfer d'une nation : Budapest 1956, Editions Albin Michel, 1981 (1 volume).


Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Eton - Exeter (England).

Emails at 8:37 a.m: Paul …, of whom I have become suspicious, texts twice at 7:30 demanding to know the Exeter location. I reply to a similar email (sent last night) (in which he writes: "So, Herr Irving ... where be this mysterious Exeter venue/meet?" -- "Paul, I phoned you twice last night and got a strange voicemail message. I asked you last night by email to call my number. You twice texted me this morning around 7 a.m. There are security reasons why we try to contact applicants who are not known to us."

11:51 a.m. call from a withheld number, "no number", male caller, 30-40. I say he has called the wrong number.

A Jewish Chronicle journalist Jonathan Kalmus asks a cheeky question:

Mr Irving, A statement about your UK tour would be helpful. Is it shaping up as successfully as you would have hoped? Has the response for tickets been strong? Many people are beginning to question whether your UK tour is happening at all or whether you will visit all the places you claim to be speaking in. Police forces around the country do not appear to be taking the existence of the events seriously, despite anti fascist groups claiming they will be protesting. Also, no details have emerged about your event in Southhampton. Did it actually take place? Many people can't quite understand why you would not hail your own event as a success post-facto, if it actually happened. Could you assist?

Ho! I reply:

Dear Jonathan Thanks for the interest in my tour. We do not invite the press -- not to the real locations anyway -- for reasons you will be familiar with. The tour is real. Why should I organise a fake tour? We are not all fraudsters like Bernie Madoff. And why should the police be interested? We do not break any laws. Is there something the Jewish Chronicle knows which I don't? I am speaking in Exeter this evening, and pausing on the M5 this moment.


MY German lawyer reports on the German ban situation: "Ich weise zunächst auf §124a Abs. 4 S. 5 VwGO hin. Die Stellung des Antrags auf Zulassung der Berufung hemmt die Rechtskraft des Urteils. Ich bin jetzt dabei, Rechtsprechung und Kommentarliteratur zu der Norm zu sichten."

I respond: "Vielen Dank für die Benachrichtigung. Ich bin allerdings jetzt auf Vortragsreise durch England und Schottland, zur Zeit in der sudwestlichsten Ecke, Exeter."


Would be historian Terence Br. writes:

I am a mature student in Limerick Ireland and im studying for a BA in history , could you please give me some advice on what makes a historian

I suggest: "Research in the archives, think outside the box, never be satisfied with politically correct solutions. Fear naught." -- It sounds easy.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Exeter - Bristol - Eton (England).

UP after a good sleep on a firm bed. Emails at 8:53 a.m.

I reply to a German inquirer: "Lieber Hans, your cousin can contact me best here info@fpp.co.uk; ask her to wait a few days until we are certain that I can enter Germany!"

Allan C. sends me a link to a Daily Mail article on Churchill's drinking and his wartime pep talks.

I thank him: "I have put that in my Churchill file; I must say that Prof Toye looks a nasty piece of work, though."

K. asks: "All went well yesterday? And a worthwhile crowd?"

I tell him: "Made £480 for the evening. . . So, yes. Jewish Chronicle is still digging and delving."

Liverpool Echo writes: "Dear Mr Irving,

I write with regard to what I understand will be your appearance in Manchester at the weekend.
I have recently been in contact with a man who claims to be helping you with your tour.
Are you aware that Mr M---- is a self-proclaimed National Socialist (as explained in his letter to me), and do you explicitly endorse such politics?

I reply: "Ahh, guilt-by-association. I thought that had died with Senator Joseph McCarthy. . . 'Are you now, or were you at any time, a …' etc."

I tell K.: "Still in Exeter. Bristol this evening. Another free meeeting room."

I work on paperwork and then Himmler until three p.m., then drive north to Bristol. At the location at 6:05 p.m. Excruciatingly narrow passageway to drive through, a millimeter on either side, it has not changed since 2010 and not in the last three hundred years perhaps. I check the oil, it is out of sight, so I slop in another three litres. The Pigmobile is near the end of its road, alas. An applicant Simon Usborne phones from London, claims he has made a mistake, "thought it was tomorrow." The red lights go on.

At ten p.m. after reversing out of the same excruciating passageway, I drive back to Eton, arriving at midnight-thirty. Out like a light.


Thursday, August 22, 2013
Eton - Coventry (England).

