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  First posted Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Ought I to tell her? – No, no business of mine; surely he will have confessed to her, given that she’s now Mrs B.

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Friday, 22 November 2013
Pompton Plains, NJ (USA)

Vincent T. informs me: “What a bummer about your laptop. The place last year was the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro on Madison St.”

11:03 a.m. “Excellent. Thanks for telling me that. I will see you there, as said, as my guest. David.”

Hugo writes:

A floppy packet as arrived for you from Poland which clearly contains books. It was delivered to the sub-post office in Kew (where the rude Indian woman chats non-stop on the telephone) and I had to collect it there. ‘That’ll be one pound,’ said the rude Indian woman’s husband from behind the Schalter. ‘What on earth for?’, I asked. ‘Handling charges’. You can have it on me.

Started watching a documentary on the expedition Himmler sent to Tibet to find Aryan links. I wondered how long it would take before the documentary mentioned the Jews. It was precisely 2 minutes of 20 seconds, after which I switched over to The First 48 which was far more entertaining. About a Black man who murdered a black woman. The plot and cast never change, but I never tire of it.


Saturday, 23 November 2013
Pompton Plains, NJ (USA)

I HEAD over to Connecticut. At 1:23 p.m. a call comes from 516 446 3630, a shrill young female. Is tomorrow’s talk at Manchester still on? I say I am driving and cannot speak, I will call her back within an hour. “We need to know the address,” she says. At 1:32 p.m. I call her back from the Tavern in Danbury. A surly man answers, twentyish or older. “This is David Irving,” I say twice or three times. Finally he answers. The female interrupts. “We need to know the locations,” she says. I ask why they have not registered, and she says they are both under 18 and it is free isn’t it? I ask another test question. She snaps, “I don’t like answering all these questions.”

I reply quietly, “In that case we can’t let you come,” and hang up before she replies.


Sunday, 24 November 2013
Wilton, Connecticut – Manchester, New Hampshire (USA)

IT is a four-hour drive up to Manchester and I arrive, after a couple of brief breaks, at two p.m. Very cold, the car thermometer hovers around 22ºF, way below freezing, with a high wind which throws whirlpools of leaves onto the road, skirmishing around the Interstate ahead of me. Bitterly, bitterly cold as I unload the vehicle into the hotel’s first floor meeting room, which has a nice fire blazing and around twenty chairs. The room fills, including some from Montréal.

Mark Ruffo, a lawyer, takes me to supper at the hotel’s restaurant afterwards. I order a fillet steak but it is some other kind of steak that comes and after one bite I leave the rest. No real loss, I have no appetite these days.

To G.: "Passed through another Concord today, and I wondered if the girls here are feisty, difficult, and full of themselves as they are in the other town of that name."

“David Irving’s next US Speaking Tour ... his Last?”



A READER writes: "I was recently listening to a talk entitled "David Irving Historian Discusses WW2 & Iraq Similarities”. I am curious that there is a story told about visiting the head of the CIA on, and this is stated clearly, May the 1st 1987, this was five days before Casey’s death. Could you clarify this story for me please."

I point him to my pages on the website about the 1986 visit to Bill Casey.


Monday, 25 November 2013
Manchester NH – Natick – Springfield, Massachusetts (USA)

OVER to Massachusetts this afternoon to see the documents in the ++++ Museum, finally.


From 2 to 7:30 p.m. I am in ++++’s private museum at ++++, just outside Boston. He has extraordinary stuff. Such a museum would be unthinkable in modern Germany. Casually open on a shelf is Göring’s expensive black soft-leather fitted suitcase, with its original contents including a tin of hand-cream. His Adolf Hitler collection is truly einmalig. He has Geli Raubal’s photograph of Hitler, signed by him to her. He has Rudolf Hess’s original telegram to Hitler on the day of her suicide, September ?18, 1931, asking Hitler to contact him immediately and urgently, but not saying why.

Most of his rare Hitler collection was bought from Anni Winter the housekeeper. Hitler’s little file cabinet is on the shelf next to Göring’s suitcase, – about four columns of little drawers, perhaps eight rows deep, containing bric-à-brac which ++++ admits he has not had time to go through yet: He also bought Ben Swearingen’s collection, including the fabric from Hitler’s 1945 suicide-sofa still stained with the blood, authenticated by the whole-page photograph in a July 1945 Life magazine of a GI looking at that very sofa with a flashlight (but not noticing the trickle of blood).

We have had many mutual friends in the past, it seems, including the late Richard Bauer at the Berlin Document Center (from which some of the rare documents appear to have originated). On a dummy is Hitler’s Party uniform, bought from a US guard at Nuremberg – he is on one of the photos in the white helmet of the US courtroom guards.

He has various souvenirs of the dramatic 1941 peace flight of Rudolf Hess, including one of the oxygen masks from his Messerschmitt 110 wreck. I tell him of Gerd Heidemann’s trove. (He has some Konrad Kujau originals). He has the original 1938 Munich Agreement, a draft of about ten pages typed on the Führer typewriter and heavily amended several times in Hitler’s handwriting (and that of others perhaps?), with comments in the margin by Sir Nevile Henderson the ambassador (++++ bought it from Henderson’s son).


AFTER we had discussed it in some detail, he admits that he now has (purchased at a modest price from the owner) the Rudolf Hess file stolen by the British colonel Larcomb, which Bill Panagopulos failed to sell (as hugely overpriced). It contains two manuscript letters written by Hess to HM the King in 1942 and 1944 thanking him for the chivalrous treatment of Hess as a prisoner by the Brigade of Guards. Also Hess’s four or five page manuscript on the period before the outbreak of war. He has a transcript of Hess’s June 9, 1941 conversation with Sir John Simon; on the back of some pages Hess has written in pencil his own translation into German of some of the paragraphs. He says it was the fairness of my Hess book (he has the UK paperback edition) which persuaded him to let me into this trove, and to copy what I want. I preened myself.

He negotiated with many families to buy their collections, but most, like the rather dotty son of Sefton Delmer, had hugely inflated ideas of how much the collections were worth and likely to get.

He lets me scan all the entries in the 1935 Göring alphabetical notebook commenting caustically on fellow Nazis. It seems that Hermann Göring filled in the names first, then commented on them in alphabetical order, but grew tired of it after “M.”

