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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Nizkor Website by Tony Quirke, Wellington, New Zealand. on April 3, 1993:-

The Dominion,
a major Wellington daily,
Saturday, April 3, 1993


NZ unlikely to ban right-wing historian

IMMIGRATION Minister Maurice McTigue is unlikely to step in to prevent controversial British historian David Irving visiting New Zealand.

Mr Irving was banned last month from touring Australia by former immigration minister Gerry Hand because of his outspoken right-wing opinions which have outraged international Jewish communities.

He has claimed German leader Adolf Hitler had little involvement in the Holocaust and also by playing down the extent of the World War II massacre of Jews.

Mr Irving, deported from Canada last year for making an unauthorised lecture tour, also claims the New Zealand Jewish community is pressuring the Government to reject any visa application he may make.

"I haven't applied for a visa to go to New Zealand but a university there has invited me to lecture in Auckland," he said.

"If I go to Australia I have every intention of speaking in New Zealand as well."

Last night, Mr McTigue's office said nothing on Mr Irving had come into the office yet for comment. They understood Mr McTigue would not step in unless he was asked by the Immigration Department. - NZPA

HOW THEY DO IT ("What, us, an international conspiracy against Free Speech?"): This stalwart New Zealand civil servant Mr Quirke contacted the notorious Nizkor site, with this request:

[Flush this loo]"I'd like to be able to write a letter to the editor, and perhaps a few of the local newsgroups, not opposing his entry, but outlining the biases in his reasoning, and his past. If anyone, such as Ken McVay or Danny Keren, has prepared information packages on him, including references to source documents if possible, that are not overly large, please email me with them. Thank you."

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