THE van's oil level is again below the low point. An applicant wants to know a location in the Midlands. He gets this: "Dear Mark, nice to hear from you. We give out the location on the day before. You will appreciate why."

Simon Usborne is refused for Coventry, and asks why. I have my reasons -- SNIFFER -- which I do not reveal. I reassure him, general security considerations, nothing personal.

Russian Television wants to cover my Berlin appearance.

Our Broadcasting company (NTV Russia, currently the most popular national channel, audience around 100 Million viewers, ratings - 16-17%) would eagerly make a report about the new book of Mr. Irving, his European tournee and first visit to Berlin since 20 years. As we know, Mr. Irving is going to deliver a lecture on September, 10th in Berlin. Would it be possible for our team (two persons, a cameraman and a reporter) to attend this event in order to get the necessary TV-footage and afterwards make a short interview with Mr. Irving?

I set out from London around 2:30 pm, get diesel and oil and an additive to try to cure the oil consumption in the Pigmobile (five litres in two days). I load up with books, then off to Coventry at four pm. Arrive at the hotel at 5:30 pm. A pleasant drive, but long, and I regret having told my housekeeper I would go back to Eton this evening. I shall stay here for two nights instead, then on to Manchester.

Good audience in the location, a men's club of some low distinction. One obscene phone call, and I hung up at the words "f+++ing Nazi" and took the battery out of the phone. That was the only disturbance of the evening. I must do the Midlands more often.

Back at the Holiday Inn, Ryton, at 10:42 p.m. Last meals were served ten p.m., so I go hungry.


Friday, August 23, 2013
Coventry (England).

UP at 8:40 a.m. A good sleep, a nice wide and hard bed. A day to pause in one place, a small Holiday Inn in the countryside, surrounded by fields.

A late registrant for tomorrow in Manchester, Jimmy MacJ., which sounds a rather fake name to me. It is one of the functions that worries me; I reply: "Dear Jimmy

not impossible for you to come but you have left it late. Who are the two friends you have who are coming?

Next stage will be for you to go to http://www.fpp.co.uk/apply and take ten seconds giving us your details ...


I SPEND the morning checking SNIFFER for suspects and gradually clearing them all through. It is the "friends" like C. who disturb me.

Just had a nice message from Eric Z., I am trying to persuade him to come to Warsaw. We have 26 coming. twice as many as before.

Tour going well but already exhausted. And facing a fifty-city tour in October/November/December. I have a day free here in Coventry, got a good crowd last night but I have to check every Unknown. Job Jaenelle used to do. (She did everything well).

A lengthy phone call from a Manchester journalist. Asks am I not concerned that this weekend has been called a Pride Festival for Manchester. I feign ignorance: what is that about? - He explains: Homosexuals, lesbians, and others, and he expresses outrage therefore that I have picked this weekend for my meeting in Manchester. I reply that on the contrary I am outraged that they have picked this weekend for their Pride Festival, as it clashes with my visit. I mention that if we were they, we would not be flaunting ourselves around the city, but keeping a lower profile in view of the shameful history of the last decades -- the rise of the AIDS epidemic in 1981, etc. He gets onto racism and other labels, and I bring the interview forcefully to an end, saying these things do not interest me.

"Mark" (presumably C.) phones. I say I am sending an email. Meanwhile I make a (second?) $58 refund to Johnson.

I now understand that Mr Johnson has now already lodged a complaint with the payment bank although the function is not until tomorrow. We regard that as a hostile act, and both applicants are accordingly now blacklisted.

K. sums it up: "Can't see why Manchester should be worse than anywhere else other than for it being a wog-infested toilet and having both a large body of students and the unwashed / unemployed." He has a way with words.

George Bartlett sends an Application to hear Mr Irving speak, SNIFFER tells me he is a journalist, and more. I challenge him: "Please tell me if you know Julian and Vanessa Bartlett at 192 Middleton Hall Road." -- "I do, how do you know them if I may ask?"

I reply: "Ve heff vays of finding sings out. More seriously, are you planning to come professionally, as a journalist."

-- "Of course, I am working for video news agency Ruptly. Although it may not be me who attends the talk. What sort of accreditation do we need?"

I respond:

I shall need a binding undertaking from you or the person concerned that if you attend you will not divulge the location to any third parties. We want a peaceful afternoon! You will be allowed to cover it to your heart's content - and so far you have an exclusive - but must not film recognisable images of others attending. It is a private lecture, we reserve all rights of attendance, and expect about twenty to twenty-five people to come and listen.