He also has a three-page May 7, 1945 Himmler telegram decoded by the British “Y” (radio monitoring) service, relating to orders to the SS to lay down arms. I have copied it. He has a large collection of “escape” materials relating to the Colditz castle officer prisoners’ camp, including ropes made from bedding, etc., purchased from its erstwhile commandant and the camp-photographer, a Helmuth Lange. He had dealings with the late MRD Foot, official historian of the SOE, who invited me to lunch once at the Saville Club.

++++ has half a dozen original (and priceless) Enigma machines on display, including a working Enigma, and one half-destroyed by fire or acids, and an original Geheimschreiber. He has a Himmler file as propaganda leader of the NSDAP in 1927/28; similar to the one at the Hoover Library, and several diary pages (of Hitler table talk) dictated by Himmler to “Pt.”, Hedwig Potthast, September 7, 1938, etc., and other Himmler documents dating to 1942 and 1944. I have photographed or scanned them all.


HE ALSO has the original Negrelli letters which I saw in the original when writing Göring. He has a Churchill collection of original May/June 1940 documents concerning France and Dunkirk, missing from the Kew archives, bought from Churchill’s “secretary” he says.

Everything is brilliantly and expertly looked after with electronic security devices, metal-detectors at the exits, and with special lighting and glass covers protecting the documents from UV light. The whole building is like a bunker inside, of solid reinforced concrete with no windows, and special air conditioners. He now has parties of schoolchildren coming every day (except, as luck would have it, Mondays). He was delighted, he said, that after four years of trying we have finally found a mutually agreeable date to meet and see this tremendous collection.

And what a collection it is! He invites me to use the Churchill stuff next time I come, and his collection of photo albums. I scan a recent acquisition, half a dozen photos of Hideki Tojo, Japanese prime minister, who “tried to shoot himself” – says the Associated Press photo caption – but failed to kill himself. The first photo is of Tojo very much alive and smiling, addressing Allied reporters from out of a window. The next photos show him slumped in a chair, visibly in pain, his shirt heavily bloodstained; but his legs are casually crossed, and the bullet hole is in his chest (not in his head, where a suicide would normally place it), and an American officer is holding a revolver pointing loosely at him. Hmmm.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013
Springfield, Massachusetts – Rochester, NY (USA)

TWO more candidates inquiring about our 2014 tour of the Wolf's Lair overnight, both Australians.

On 26 Nov 2013, at 12:12 a.m. EST, lsusanna3 . wrote:

I have a question for Mr. Irving. How did Mr. Irving obtain Eichmann’s memoirs, and from whom? Was it [Wim] Sassen? Did Mr. Irving sell the memoirs to the Israelis, or are those that were allegedly written by Eichmann during captivity completely different?

I reply: “Hi Susanna, I don’t normally reply to anonymous mail, as I get 300 emails a day, and I am on tour driving 300 or 400 miles a day. But every Susanna I have met in life has been enjoyable.

"A Belgian (who knew Sassen) gave me the 800 pages or so in Buenos Aires in 1991. See, I think, for more.

"They are not the same as the memoirs Israel held secret until I procured their release at the Lipstadt trial, through legal niceties, which [her wealthy defence team] had not intended."


ARRIVE at Rochester after a five-hour drive at 2:20 p.m. Pricey but the room will be adequate for this evening’s crowd, I think. A good meeting. Dieter … brings a friend from Montreal, nearly ninety, a good donor over the years. Erik brings his family. Dinner with E. at a diner afterwards: I settle just for a tasteless clam chowder, which I leave. Heavy snow is falling. Hey ho.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013
Rochester, NY (USA)

SIX inches have fallen during the night. Dieter comes over for breakfast and an in-depth talk about the Holocaust; I tell him it is a Morast of which I stay well clear. He wants to hear from me that no Jews were hurt during the war. I cannot oblige.

Mahoney back in Connecticut says: “Your hard drive arrived today. Where shall I send it?”

I reply: “My next fixed address is in Cleveland on Sunday, too soon, so I will book a hotel in Indianapolis which is further ahead. I’ll get back to you.”


Thursday, 28 November 2013
Rochester, NY (USA)

I THINK I have suffered a sudden loss of memory, or brainpower, over the last one or two days. Simple tasks leave me pausing, slightly baffled. I wonder what that is? More book orders dealt with.


Saturday, 29 November 2013
Niagara Falls, NY (USA)\

COLD night, and constantly awakened by some very noisy and heavy people in the room seemingly right overhead. Bitten by bugs perhaps during the night.

I GET an attack of the dazzles [“migraine-equivalent”]. I lie down for half an hour, and it begins to fade. [They started on the drive to Barcelona with Jaenelle three or four years ago.]

I have wrongly assumed that my talk today commences at six p.m. As I am driving along the Robert Moses Parkway, I realize it starts in fact at 5 p.m. -- and that is five minutes away. I draw up at the hotel at 5:01 p.m. My audience is waiting obediently in their chairs. More Canadians than usual have come over this time. I get the hotel to bring in two book tables, while audience members bring in boxes of books from the vehicle. I do not speak well, and I have a croaky voice and I can feel my tongue beginning to hurt again from the damaged tooth.


Sunday, 1 December 2013
Niagara Falls NY – Cleveland – Middleburg Heights (Ohio, USA)

J. R. WRITES about last night:

Just arrived home a short while ago and thought I would send you a quick message to tell you how much I enjoyed your lecture. In short, it was brilliant and I learned many facts of which I was hitherto unaware. You make the history of the period come alive but I’m sure you have been told this many times.

I look forward to reading THE WAR PATH and HESS. THE MISSING YEARS within the next few days. I have been reading and studying books on the period ever since I was 16 back in 1961 when I first read Shirer’s magnum opus. It sparked an interest which has never abated.


Another Frenchman writes saying how much he enjoyed my books as a child. He means well, but the message is: you’re getting old, Irving!
I began when I was a teenager in my grandfather’s library with the book on Dresden in French.

Recently I re-read Hitler’s War in English. I have your books about Hess and Göring on my shelves and i read them eagerly. ... Anyway I teach history and geography.

I was very shocked by the huge campaign of hatred against you these last years and just wanted to say that you have readers all over the world and for my part in France who think your books and work are well written, informed, therefore serious and useful, even if they look controversial. And I appreciate particularly your strength of will and courage in this time of political and "moral" high pressure over history.

