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Herald Sun, Tuesday, December 23, 1997

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LONDON journalist David Pryce-Jones, a leading member of Britain's Jewish community, published many vicious attacks on David Irving and his books over the years. An Australian reader has sent to this Website this clipping from the Victoria, South Australia, Herald Sun, December 23, 1997, which deserves wider circulation.

Apology by Australia Israel Publications

ON 7th November, 1995, an article entitled "Back to Rule by the Gun" was published in the Herald Sun under the byline of Mr David Pryce-Jones.

The article was prepared by the Herald Sun from a transcript of an extemporaneous address given by Mr Pryce-Jones at a public function on the day of the assassination of the then Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Yitzhak Rabin. Mr Pryce-Jones had been sponsored by Australia Israel Publications and had made the extemporaneous speech at the Beth Weizman Centre.

A transcript of the address was prepared by Australia Israel Publications and given by it to the Herald Sun. Regrettably, given publication deadlines, that transcript was provided to the Herald Sun without proper checking or editing. The transcript was prepared and provided to the Herald Sun without the knowledge of Mr Pryce-Jones. The Herald Sun then edited the transcript without reference to Australia Israel Publications.

Australia Israel Publications acknowledges that the edited report as published was offensive to members of the Australian Arab community and that it contained misleading imputations about Arabs and their society.

[Flush this loo]Australia Israel Publications acknowledges that its actions contributed to the publication of the article.

Australia Israel Publications unreservedly apologises to members of the Australian Arab community and the Australian Arabic Council for any offence, hurt or embarrassment they have suffered as a result of Australia Israel Publications providing the transcript to the Herald Sun. Any offence, hurt or embarrassment so caused was completely unintended.


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