HAVING come across the name of Sally Cox in the 1989 diary, I idly use SNIFFER on her. It turns out she reverted to her married name, and was personal assistant to the director of Novadraft Ltd. She at some time married a Ghurka officer I believe, and then divorced him. The trail runs cold, and I do not "stalk" further. I wish them all well, I do know that.


Saturday, August 24, 2013
Coventry - Manchester (England).

OVERSLEPT a bit, as sleep was delayed by the muffled thudding from a discotheque in this Holiday Inn hotel, right above, by the sound. Nobody told me to expect that. I phone the switchboard at ten-thirty p.m. and she says it will stop at one a.m. Hmmm. -- This morning the front-desk receptionist just listens, and when I say, "What will you do about it?" suggests I speak with the assistant manager. I.e., nothing.

The Mancunian Matters online reports that the Left are mobilizing in Manchester today against me, but are still searching for where I shall be. I have now notified all our guests of the location last night, but it takes just one mole. I rack my brains on who it may be. Get ready to divert. I should have identified a mole and given him a decoy. I am now sorry I gave the location to Bartlett, the journalist. It could even be R., who phoned for the location late yesterday. My bet would be M.: he gave the wrong name, said he had a couple of friends coming, etc. I should have been more careful. But as of ten-thirty the location is still not on the Internet. I ask my Facebook editor, who belatedly contacts me, "Mike, can you listen around and find if the enemy has the location yet?"

I send out the invitations for our York meeting tomorrow. This time I take care to send one to a "Sam Smith" of Cleethorpes, whose ID on his second email inadvertently reveals he calls himself "anti fascista" -- a bit of a giveaway. Not very bright, these hostiles. The invitation to him is specially adapted to give the wrong location, The Little John bar, with an address in Coppergate -- which prides itself as York's only homosexual bar. I think it has changed its name, but that matters not.

I drive off at 12:30 pm after telling the Holiday Inn reception desk what I think of them.


ARRIVE at my host's address on the dot of 2:28 pm after heavy traffic delays on the M6. He helps me unload boxes into the ancient [location[, which has a stretch of upstairs meeting rooms. Our invited guests arrived without any missing, so far as I can tell.

A fraught first hour, in case the mob arrives, as they have threatened, but they do not. Either they don't exist, or our security measures are working: I think the latter, because in the interval one of the guests shows me on his Blackberry an enemy trumpet-call -- they have identified my location for York tomorrow, they say -- The Little John in Coppergate! Mr "Moley" Smith will not be getting a refund (bona fide applicants do, but not moles). The Little John will be pleased at the unexpected new customers, and their existing customers will be pleased at their unexpected new friends.

I have fish 'n chips in the Inn, then leave around ten p.m. for my host's, and am kept up until midnight chatting with the family. Steve, his burly friend, is a scrap dealer and does business with Moscow and Peking, and flies everywhere first class. He says that the government's new regulations requiring all scrap metal deals to be properly invoiced and paid for by cheque have had to be secretly amended to exclude gypsies as they traditionally pay only in cash, and it would be "racist" to require them to trade honestly like the rest.

So the ones who are the most prevalent thieves are expressly protected from the new anti-theft regulations, and church roofs and war memorials can expect the looting of "bluey" (lead) and brass to continue. And we are expecting 100,000 "Romanians" to descend on England this December. Lovely.

No writing on Himmler is getting done during this tour.


Friday, August 23, 2013
Manchester - York - Hartlepool (England).

A FRIEND emails at 10:52 a.m.: "David, I don't do Twitter, but a Comrade has seen that Antifa have posted a phone number and address for a pub in York, the BLUE BOAR where you are supposed to be speaking. They are calling for hassle to the venue and disruption." The Blue Boar -- that is the new name of the Little John, York's biggest homosexual haunt.

I reassure him, "That is not the location, Stephen." I hasten to add: "Obviously, please do not comment on this in public or get involved in their search, but keep your eyes and ears open. Very useful."

I go online at 11:15 a.m to check the security position: One site has this:

David Irving, Holocaust denier, will be speaking *TOMORROW* at:
The Little John Inn
5 Castlegate, York, YO1 9RN
North Yorkshire
Phone: 01904-659557

Please call them from tomorrow morning to get the event cancelled. Anybody interested in protesting at this event please message Leeds Antifascist Network on Facebook."