I have replied kindly: "Dear Nicolas

Yes, it is a hard battle, as my opponents use the smear as their main weapon, they seem incapable of reasoned debate. More and more however people are using their intelligence and I receive very many letters like yours every week, grace à the Internet. I have taken the first steps to make all my old books in French available again, and I am glad that you liked them. French publishers no longer have the courage to publish my books.

He replies. Aaargh, and at length.

I cruise over from Niagara Falls to Cleveland at an amiable speed, taking 3½ hours, hang around at a McDonalds doing paperwork, and arrive at the Hall at 5:10 p.m. Meeting begins at six, I speak from 6:20 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.


I LEAVE around ten-thirty p.m. for the I-71. I stop at a motel, which displays a reasonable price, $41. Unfortunately, navigating into the hotel I miss their proper entrance; I drive over from the parking lot next door, over a grassy strip to the edge of the poorly-lit parking lot, I end up tilting crazily over an unmarked two-foot drop with my front wheels touching the ground, after much scraping and ear-splitting screeching from my vehicle’s underworks scraping the concrete edge.

We call a tow truck. Police have to be called before a tow company will agree to come out with a truck – they insist, frightened of lawsuits; three squad cars turn up, and now they have to test my eyesight, in case I had been drinking. Yes, officer, iced water. I have not touched alcohol for several years, but … etc.; it costs me $140 of the cash to get the vehicle back moving again. Nothing damaged, apart from my pride. Bed finally after one-twenty a.m.


Monday, 2 December 2013
Middleburg Heights (Cleveland) Ohio – Columbus, Ohio (USA)

EXCELLENT sleep. This is a good, cheap, clean hotel, with large ground-floor rooms. Less than three more weeks of this tour. Then start home-hunting in England.

I pause at Ashland to check emails. The New Zealand application has taken a step forward. I write to their government:

A New Zealander, Mr R+++, has written you with my permission and blessing to inquire about my status as a British citizen with no convictions, should I wish to visit New Zealand (I was invited previously by the National Press Club). The full exchange below will remind you of the facts.

You will (or may) know that a German judge has ordered the lifting on the ban on my entering Germany (as it violates European law), which triggered this unseemly worldwide avalanche of bans in 1992.

I am currently on the road on a lecture tour in the United States, which protects freedom of speech most jealously.


BOGUMIL B. writes from Ontario:

Well, thanks again for the wonderful speech. I ... bought more on line when I got home. …

I think you looked at me a bit strangely a few times and made a comment in your speech that there was probably a Fed in the room, everyone says I look like a cop. Well I am, in Toronto, but trust me and rest assured 100 %, I was there solely as a private person, a fan of your life’s work.

I reply: “It was nice meeting you Bogumil, and I hope to do so again. Sorry you felt I looked at you strangely. Not at all, and as for the Feds I have no fear of the Good Guys, it is the bad guys who worry me. I am breaking no laws, and do not intend to.”

11:58 a.m. Stephanie Campbell, a young female, late twenties perhaps, calls from 708 663 6848, trying to pay for our big Chicago dinner. I tell her to register again using a different password and username. . . I shall have to phone and grill her. It is a mystery. If she persists in lying about having bought books, I will refuse her, and refund.

The traditional enemy will believe until then they will get the location. I was warned last night that the ++++ are on the warpath. If she is genuine, it is a different ball-game. – Cincinnati is however pumping up. There too vigilance is called for.

The YouTube-inspired avalanche of fan mail continues:

I mainly wanted to say thank you for what you’ve done and especially for what you and your family have gone through and suffered for the sake of truth. There’s a saying that goes, "If you’re not catching any flak, then you’re not over the mark." Truth is a threat to great liars. If you and other truth-seeking revisionists were not on to something, there would be no need for threats or the horrendous concept of imprisonment for questioning the history.

I’d like to share with you a quote from a speech made in 1775 by our Patrick Henry, but which is true and relevant for all times: "For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it."

May God bless you and your family. What you do matters. Keep fighting the good fight.

New Zealand has replied with alacrity:

As you have previously been deported from another country (i.e., Canada), you are subject to section 15 of the Immigration Act 2009 and ineligible for entry permission to New Zealand unless you are first granted a special direction under s17 of the Act.
Please advise if I can be of any further assistance.
Kind regards,
Andrew Ketels
Private Secretary (Immigration)
Office of Hon Nikki Kaye
Private Bag 18041 | Parliament Buildings | Wellington 6160 | New Zealand

AN interesting reply: New Zealand allows Canada to decide who enters; Canada allowed Germany to decide (I was deported from Canada in 1992 because I was banned from Germany). And so on.

But: Germany has now lifted the ban on me, finding that their ban violates European Law. So...?

“David Irving’s next US Speaking Tour ... his Last?”


I IDENTIFY the restaurant we last used in Chicago. It is at the Crowne Place hotel. I make the booking. I book a Cincinnati conference room as well. All are high-cost functions, I fear.

The Stephanie Campbell Funkspiel begins: SNIFFER tells me that she also contacted us last November in the midst of a flurry of obviously ++++ messages and applications, so it was a reasonable deduction even at that time that she was one of them.

12:55 p.m. She then emails: “Thank you, I don’t know why I didn’t think to just create a new account. I’m really looking forward to this talk, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! Thank you for everything that you do. Sincerely, Stephanie Campbell.”

But SNIFFER reveals her Username as “++++” and a quick Internet search reveals hundreds of anarchist Twitter messages that ++++ has chosen to retweet to others – supporting attacks on the police, Occupy Wall Street, Boston and Los Angeles and other cities, supporting Anonymous, i.e. the arch-hacker and thug Jeremy Hammond, etc. Question now is, where to send her on the Big Day? In the U.K. we always sent them to homosexual haunts.

I send her the usual message, slightly modified:

Glad you made it. For security and other reasons we send out the location one or at most two days before the event. It is in everybody’s interests. (In fact it’s a location we used a few years back). We look forward to seeing you.

[I decide I shall direct her and others like her out to the Edelweiss restaurant, adding the totally mendacious but highly-deserved assurance: The restaurant management think like us. They have agreed to go along with us, and will deny everything to any callers. They were pretty upset by what happened last time, but now the Feds have put away the principal local thug for ten years [Hammond] it is unlikely to happen again.]

I want them to think until Friday they will get the location, then they can march all the way out to North-West Chicago, banners and hearts a-flutter, and find their error.


