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THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was posted at Nizkor FTP file: people/i/irving.david/graves-on-irving.02 on the Nizkor Website by Rich Graves of Stanford, California on September 13, 1996?:-

David Irving bashes Internet for telling the truth

Date: 13 Sep 1996

Organization: Unaffiliated Fans of Nizkor, http://www.nizkor.org/

Rich Graves wrote: At a sparsely attended appearance in Oakland this evening, David Irving, author of a number of critically panned books attempting to exonerate the Nazi leadership for war crimes, blamed "the traditional enemy," "powerful organized groups," and "a secret conspiracy" (none of which he would name, or give specifics about) for his unpopularity as a writer, but he reserved special scorn for the Internet, described as "a cesspool." Please quote at least the entire sentence in which David describes the internet as a cesspool.

I am sending Mr. Irving a letter seeking confirmation of several quotes. I believe he used the word "cesspool" in relation to the Internet at least twice, and he did not object when I queried him with the premise that he had so characterized it.

I tried my best to get a copy of the audiotape Irving's friends were making of the event, so that I could verify my notes -- I told them price was no object -- but they just gave me the runaround. Perhaps you could call Aftab and try to negotiate.

Mr. Irving, in the context of describing his lifelong dedication to studying the Nazi era in a sympathetic light, and his efforts to get himself taken seriously, suggested, presumably without intended irony, that Jamie McCarthy, a Macintosh and web programmer who webmasters for the Nizkor Project part-time on a volunteer basis, should "get over his obsession and find something better to do with his life" and stop writing "garbage" such as the letters posted to http://www.nizkor.org/people/i/irving-david/correspondence/

I still haven't seen anything unreasonable, or even inaccurate, in Irving's Oakland speech so far.

I am still working on a summary and trying to get either an audiotape or confirmation of quotes in writing. The most glaring lie concerned Time Magazine's review of [Theodore N] Kaufman's book. Second was that Gordon Craig's review of Goebbels was almost 100% positive. Third was that Goebbels was unavailable in the United States.


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April 7, 1997


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