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Created by CHD research associate Devin Burghart -- last revised Sept. 25, 1995

THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Coalition for Human Dignity Website by CHD research associate Devin Burghart -- last revised Sept. 25, 1995 :-


[Image](David Irving speaking in Portland)

Irving Supporter Moves To Washington


The leader of an organization that sponsored the October 1992 Oregon lecture by neo-Nazi apologist and Holocaust denier David Irving (see side-bar p.5) has relocated to Washington state where he is attempting to hold a "Viking Day" celebration. The phone number for Michael Clinton, erstwhile head of the "Siegfried Society," is the local contact number for the event, scheduled for July 10,1993 in Vancouver, Washington.

The sponsor for the event is the "Viking Games Committee," apparently a similar venture to the "Siegfried Society," which Clinton attempted to establish in Oregon. The Siegfried Society, which consisted of Clinton, his wife Catherine Clinton, and a few supporters, had attempted to hold an "Ethno-centric four- event competition derived from Germanic history and myth, which allows modern-day Germanic warriors to participate in the sacred games of their ancient forefathers. . . "

Clinton planned to demonstrate the "Northern European Axe Throw," the "Spear Throw" and "Donar Hammer Throw" at the "Siegfried Games" during the annual Oktoberfest celebration sponsored by a Portland, Oregon German restaurateur, Horst Mager.

The nexus discovered between Clinton's attempts to promote Aryan sportsmanship and his promotion of neo-Nazi propagandist David Irving provoked a public outcry sufficient to have the games canceled.

The October 1992 Portland lecture by Irving was protested by 150 people organized by the Coalition for Human Dignity. Approximately 75 people attended Irving's lecture, including Rick Cooper of the National Socialist Vanguard and Richard Flowers of the Boring, Oregon Christian Patriot Association.

(Dignity Report, Vol. 1, No. 1 [6/15/93])

Computer Bulletin Board Hosts Holocaust Revisionists

A Portland, Oregon-based computer bulletin board system (BBS) is providing a forum for neo-Nazis, anti-gay bigots and Holocaust revisionists. Banished CPU, a two-line, 2400-9600 BPS bulletin board is run by its "sysop," or system operator, "Maynard," who has been uploading Holocaust revisionist material since 1991 and offering it to anyone with a computer and a modem.

Banished CPU has two sections, a message section, where users send and receive electronic notes, and a file section. One file section title, "Holocaust Revisionism & IHR Articles," contains numerous articles from the Liberty Lobby's Institute for Historical Review, as well as works by Canadian Holocaust revisionist Ernst Zundel, French revisionist Robert Faurisson, Bradley R. Smith and British Holocaust denier David Irving.

An article available since August of 1991 is "Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Notes on the Jewish-Soap Scam," which purports to "expose" the "hoax" of Nazis having made soap from the body fat of Jewish concentration camp victims.

A message section of the BBS is also thriving with hundreds of local users logging on to debate neo-Nazi propaganda and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

[Flush this loo]BBSs are a relatively recent addition to the propaganda arsenal of the far right. Tom Metzger was an early innovator in the use of computer bulletin boards for spreading racist ideas, and Louis Beam, an Aryan Nations and Ku Klux Klan activist from Texas, initiated the Aryan Nations Liberty Net BBS in the mid-1980's which linked U.S. neo-Nazis together.

(Dignity Report, Vol. 1, No. 2 [7/1/93])


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