WHAT a crappy-crap hotel this Ramada in Columbus is. The car park was so empty as I arrived, I assumed at first that the hotel had shut down ready for demolition. The building is dark, dirty, empty, and deserted.

The receptionist appeared astonished at first that I had come in and asked for a room. The very last thing that she seemed to be expecting. Reminded me of that motel in Haiti where I took daughters Paloma and Beatrice in 1981. I mistook the Eastern Airlines destination for Tahiti, and my daughters did not easily forgive me for my ignorance.

The elevator button panel on this hotel wall is wobbly, hanging on loosely just by the wires inside. The carpets have not been vacuumed for weeks. I work on paperwork all afternoon, and go downstairs for supper at six, as the front desk has informed me that the hotel restaurant opens at 5 p.m. Today they have decided not to bother to open at all. Nearest one, I ask? Too far to walk, they say, smugly.

Never again Ramada. I drive five miles and slink into a Waffle House.


KNOWLEDGE that the traditional enemy is sniffing around for our big Chicago dinner location this Saturday is unsettling. I have begun phoning everybody on the list to double-check. I have told nobody the actual location yet.

A nice text exchange with Jessica while I settle for eggs-over at the Waffle House. She is busy preparing a party (she turns twenty on the fourth), twenty-two have accepted her invitation and the café next door is lending her the extra tables she needs. I tell her to feel free to use the Visa card for the ingredients, but no alcohol and no “foolishness”. “Yay!” she replies, and reminds me that guests will bring their own wine. I comment that she is sometimes getting more people to her functions than I am.


At Hitler's headquarters, the Wolf's Lair, Jae stalks off into the forest watched by an Australian guest, and (left) Hugo.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013
Columbus, Ohio (USA)                           (below) Jaenelle at Himmler's bunker

A FRIEND in the land of the Hoosiers, Indiana, sends me an unexpected item about Mr Gerwich Bode, the paunchy astrophysicist-cum-tango-instructor who made off with my captivating and beautiful partner Jaenelle after our 2011 tour of the Wolf’s Lair. He betook her to his abode, Melbourne, Australia, and married her: which obliges her to live closer to the penguins of Antarctica than to us and the rest of civilization.

And oh dear: The item I have been sent is a Russian web address, and on checking, I am mildly taken aback: It seems that her Gerwich, along with 50,006 other hopefuls – I counted them in an idle moment – has been skulking around Russian hooker websites. He went cyber-stalking on this one for a blonde Russian bride even younger than our beautiful Jae.

Should I tell her? No, no business of mine; given that she’s now Mrs B.

Or perhaps I ought to? Such kerb-crawling habits can become addictive; they can “bode” ill: like the Kings Cross kerb-crawling which brought down Sir Allan Green, our esteemed U.K. Director of Public Prosecutions, in 1992. Green’s wife, who was also Jewish, was found soon after that, heavily sedated and with a plastic bag over her head, somewhat deceased; our tame Central London coroner Dr Paul Knapman, who always officiates in notable or politically charged cases, ruled it a suicide.


THE DIFFICULTIES FACING my entry to New Zealand still remain. Martin Rotteveel writes from New Zealand: “You will no doubt be used to this maelstrom of political crap.”

I reply at 8:49 a.m.: “Indeed, please write one more letter to the minister expressing astonishment along the terms I used, that New Zealand effectively allows other countries to decide who shall be permitted to speak to New Zealanders who want to hear him. If a writer is expelled by Russia or Israel for writing something their governments don’t want to hear, does that automatically bar him from New Zealand? If New Zealand says that some exceptions apply, does that not make them guilty of censoring free speech? My books have been the most highly praised histories of WW2 until a tiny, wealthy, special-interests community started agitating against me. Does New Zealand believe in Free Speech or not?”

Becky E., a Cambridgeshire schoolgirl, sends me a crabby reply, ending: "Thank you for your unhelpfulness."

I reply:

I am sorry about that. I do not share the total obsession with the Holocaust tragedy displayed by many Jewish people and their . . . claqueurs.

Since 1977 they have gone out of their way to prosecute their relentless campaign to smear me as a "Holocaust denier" although I am not, indeed each year I take parties of people to the "Operation Reinhardt" death camps in eastern Poland, which most of their historians do not know about, and have not even bothered to visit – they are so busy churning up money with their scribblings.


TO Paloma: “I presume the poor Pigmobile is stranded outside your apartment. Please make sure it does not look derelict – leaves, dirt, etc., – which attracts thieves and then that would be the end of her. At present my intention is to drive the Skoda round to your place the day after I return, start the Pigmobile up and check what is wrong, if anything, with the alternator and then buy and fit a new one if necessary. The battery may now be dead beyond repair however, if the engine has not been run.

One clue is: When you were using it, was the “charging” red light showing all the time? It normally shows just when switched on, then goes out as the battery begins to charge. That would have told you the alternator was failing. I frankly do not think it is, and am puzzled that your AA [Automobile Association] man says the opposite. – Daddy.”

[The AA man was wrong. The alternator was later found to be okay. I deduced he was in cahoots with a local garage. Women drivers have been known for years to suppress annoying warning-lamps by fastening opaque Band-Aids over them.]

I write to Kevin this morning:

I am returning to London around December 21, God willing. I shall stay at my housekeeper’s for a short while and house-hunt around Dorney. What is the likely future position on Scotland? The Goebbels sales will be followed I hope by Himmler (the burglary [theft of my computer] has set the date for that back by about three months: I am not sure until I check what is saved on the backup discs in the UK).

Today (Columbus, Ohio) will be a loss day! A horrible, horrible, Ramada hotel.

I am hoping that that femme is the only mole in Chicago, and that weeding her out will ensure a quiet evening.


5:21 p.m. Paloma replies infuriatingly briefly: “It now has. Slow puncture too.” – I ask her, “It now has WHAT?” – Silence follows.


Wednesday, 4 December 2013
Columbus – Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)

PALOMA has still not answered, so I fear the worst for the Pigmobile. Poor old lady. Took Jaenelle and me all the way from Dorney down to Cadiz, and then up to Luneburg and Kiel. Paris too – I showed her the Nôtre Dame cathedral: ‘That’s it,’ I told her, ‘right down the far end of that street,’ as we zoomed past, en route from Madrid to the ferry at Calais. Let nobody say I didn’t show her the lights.

