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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was in the Winter 1995 issue (Volume 3, Number 1) of the DIGNITY REPORT, published by Jonathan Mozzochi's "Coalition for Human Dignity" (CHD), on page 3::-

"Challenging anti-Semitism when British Holocaust-denier David Irving came to Portland, Oregon, to speak on October 10, 1994, CHD research exposed the criminal record of the young neo-Nazi leader responsible for organizing the speaking engagement and uncovered the clandestine site of the meeting - a Presbyterian church that had been reserved under false pretenses.

[Flush this loo]"Working closely with community, civil rights and religious groups, including the Jewish Federation of Portland, Ecumenical Ministries of Portland and the American Jewish Committee, CHD organized a protest vigil, coordinated joint media statements and led follow-up education efforts."


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The organiser of the meeting provides these notes on some of Mozzochi's lies:

  1. It was not a "young neo-Nazi leader", but a middle-aged woman, Margit Becker, a former teacher, not politically affiliated with either the left or right, who organized the event - in the defense of the exercise of free speech.
  2. Mrs Becker disclosed the name of the speaker, David Irving, to the church officials in writing in advance, thus there were neither false pretenses nor anything clandestine about the meeting.
  3. The CHD demonstration, organized and attended by Mr. Mozzochi, was anything but peaceful. The demonstrators screamed and hollored, intimidating and frightening a number of attendees. One couple, who had driven all the way from Vancouver, BC, were accosted on the sidewalk and dared not walk to the entrance. One of the CHD demonstrators went as far as spitting into Mr. Irving's face, as he approached the building from the parking lot. Mr. Mozzochi made no attempt to make this protest a peaceful demonstration, let alone a "vigil."
  4. Ecumenical Ministries was not involved in the demonstration.

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