By 6:14 pm yesterday they had discovered the pub's new name ( ): "David Irving, Holocaust denier, will be speaking TOMORROW Blue Boar 5 Castlegate York YO1 9RN 01904-659557 please call them to cancel! RT."

A brief Internet search shows that we have a Labour councillor to thank for the threatened violence in York. There is a Twitter exchange by this twit, James "hair-gel" Alexander @jmalexander1982: Councillor James Alexander, Labour Leader of City of York Council. Has never had a real job in his life, just like our beloved Cameron Cabinet. Website: time-4-change.org.uk

James Alexander@jmalexander1982 16h
Holocaust denier David Irving is speaking in York tomorrow at the Blue Boar. He is NOT welcome to spread politics of division #oneyork #fb
Chris Tandy@Hugh_Amye 16h
@jmalexander1982 Do we yet know when the odious man is showing up at Blue Boar? Left Unity alerted!
James Alexander ?@jmalexander1982 16h
@Hugh_Amye I don't but some on social media are organising a protest. I understand people are meeting at 5pm outside Friends Meeting House.

Ah, with friends like these, who needs enemies?


THE FOCUS shifts. Now a Newcastle "anti fascist" website announces: "27th August: Holocaust denying historian and Hitler lover David Irving is planning on speaking in Newcastle. North East Anti-Fascists plan on stopping him. Meet in Newcastle city center at 6pm at Greys Monument to join them. Flyer here."

Paused before York for a few minutes to check on the situation. The Internet is now overflowing with joyous Twittering, Tweets, and Retweets:

Just to repeat, The Blue Boar in York, close to the Jewish memorial, is hosting holocaust denier David Irving today. Protest outside - 5pm.
@Shakteh Aug 25, 2013 11:50:37 GMT Follow @Shakteh
@Izaakson : EMERGENCY #ff @YorkAntiFacist - account that is tracking David Irving, holocaust denier, speaking in York today. View account for details. 2 hours 13 mins ago more »
@stfumisogynists : Anyone in York - please go shout at David Irving on my behalf - 5pm today 2 hours 36 mins ago more »
@arealpayne50 : David Irving, Holocaust denier, will be speaking TOMORROW Blue Boar 5 Castlegate York YO1 9RN 01904-659557 please call them to cancel! RT 20 hours 14 mins ago more »
@jmalexander1982 : Holocaust denier David Irving is speaking in York tomorrow at the Blue Boar. He is NOT welcome to spread politics of division #oneyork #fb 20 hours 46 mins ago

The Labour leader of York council is huffing and puffing, will personally lead the mass Lefty demo against me at the Little John or Blue Bear pub in Coppergate. There he will find himself surrounded by new friends as it is York's only real homosexual pub.


Cllr. James Alexander's friends, as pictured in his website. Mostly underage and not many of them ancient Brits


All goes well. The York meeting passes peacefully. I tell Bente: "All went well here. Enemy massed against me, alas outside wrong pub.... How did they get that wrong? After so much effort that James Alexander, the Labour leader here, and his lefty friends put into stopping me speaking. Well, I am sure he made lots of new friends as it is York's only real homosexual pub." "They will have made many new, if annoying friends," I repeated to one of my contributors in Canada.


At 11:35 p.m., Roger L. cruelly copies to me some more of their anguished Twitter afterwards:

York Anti Facist
Temporary account by @matthewbloch to track / co-ordinate protests against David Irving's speech in York on Sun 25th August.
York Anti Facist ?@YorkAntiFacist 4h
If your studies are based on a poisonous, divisive & unshakeably stupid view of humanity, the results will always be garbage.
York Anti Facist ?@YorkAntiFacist 4h
Because legitimate academics with controversial views have do to that all the time. Oh no, hang on, that's just nazi apologists.
Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
York Anti Facist ?@YorkAntiFacist 4h
What a nice bunch you all are. Great news that Irving and his supporters had to throw us an undeserving decoy venue and hide like rats.
@jmalexander1982 James, I cant abide racism. I volunteered in Israel and worked with some holocaust survivors on kibbutz when I was 19
York Anti Facist ?@YorkAntiFacist 10h
@JASE3TUNS errr... so where did @jmalexander1982 get his information that it was? [he hasn't confirmed]
Matthew Bloch ?@matthewbloch 24 Aug
1) There is a protest at 5pm at the Friends Meeting House down the road (http://www.quaker.org.uk/friargate )
Matthew Bloch ?@matthewbloch 24 Aug
Tomorrow, The Blue Boar pub in York (former gay bar, 200m from Cliffords Tower) is hosting holocaust denier David Irving. So...
@matthewbloch @YorkAntiFacist Its not not happening at the Blue Boar, I own it and would never allow biggoted [sic] racists to use the pub!