A New Zealander has written me overnight: “Hello David,

In the process of sorting and cleaning out boxes of old papers I recently came across a bundle of typed sheets written on or by Captain S. Payne Best given to me in the early-1980s by a man who knew my father in Maryborough, Queensland. He knew Best personally and had served with him at some stage. I am telling you this because in the notes Best recounts a meeting he had with Himmler, as recorded in the diary he kept in the time he was held at Sachsenhausen Concentralion Camp. Some of the diary is written retrospectively as Best looks back to events around the time of the "Venlo Incident".

The interesting bit for you may be the couple of short paragraphs where Best mentions Himmler’s visit to his cell at Sachsenhausen. Best speaks well of Himmler (whom he had met previously, before the war, when they were both guests of the Grand-Duchess of Oldenburg).

I’ll copy and post them to you. There are 51 foolscap size pages, typed in double space. You might also find it interesting to read Best’s comments on press reports published at the end of the war regarding conditions in the concentration camps overrun by the Allied armies. Best is clear in stating his belief that the appalling conditions the Allies found in the camps were a result of the Allied bombing that had all but destroyed the transport system in the Reich and paralysed the infrastructure that oversaw distribution of food and medicines to the camps. With best wishes and greetings from New Zealand

I have of course already seen all or most of these pages in the Hoover Library at Stanford, California, but this is a different carbon copy and may have extra pages.

Emails at one a.m., after loading the car. One reads,

Hello David! This is the Polish looking fellow from the Cleveland tour stop. The evening’s presentation was excellent, top form. I just want you to know what an inspiration you are to me and many others of the younger generation (I’m 35). Thank you for standing tall and never selling out. May God bless you on your journey.


I FIND that Jessica has written:

Did you know about this! I’ve signed up to and traced our whole family! we’re all really intelligent!

I am so proud of this little monkey. I burst with sheer pride! I reply: “Harry [Professor Harry Irving] was my father’s brother. Yes. You’ve got good genes. Pity about the jeans. And Happy Birthday, your present will be the Mac you’re getting. And a hundred pounds cash on the card. Daddy.”

Bed after one-thirty a.m. Another long day. No wonder the women can’t stand these tours. Surely it can’t be me?


Thursday, 5 December 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio – Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)

LINDA writes: “It was so nice meeting up with you again, David. Lets keep in touch.”

Without Linda, we would never have made the Cincinnati Real History weekends the success they were.

To Jessica: “Happy Birthday, Jessica. That’s two decades safely behind you. You’re well on the way, and your message yesterday about ancestors brought me real happiness about you. We Irvings, we’re all a brainy and lively bunch, and the Høgh’s add their good looks to ours.

“2. Had a good evening here in Cincinnati yesterday, twice as many came as there was enough room for. . . – Daddy.”

I write to the fine restaurant we’re going to use, in the Crowne Plaza in Chicago, with final details for Saturday: “Dear Mr Dreznes,

It seems that we will be twenty-three plus me, 24, at our private-room dinner on Saturday evening December 7 at Dine. I shall be delivering a book-talk after the meal. I will inform you of any last minute changes on numbers. I assume that we cannot fit in many more. We greatly enjoyed it when we had our dinner there last year, May 12.

3:19 p.m. I check in at the hotel in Carmel northern Indianapolis. Driving the last mile to hotel I have the same odd feeling of total bereavement and sadness as when I carried Josephine’s ashes, God rest her soul, into Spain and Madrid for the last time two years ago. Memories of Jae are strewn everywhere in this corner of Indiana. Hey ho.

R. and his friend Chuck phone as I check in, wanting tickets for the Chicago dinner. This is getting out of hand, and the restaurant still did not get back to me. I confirm to their friend I., “They have phoned me, and the restaurant is going to be very full unless some people don’t come! Please keep the location to yourself. I am in Indianapolis until Saturday.”

I will have the Mac’s drive swapped tomorrow at 11 a.m.

Blood and Sand Steakhouse phones, says that their private room is already booked until, say, 8:45 p.m. That rules them out.

I contact Brittney at the Chicago restaurant:

Dear Miss Barcelona, I am worrying because Mr Dreznes has not replied to my email about numbers at our dinner this coming Saturday December 7 (and your staff just informed me that they cannot find the reservation!). I attach my email again. [etc].

She answers:

I do apologize for the confusion! We can provide a 3-course menu with options of appetizers, entrees, and dessert. Thank you so much for choosing us we look forward to hosting your party!

I emphasize: “Please note that we need a degree of privacy for the talk that follows the meal.”

Absolutely, I will put you in our Private Dining room and I will send you the proposed menu tomorrow afternoon!

Very icy now, and tomorrow will be hazardous, with cars iced up.

I am beginning to fear that my entire 2013 diary up to the burglary is missing, as it was not backed up. I will finally know when I check the London discs.

“David Irving’s next US Speaking Tour ... his Last?”



Friday, 6 December 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)

Update from Jessica:

Ended up moving my dinner to the curry restaurant opposite as I couldn’t fit everyone, got everyone to chip in a fiver but I paid the rest on my card (£130, eek). In other news, got my first First in an assignment! It was a lab report I spent ages on, I was getting low Seconds in them all of last year cos I was really struggling with the statistics but now I’ve nailed it! So so happy. Also this was the first assignment I’ve had where the marks count to my actual degree.

How is everything? Are you looking forward to coming back??

I replied: “Great news about those marks. Brought tears to my eyes, literally, you are such a good daughter. Bitterly cold here in Indiana, snow and heavy icing since yesterday evening.”


I SEND Stephanie Campbell the (decoy) location for tomorrow.

The St Louis restaurant has responded. I reply: “That is fine Jenny. Room +++ it is. I am on the road, and will return the contract to you by Sunday.”

Jack A. writes:

The attached photograph was taken in September this year in Majdaneck camp near Lublin, Poland. I have long been sceptical about the history of these events, I am an historian myself, and had doubts about this history of camps. Regarding your well documented doubts and questions about the absence of "Prussian Blue" I would be interested in your evaluation of the image attached.

Obviously an image alone is not evidence and we would need to test what is actually seen. But it does seem to me that a Polish reconstruction, which I actually am pre-disposed to think this site is, would be very exact in detail if it painted walls blue.

I reply: “Not quite sure which building that photo was taken in, Jack, but the stain appears prima facie to be Prussian Blue.”


