["There is a vast cyber-cesspit..." quote]

["Dredged up from the cesspit..."]

THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on 35f55caf.101502025@news3.ibm.net by a South Londoner whose name is Alexander Baron on August 30, 1998:-

"Gord McFee" writes: I am almost afraid to ask this, but in what way is David Irving a "pervert"?

Baron: How about abusing under-age black boys in South Africa?

I thought he was one of your heroes.

Baron: Whatever gave you that idea, apart from your usual unthinking name calling, that is?

And if you did an expose of this pervert, why would the Jews, who presumably hate him as well, not *help* your publication efforts?

Baron: In your think [sic] Organised Jewry hate Irving, think again. It was they who protected him from exposure and it is this which led indirectly to most of the problems I've had in the past four years. --

Alexander Baron,
93c Venner Road,
London SE26 5HU.

+44 (0)181 659 7713 E-Mail A_Baron@ABaron.Demon.Co.UK

Mr Irving has written on Friday, September 4, 1998 to this Schmierfink, Mr Baron:

Colleagues with Internet connections have sent to me a copy of the [above] exchange in which you are seemingly involved.

[Flush this loo]It is not the first time that you have spread this kind of libellous smear and may I initially ask why on earth you are doing it? I am aware---it is important that you know this---of other episodes against me in which you have been involved, some of which I have already brought to the attention of the police authorities because of their disgusting nature.

It is possible that you are in need of attention, in which case I urge you not to delay seeking it. I have been informed that you are Jewish, and I hope this is not true.

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