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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Jewish Defense League Website. There was also a picture of Louis Farrakhan captioned "Sponsored Appearance of Notorious Holocaust Denier":-

Farrakhan Provides Platform to Holocaust Denier

by Alijandra Mogilner

In Oakland, California, where about 43% of the population is black and another 28% is Latino and Asian, Louis Farrakhan proved he was no friend to his own race. On September 10, [1996] one of the world's most notorious Hitlerite Nazi organizers and propagandists, David Irving, slipped into Oakland to give a talk entitled, "Freedom of Speech and Adolph Hitler's Final Solution Finally Solved!" Irving's meeting took place in cooperation with and under the protection of Farrakhan's Nation of Islam (NOI) on the basis of their shared program of anti-Semitism.

The time and location of the meeting was kept secret until the day it occurred, when an ad appeared in the Daily Californian at the University of California's Berkeley campus. On site at 24th Street and Telegraph Avenue, six of the NOI security faction, Fruit of Islam (FOI), stood guard at the front door of the hall where Irving spewed his anti-Semitic filth. Other members of FOI security stood on nearby street corners with communications devices and more were seen going into the meeting. Oakland police also mobilized to guarantee there would be no trouble with the speech.

Many feel that a racist and white supremacist like Irving should have been run out of Oakland. The fact that instead he had the protection of the Nation of Islam is a condemnation of Farrakhan's program of black separatism, which puts the NOI in a bloc with racist segregationists and violent terrorists like the KKK and Nazis, since they all believe in the "separation of the races."

This British fascist Irving seeks to use "academic" credentials to deny that six million Jews, and hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, homosexuals, Catholics, communists and others designated as Untermenschen ("sub-humans") were gassed in Hitler's concentration camps. He is the star attraction at meetings of European fascist terror gangs that have carried out murderous campaigns against dark-skinned immigrants and Jews -- the British National Party, the Hitlerite "Nationale Offensive" in Germany and the white supremacist Heritage Front in Canada.

Irving has not always met with such kind aid. In October 1994, an integrated protest of 300 students, leftists and workers initiated by the Spartacus Youth Club broke up a fascist rally outside UC Berkeley. Irving was reportedly flattened on the floor, sprawled amongst his Nazi paraphernalia. [Flush this loo]In February 1995, the grotesquely misnamed "UC Berkeley Free Speech Coalition," a front group of anti-Semitic, gay-baiting, racist Islamic fundamentalists, organized a second provocation on campus with UC administration support. This time Irving's intended meeting site was surrounded by a 400-strong demonstration that stopped the Hitlerites from daring to enter the building.

Irving and his cohorts have since been probing for a way to get a foothold in the Bay Area and was finally given this opportunity under the auspices of Farrakhan and the Fruit of Islam, thus setting up a potential scenario of integrated anti-racist demonstrators clashing with black nationalist security squads protecting the meeting of a white supremacist in heavily black Oakland.


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Notes on some of the lies:

  1. Mr Irving has never met or had any dealings with Farrakhan (or the Nation of Islam), notwithstanding lies to the contrary spread by the Jewish Telegraph Agency and Deborah Lipstadt in her book Denying the Holocaust, the subject of a libel action brought by Mr Irving against her and publishers Penguin Books Ltd.
  2. The Jewish Defense League (JDL) was until recently listed by the FBI as a terrorist organisation.
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