Saturday, 7 December 2013
Indianapolis, Indiana – (USA)

Up at 8:10 a.m. The night has dumped a lot more snow. Charles said last night, as Jae also once told me, there is often a strong difference between North and South Indianapolis in the weather. I hope so, for today’s drive up to Chicago.

FOUR minutes after ten a.m. a call comes from “Don” at the Chicago restaurant abruptly cancelling this evening’s dinner “as they have another function booked and had not realized it.” Huh. I mildly ask him to identify the other function, and he refuses. In fact we shortly learn that the restaurant was wrecked and had its windows smashed in the early hours last night.

Clearly a mole among the 24 invitees, and probably one of the most recent to have been given the location.

I go online four minutes later and find this, Posted by southsideantifa at 1:49 a.m:

Phone Jam! Holocaust Denier David Irving Speaking In Chicago Today At The Dine Restaurant

Every year the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving comes out to the US from the UK, and attempts to hold meetings and talks to promote his notion that the Nazis were just misunderstood and they didn’t really kill over 11 million innocent people, six million of them the Jews they hated so much. This year, he is going around the country extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler!?

Irving has received resistance at his past speaking engagements. When Irving came to Chicago in 2009, antifascists physically disrupted the event, successfully shutting it down. Since then, Irving charges close to 100 dollars a seat when he speaks in Chicago and uses strict security measures, including attendee investigation and booking ritzy hotels and restaurants like the Drake in 2011 and Dine this year.

Once again, despite his security precautions, Chicago antifascists have gained access to the hosting location for todays speech on Rudolf Hess titled "Rudolf Hess: New Facts on his Peace Mission & Death". ... Posted by southsideantifa at 1:49 a.m.

10:50 a.m. I phone Mrs S. to advise her that it’s off, and others who are coming down this evening from Wisconsin and Michigan.

Suspect #1 however, S., gets an alternative "marker" version: "closely review" becomes "attentively review " and the sentence added: "They are apologetic, but that does not help."

Suspect #2. Stephanie Campbell gets this alternative "marker" version:

Unhappy news: I must alter this evening’s dinner function at Chicago’s Dine, the restaurant we had chosen, out of concern for the safety of my guests. We shall go ahead with our alternative location, the Edelweiss, in Norridge, as before, and not at Dine.

This morning the Dine establishment came under attack from the traditional enemies of free speech, and the management notified me at ten a.m. today that they cancel the booking. (I have phoned our many guests coming from out of state to avoid their making an unnecessary journey before they get this email.) They will not have to look far to wonder why Jews are so unpopular.

There is an unsavory element of hired thugs in Chicago, who seem not to have learned the lesson from what happened to their friends, the Edelweiss and Tinley Park thugs, who are now languishing in federal prison in consequence.

The personal comfort of my bona fide guests is my prime concern.

Your payment will be good for the Norridge function, and I will attentively review the list of invited guests the next time.

At 11:23 a.m. this comes from the Chicago restaurant: “Mr Irving,

I want to send you my apology personally. I made a mistake and the space is unavailable. We unfortunately cannot accommodate your dinner group at Dine on 12-7-2013.

Ben Dreznes, Assistant Restaurant Manager 

I reply: “I appreciate that you have to offer a thin pretext, but I am sure your apology is more sincere. . . We had a very good dinner last year, as your staff will recall. There is an unsavory element of hired thugs in Chicago, who seem not to have learned the lesson from what happened to their friends (Google the name "Jeremy Hammond"!), who are now languishing in federal prison in consequence.”

Brian Kelleher phones, recommends two restaurants that won’t surrender. I ask him to email me the details.


THE SCUM have posted later today (“Posted by southsideantifa at 9:25 a.m.“) this triumphant but revealing gloat and inadvertently unmasked their mole which will aid the authorities investigating the criminal damage; the text the traditional enemy quotes contained unique “markers” included for that purpose:

David Irving Shut Down in Chicago By Antifas Again!

After posting our initial call to action for a phone jam, It gives us great pleasure to announce that David Irving was once again shut down in Chicago by antifascists. After receiving the email attached below and calling Dine restaurant it has been confirmed that the venue has decided to cancel his speech. Thank you to all who participated in the phone jam, thank you to Dine for shutting this event down, and shout out to those who sent us this...

Sent from an email:

In the wee hours of December 7th 2013, antifascists smashed the windows of Dine restaurant, the hosting space for David Irvings Chicago stop on his tour, successfully bringing the event to an end!

From David Irving:

Saturday, 7 December 2013 11:28 a.m.

Unhappy news: I must postpone this evening’s dinner function at Chicago’s Dine, the restaurant we had chosen, out of concern for the safety of my guests. This morning the establishment came under attack from the traditional enemies of free speech, and the management notified me at ten a.m. today that they cancel the booking. (I have phoned our many guests coming from out of state to avoid their making an unnecessary journey before they get this email.) They will not have to look far to wonder why Jews are so unpopular.

If you were a bona fide attendee, I will refund your payment if you wish, as that is our policy.


Sunday, 8 December 2013
St Charles, Mo. (USA)

MANY well wishers have emailed. I reply: “Thanks, like all wars it gets more interesting as the end approaches. They know they are losing.”

I tell Kevin and others: “Thanks to the hidden markers I placed in emails, one of which the Chicago scum have now published ++++, I have narrowed the Chicago suspects down to seven, of which two are likely. Apparently the scum smashed up the restaurant badly two nights ago.”

8:32 p.m. to Jessica: “Jessica, Any idea yet when you want me to pick you up from Bristol University? Paloma has immobilised the Pigmobile, but the Skoda is still running, and legal now. I get back early on December 20. I am speaking in London on the afternoon of Saturday December 21.

“I am in St. Louis, on the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Very, very icy conditions outside. On Monday night after speaking here I start a six and a half hour drive to the south, to Jackson, Mississippi (state), so it should be a bit warmer there. I talk to a few people there Tuesday evening. A lot of driving over the next week or so.”


Monday, 9 December 2013
St Charles – St Louis, Missouri, – on the road (USA)

With five meetings left to go, I seem to be returning to the UK with the same amount of money as I left with: zero profit from this tour, thanks to the burglary.

Martin Rotteveel has written to the NZ prime minister:

Dear Prime Minister

On November 18 I wrote to you asking about Mr David Irving, a prominent best selling author and historian, and an undisputed expert on World War 2 history.

