THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted on the Nizkor Website by HTML: Ken McVay Director: Ken McVay OBC on December 26, 1996:

From The Jewish Telegraph (Scottish edition), Friday May 28th, 1993, page 11

Israel has only 10 years left, says Holocaust row man

BRITISH Holocaust-denier[1] David Irving who was refused entry into Australia, still managed to get his message across to the public.

He used interviews, conducted from abroad with the local media. In an interview on the national Network 7 in Australia, Irving claimed his campaign would bring about "the destruction of the state of Israel". He added that the sight of black cricketers competing for England gave him a "queasy feeling."

Irving predicted that Israel would be destroyed within 10 years because that is how long it would take him and his colleagues to overturn the belief in the holocaust.

[toilet flush]On national ABC Radio, Irving claimed that Hitler was anti-Jewish "up to 1933" but that he had no reason to believe Hitler was responsible for the murders of "up to hundreds of thousands of Jews."

Asked if he was a racist, Irving replied that he was a nationalist and a patriot and that was the basis of his objection to non-Anglo-Saxon involvement in British public life.

Renewed interest in Irving followed the denial last week of his visa application to Australia and, afterward, widespread opposition to his plans to reach the public via a videotape of a speech he would have given had he been permitted to enter Australia.[2]


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Notes on some of the lies:

  1. Atlanta professor Deborah Lipstadt claims the dubious credit for inventing the absurd and meaningless phrase Holocaust denier.
  2. The whole article distorts the views expressed by Mr Irving beyond recognition.

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