Monday, August 26, 2013
Hartlepool (England).

TODAY is a bank holiday. I have no meeting and am resting in this truly awful Travelodge. It is stripped-down bare, Ikea-style, and pricey, and backing onto an active goods freight yard. One white plastic chair comprises the entire furniture, that and a bottle opener screwed to the wall-desk. No cupboard, wardrobe, table lamp -- nothing. Solitary confinement in that Vienna Jail had better amenities. A bar of soap the size of two postage stamps and not much thicker. I have made two cups of tea and the water is so hard that flakes of brown stuff float up and cake the insides of the cups.

Yesterday saw a new Twitter account opened by Matthew W. Bloch, one of the Jewish twits who staged yesterday's failed demo in York. They are completely demoralised. "Temporary account by @matthewbloch to track / co-ordinate protests against David Irving's speech in York on Sun 25th August." Today there is a sad message on it: "If anyone would like to take over this account please email matthew@bloch.tv otherwise I'll leave it. Great to meet you all either way."

I can't resist:

Dear Matthew Bloch,
can I take over your Twitter account please? We rather took over the Twitter streams yesterday by the look of it. We had a fine meeting in the Centre of York until nine p.m., and it such a pity that some witless crony of Councillor James Alexander gave you all the wrong location, and a homosexual haunt at that. I hope y'all made lots of new friends.
David Irving
now heading north


I BOOK a meeting place in Newcastle, costing close on £100 but it can't be helped. By the time I have added the diesel, hotel and other costs this looks like an expensive tour and may not make much profit.

Hugo writes: "I've heard that you have cancelled your London talk." I respond:

postponed. In the good old days when I had Jaenelle -- before you sold her to somebody else -- she would have handled all this for me.

Decoy for tomorrow in Newcastle is The Other Rooms at Times Square in the City Centre -- theotherrooms.com

A text message from +44 795 0840 7370 at 2:25 p.m; a quick check shows he's an unknown.

I have bought a ticket for the Newcastle event but still haven't heard anything. Could someone please contact me as I was hoping to do a story about the talk to [sic] in my student newspaper."

I ask at once, "What is your name please?" He doesn't give it. So I reply with this "information". "The Other Rooms, Times Square, City Centre NE1 4EP 0191 261 9755."

"Wonderful. Still the 7pm time? I'm not planning on filming the talk but I will write an article about it, I'm lad that the venue's been so private though keep those idiot leftists away. sender +44 795 0840 7370."

"You are quite right. Strict confidence please. Do not tell anybody else."

I am chagrined that they think I am so stupid.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Hartlepool (England).

JIM C. writes from the USA: "David, that UK newspaper interview in which you said you sometimes wish you could step out of London Airport into a 1950's White Britain is just brilliant! Our people will be using that quote, for generations, and in our films, which will surpass and counter-dict (instead of "interdict") all of the Jewish race-destroying Hollywood product, in between. May God bless you and your children."

I reply: "9:41 a.m thanks for that feedback Jim. A lot of what I write is deeply appreciated worldwide, but folks don't always tell me. I write as if in a darkened tunnel. Is that daylight far ahead?"


PHILIP O'Brien writes annoyingly: "Mr Irving,

I'm interested in attending your talk again in Newcastle. Is it possible to pay on arrival? I understand your security concerns... being stalked by creepy leftists with wild eyes must be irksome. Phil."

It is also annoying having people try to book on the morning itself, after all the lists have closed. I check SNIFFER and the database. He has never bought anything. Only entry is from three years and more ago, "wants details of WL tour 2010". I will phone him, and decide. "Attending your talk again" suggests that he came last time, in which case he knows the location. Dangerous. His phone number is discontinued, and I ask for another. But he comes and is okay.

Hugo bleats:

Almost every day I have Lady S. on the telephone pleading with me to get you to remove everything about her from the Diary.

I reply: "I have repeatedly said to you that -- unusually -- I will be happy to waste my time removing or changing whatever words she takes exception to. Her offspring should write to me in person, not through her and you. What a waste of time some people are. I take a lot of time and care writing the Radical's Diary, it is a major attraction, as I know from fan mail I get from around the world."