My question was very simple, or so I thought. Specifically, is David Irving welcome to our country to speak to New Zealanders about World War II history?

My email with inquiry was forwarded by your office to the Hon Nikki Kaye outlining that Mr Irving should apply at the nearest NZ Immigration Office as he was once deported from Canada.

This effectively means NZ allows other countries to determine who will be permitted to visit and speak to our people wanting to hear him. If a writer is expelled by Russia or Israel for writing something their governments don’t want to hear, or agree with, does that automatically bar the writer from New Zealand?

If our government says that some exceptions apply are we not censoring free speech? Does NZ believe in free speech or not?

It may be of interest to you that a German judge recently overturned a ruling banning David Irving from visiting Germany as that contravened European law.

Can you please advise the Government’s position on David Irving visiting NZ?

I thank him.

Earning the Curse of Irving:
Back in June 2002 Greville Janner gloated to The Sunday Telegraph, upon learning that the authorities had seized Mr Irving's Mayfair, London, family home of 38 years after the Lipstadt trial, together with all his archives and possessions: "I am pleased that justice has caught up with him. He deserves everything he gets." He gloated publicly again when Austria imprisoned the historian. - We Christians feel sorry for Lord Janner now that justice is catching up with him. He actually deserves more than he will get.

CLIFFORD Luton case ends. Accused, like Greville Janner (above), the British arch-Jew of child-molesting for many decades – the current British obsession – he was the Daily Mail reporter who first smeared me on May 1, 1959. I think that they should drop all these ancient persecutions, and move on. Suck it up, as Jae used to say.

Christopher F. writes from Dorset:

I was in Bournemouth County Court as your eyes and ears last Friday 6th December; Luton wasn’t. He is now 89, quite gaga and reports say he has memory loss. Deemed unfit to plead. The case lies on file as you can read in this link. All a bit pointless really; it would have been a waste of time and money to try him.

I reply: “As said, as a Christian, I feel rather sorry for him. Waste of taxpayer money, as you say.”


K. ASKS: “Did you move it [Chicago dinner] or match abandoned?”

I tell him: “When I get the cancellation at ten a.m. and the dinner is starting at six or seven p.m. there is no way I can find a new location (Saturday) and notify all attendees in time. Many came from out of state. Bitterly cold here [St. Louis]. Tonight I start a seven-hour drive south to Mississippi.”

Excellent location in St Louis: within a few yards of the giant St Louis Arch on the Mississippi, the city's trademark. All our guests comes, including Dan, famous St Louis lawyer; I give $50 to the Black server as a tip in addition to what Dan gives him). We shall use this location again, and go for a larger crowd. I set out afterwards down Interstate 55 to Mississippi in fresh driving snow, and stop at St Genevieve, as I did once before, as I fear I shall be courting disaster if I continue on unploughed roads.


ANOTHER fan, Erik, writes. "I was watching one of your videos on YouTube

And, I waxed sentimental. In 1974, I first saw the name David Irving in the Public Library, when I was browsing for information on the Atomic Bomb. And, off and on, I would see his name. I even got to meet him with a lady friend, in 2002, in Key West. I didn’t have a camera, so I went to one of the beach shops and bought a throw away camera.

You rode your bike over to the pavilion by the water. And, of course, I followed your adventurous life, up to tonight. You lived life to the fullest.

Then, I got sentimental, as you were talking on the video about all the old guard of Germany who were passing away as you interviewed them. And, since I approve your zest and quest for life, I thought, about a day, when the strong, articulate, spirited, daring voice of David Irving would go into the pages of history.

I remember a lady who kept her son’s shoes under the chair, in his empty bed room, just the way he did when he was with her before the accident. Some people are like that. I’m one of them.

To me, you were a special person, through all those years. As I search my mind, I cannot think of anyone who can compare to you. I followed all of your adventures with enthusiasm. Thank God for the Internet. The point of this letter is that, to me, you were a very important man, who I respected and looked up to.

And, before you pass on, I just wanted to tell you that I will miss you, like I would miss a dear friend.

I suppose he intends to cheer me up, but it does not. I certainly do not feel anywhere near the end, and I tell him so. Unless he knows something I don’t.


Tuesday, 10 December 2013
St Genevieve, Missouri – Jackson, Mississippi (USA)

Up at 8:28 a.m. Jessica emails: “I hope you’ll be sponsoring me for my month of no alcohol in January for cancer research!” I reply: “Tell me more. I have not touched the stuff for four years or so.”

“I will refer you to my charity webpage once January starts. Yes, we know you haven’t!”

I reply: “– and nor should you. Boys will prefer you if you don’t.”

I leave at eleven a.m, nonstop drive down to Memphis. Here at a McDonalds, I check emails. Ten degrees warmer down here already. I arrive at Ridgeland, Mississippi, and spend twenty minutes circling around trying to find the hotel. It is not the one I remember from last time, which baffles me. Perhaps we used the Homewood Suites before.


MORE fan mail. It is all rather baffling, baffling.

You are a true hero of the the truth and I greatly admire you! I grew up in the projects of the lower east side and as a kid in the early 70’s was skeptical of the way Hitler and the history of the Reich was portrayed. Because of my " Radical’ views I was attacked, not by my fellow students but by my Teachers!

Bed round ten p.m., rather tired, in fact feeling a bit rocky – from the long drive today, I hope.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Jackson, Mississippi – Montgomery, Alabama (USA)

I write this message to Bridget Engle, the sales manager of this “luxury” hotel:

What a rotten hotel this is. I searched for half an hour to find it, after a seven-hour drive down from St Louis, as the street given by the hotel publicity is not listed on any GPS. Front desk admits they tell people the address of another building nearby for that reason. The room is unaccountably the priciest so far, and the hotel lobby is glitzy and flashy, but has no other service to brag about. The front desk had no record of the room that I booked for our meeting, none at all, so ... I took my guests into the dining room.

We are the only dinner guests, and they try to serve instant coffee, until I wave it away whereupon they eventually produce properly brewed coffee. The upstairs room is ice-cold all night and the heater control proves to display only imponderable and, to me meaningless, icons instead of words. The room stays ice cold all night, whatever settings I attempt. Perhaps it is just a dummy. Some hotels do that. At 3 a.m. I get up; and find a spare blanket to add.