Because her offspring, without knowing me or my books, take exception to me provides little inducement to me to knuckle under. I re-read what I wrote, and for the like of me I ... etc., etc., etc., Oh, I am not going to waste more time on this.

When he bleats again I reply: "Jeez, Hugo, I am driving hundreds of miles every day single handed, engaged in a cross-country tour fraught with real physical risks and trying to spot and weed out the enemy moles in time, and I have to deal with this kind of crap from the disaffected offspring of a different class of English people? I urge you not to waste your time on this matter any longer. Whatever we delete will still stay alive in cyberspace, as the old version will be cached somewhere. I used to like Lady S., but this crap is beginning to sour things badly."

The taunt on my front page now reads:

David Irving speaks tonight Tuesday in Newcastle on Tyne, UK. The dunderheads of the Left have again sworn to stop him, with a mass meeting at the nearby Grey's Monument at 7pm. He spoke on Sunday in York. They failed here too. He reports: "The traditional enemy massed against me in York, but on the wrong side of town, believing I was speaking at the Little John. What a shame. How on earth did they get it so wrong? After all the effort that Cllr. James Alexander, the Labour leader here, and his multi-cultured Lefty friends put into organising a violent demo there. Well, I am sure they made lots of new friends, as the Little John is well known as York's only pub for homosexuals." Tomorrow: Edinburgh

The enemy mass meeting is due to start at six pm, so it does not hurt to give a wrong time, seven pm, and say it is "nearby", when our actual meeting place is [not].

Long lunch at Krimo's with Rick W., a now retired school principal. Very educated, only fifty. Like most of my fans, a very disgruntled Englishman. Then I drive on to Newcastle and install myself rather expensively in the large meeting room.

Good afternoon Mr Irving
I would very much appreciate it if you would forward the address of the venue for the meeting at Peterborough on Thursday.
My colleague Stephen W. and myself are both looking forward, with interest, to the meeting.
4:22 p.m The location will be emailed one day ahead of the event for the usual security reasons


HUGO reports: "A letter has just arrived for you from the German Embassy. Do you want me to open it?" - "Yes. They are finally replying to my query whether I am still banned or not, I fear they will say, yes."

I receive a very sad email from a forgotten stranger:

Dear Mr. Irving,
We were neighbors at La Cumbre in Spain in the mid-1970s and I was special pals with your daughter, Josephine for a good bit of that time, during the summers. I have fond memories of you driving us to the beach in your Silver Shadow which was the first car I ever rode in that had power windows! I would be most interested to see how Josephine is doing and how your wife and the other sisters (Paloma... Pilar... I forget the fourth one!) are also. Please feel free to be in touch and to forward my contact info to your daughter.
Thank you and best regards
Paul Meyer (ne Weinberg).

Irvings at LaCumbre_1972My reply will break his heart: "Dear Paul, how wonderful to hear from you. I am so sorry to say that Josephine took her own life tragically in September 1999. She made many friends and her son (!) is a fine soldier with the British army. I shall never forget her, and may her soul rest in peace. I have forwarded your message to her sisters, and will write again."

Right: my daughters in the pool at La Cumbre in 1972,
Josephine closest to camera; and cousins from Asturias.


HUGO reports on the letter from the German embassy: "They say the Einreiseverbot against you remains in force pending a decision on the admissibility of an appeal to the Bayerische Verwaltungsgerichtshof. I think your lawyer should chase the courts up."

Guests start trickling in to the meeting room early; they bring word of demonstrators moving toward the Grey's Monument downtown. Ho! As the room fills, extra chairs have to be brought on.

I leave at 11:30 pm, and stop for the night at a nearby Travelodge, Seaton Burn, even bleaker than at Hartlepool: not even a chair to sit on. To bed around one a.m.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Newcastle - Edinburgh (Scotland) - Newcastle (England)

HER youngest sister, Beatrice, responds from Australia to the tragic letter from Josephine's young admirer: "That is so sad." - But in a way it confirms what I said at Josephine's funeral. I recalled finding in my diary of the 1960s that she once asked me as a child if there is an Afterlife, and I replied: "Josephine, we all live on in the memories of others, after we are gone, and that is one form that the Afterlife takes." She lives on in my memory, every remaining day of my life since then.