In the morning I find that the three-tier box of coffee and tea items is empty – totally. One of the two cups provided has been used, and is out of its plastic wrapper. I have to bring up a coffee maker from the car. The floor in the sitting room is totally carpetless, and the wheeled office chair potentially lethal in consequence as it skids away while you sit down. Were I general manager, I would enforce immediate changes, but they will be too late as I shall not choose this hotel again for our next tour. – Incidentally, at breakfast this morning the only toaster was marked with a notice: “Out of order”.

As I type this, the desk skids away from me – it too is on wheels. Madness.

I check into a cheap ($41) motel at 10:10 p.m. The Wifi of course does not work.


Thursday, 12 December 2013
Montgomery, Alabama – Franklin, Tennessee (USA)

Rotten room, stench of tobacco, bad bed, backache. Hey ho. I set out around nine a.m. for Nashville. I hear unusual wind sounds once I am on the Interstate, and I fear that for the third time on this trip the Dodge Durango’s back door (“tailgate”) has silently opened, perhaps even before I pulled away from the parking lot at a Waffle House (horrible coffee, and chemical “Fresh buttery-taste spread” instead of real butter for the toast). I press the rear windscreen wiper button: nothing at all shows in my rear-view mirror, so the tailgate is indeed wide open. Grrrr.

An elderly driver pulls up behind me, and says he saw “something” fall out as I drove off. I suspect it was the poor old Tub, a real tour veteran; what a sad end. Bought that back in 1998, before that year’s USA tour with Aislinn Morrison. That’s really sad. Won’t see one like that again. Nor another like Aislinn either. Nor, I hope for God’s sake, another Dodge Durango.

I check into a Comfort Inn. I have no memory of this hotel at all. But Dan says it is the one we used in 2012.

As I unload, I find the Tub; so it did not fall out.

The talk again lasts two hours. I just cannot find ways of shortening it.


Friday, 13 December 2013
Franklin – Chattanooga – Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)

EIGHT thousand miles down so far, and two more cities to go.

At eleven-thirty a.m. I phone Amelia Röhm at Sewanee 031 636 5245. Ernst Röhm, the Stabschef SA, was her great uncle. We agree to meet at the City Cafe in Chattanooga at two-thirty p.m. today, and I rearrange my travel plans to allow the 200-mile diversion. I find a City Cafe at 7641 Lee Hwy. But she phones me after I leave, saying the one to meet at is a different one. I drive two hours and am entering Chattanogga at 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. EST in this time zone – and I phone her to apologise that I am now running a few minutes late, as the time zone is different.

She says in blasé manner, they too are running late, and will have to cancel the meeting because of that.

I am ziemlich écrasé. I splutter that I am in Chattanooga already, but she says “no matter,” as I–75 will take me up to Knoxville. Yes, I say: after a now pointless two-hundred-mile detour. I hope my fury did not leak into my tone of voice.

The Key West crackhead burglar has a lot to answer for. I keep thinking that.


Sunday, 15 December 2013
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

A FAN asks me my views on Lipstadt’s star counsel, Richard Rampton:

What was Rampton like during the questioning? Was he arrogant? Are you able to rate his knowledge of WW2 on a scale of 1 to 10?

I respond: “Given the fact that Rampton was a hopelessly addicted chain smoker I would not rate his intelligence very highly.”

N. writes: “Do you know of any paper/book copy of the entire trial transcript? I want to buy it. This is fascinating. I actually forgot to eat lunch because I was so much into it!”

Michael N. tells me this cheery news:

Now this one should interest you, after what you went through; it is on BBC2 at nine p.m. on Thursday 2 January 2014. “One-off documentary in which Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson tells the story of an Allied convoy of 35 ships heading to the Russian port of Arkhangelsk in the in the summer of 1942, carrying supplies to the Soviet war effort.”

Well, that’s nice: obnoxious multi-millionaire international TV presenter Clarkson (below left) helps himself to all my research in the 1960s (my The Destruction of Convoy PQ.17 being the only book on that convoy, and all the survivors being long dead). Happens again and again with the BBC.

I WRITE to Jessica: “I shall write here until Thursday then fly back overnight to the UK. Hope you’re OK. Need full report on your term, and on this upcoming black tie ball at Corpus Christi [Cambridge University]. Daddy.”


Monday, 16 December 2013
Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

A STUDENT writes me from Sydney, Australia. "Hello, my name is Mary K. I

Just wanted to send my appreciation of your work! As a past extension history student (subject offered in senior years of high school), my teacher had exposed to us the various periods of history and historiographical debates which surround our society today; particularly post-modernism, post-structuralism and the Lipstadt/ Irving debate.

Introduced to the subject with an open mind, I initially found myself swinging towards traditional historiography. However . . .

I don’t mean to drone on and on, I guess the reason I am sending this email is just to let you know that your work is an inspiration to many young students, especially those who aspire to take a step back and question the ‘truth’ that is supposedly delivered to us on a silver platter by those who control society and its mainstream perception. I know you must receive much cruel and rude messages, so I thought that a little encouragement comes across as a confidence booster! Without historians and investigative journalists, such as yourself, modern society would not be given the opportunity to explore historical events with a questioning mind, or scrutinise historiography and its various interpretations. So thank you, Mr. Irving, your work definitely does not go unnoticed.

All the best, Mary.

I forward the above to Jessica to encourage her: “I get messages like this from all over the world, all week long. See you Saturday, for over a month!”

And I reply to Australia:

Thanks Mary. The Lipstadt Trial was basically one milestone in a fifty-year long endeavour (ever since my book The Destruction of Dresden appeared) by the international Jewish community to smear me personally, devalue my historiography, and of course to damage me financially. They have only partially succeeded, thanks to the unexpected growth of the free Internet. But see how they now control Wikipedia!

The Lipstadt Trial cost them around thirteen million US dollars, but they can afford it.

What they have also succeeded in, is pressuring almost every free government in the world, including yours, to exclude me from their country, which is very sad. (My fourth daughter is an Australian citizen, living with her handsome husband and two children in Brisbane: but I am still banned, and John Howard said they would “change the law again if necessary” to keep me out; I toured your country twice, and my book Churchill’s War was No. 1 top bestseller on the Sydney Morning Herald list for several weeks.).

For my views see this link, and follow these sporadic diaries and word backwards.

THE delay at the printers in shipping Goebbels to the United States rather negates my plan to find and rent a house near Dorney and shut down the Slough storage unit.

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“David Irving’s next US Speaking Tour ... his Last?”



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