BILL Scott writes: "Dear Mr. Irving:

I would just like to note that I found your talk last night extremely inspirational. I have never come across such levels of historical expertise and accuracy. … I also felt very privileged to be surrounded by such decent folk and I hope I will meet many of them again.

The information from the German embassy disturbs me and I write to my German lawyer: "Darf ich höflichst und geduldig fragen, was Sie wegen München auch seit unserem letzten Gespräch brieflich unternommen haben, nachdem Sie in den Vorgängen und in der Literatur gebuddelt haben? Haben wir bei den Gerichten nachgefragt, was auch von den Gegnern unternommen wird, oder ist das Ganze sanft eingeschlummert? Ärgerlich ist, dass während irgendwo in Bayern trefflich fein gemahlt wird, die Uhr in vielen Hinsichten bekanntlich läuft."

A very suspect latecomer contacts me after attempting to register for tonight's meeting with a dud card:

Angela M., 37 Mountcastle Bank, Edinburgh, Lothian EH87TA : "Hello, sorry I am struggling with my Paypal - am I OK to bring cash? so rare to hear someone of your caliber in Edinburgh and I'd really like to meet you and get my copy of Hitlers War signed -- Angela M."

I ask for her phone number, as usual. SNIFFER identifies only an Alexander James Macdonald, aged 35-39, Senior Communications Manager at Venture Scotland, living at that address. I phone his number 0131 620 3887 and a very Scots female answers and says firmly there there is no "Angela" living at that address. She is quite definite. Ho!

I send "Angela" to "Regent Bar and Meeting Room," and include the appropriate direction, as it's Edinburgh's leading homosexual bar, "Use the back entrance." Ho! again.

I attach it to an oily letter with which "she" can wipe her bum: "Dear Angela, sorry I had to hit the road toward your fair city so I am sending the location in confidence anyway, and please pay us at the door. Sorry the website caused you problems. I'll be happy and proud to sign the book for you."


I BOOK a meeting room at "The Bull" in Peterborough, with their Paula Storey.

1:48 p.m Douglas, another late applicant for my Edinburgh meeting, writes:

I hope that you are well. It is good to see that your tour is going well and that the opponents of free speech/thought have not succeeded in their attempts to disrupt it. I contacted the offical fan page about trying to obtain a ticket for tonight's event. They said to contact you directly as it is so close to it taking place. I would have bought through the site but wasn't aware of the Edinburgh date till now. Is it possible to pay on the door or arrange a ticket in some other way? Of course i realise security is paramount. I hope to hear back from you. Good luck with the event tonight and the rest of the tour. Best wishes douglas close

I reply: "Doug, the location is outside Edinburgh, but ... . Have you a contact phone number please? We need this, as you are a new registrant ..."

Of course the actual location is in the heart of the beautiful capital city of Scotland.

He answers: "Certainly my home number is 01415636027 and address is 8d campbell street renfrew pa4 8th."

I call him, it goes straight to voicemail; SNIFFER finds nobody of that name at that address. This applicant is not known to us, and has all the ... a fake applicant. And it indicates that the enemy still don't know the location.


Signing books after the Peterborough meeting

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Newcastle - Edinburgh - Peterborough - Eton (England)

TEXT to my housekeeper at 10:31 a.m: "I'll be back after midnight tonight, God willing."

I phone Martyna, discuss arrival times of our guests in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday.

Arrive in Peterborough at six pm and drive straight into the Bull car park. I do not notice the steel barrier across the car park, and straddle it with the poor Pigmobile. Book sales initially non-existent as the room is too cold and then too hot. I set out at ten-thirty p.m. for Eton, and arrive at midnight-forty.


Friday, August 30, 2013
Eton (England)

My housekeeper is off work today, which is good. She says the House voted yesterday against involvement in Syria, which is great news -- a slap in the face for our brainless, belligerent government. They were labeling their proposed intervention with Tomahawak missiles, which we have to buy from the American arms industry, "humanitarian", as their legal advisers (à la Goldsmith) had assured them it would then not be a war crime. I don't think the Syrians would have viewed it that way.

Thank God Cameron has been shoo'd back into his corner. Has the tide finally turned against all these stupid interventions in the Middle East? I think a lot of British people may have been secretly repelled by the sight of Colonel Ghaddafi being beaten to death after our "humanitarian" intervention in Libya. Public opinion sometimes veers sharply away from published opinion.

I am increasingly worried about the proposed Berlin visit. Will it be illegal?  


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