THE FOLLOWING nasty specimen vilifying David Irving was published by the Portland, Oregon, weekly newspaper Willamette Week on April 28, 1998 at p.13/107:-

Willamette Week, April 25, 1998 by Josh Feit
LEGENDARY Neo-Nazi David Irving spoke in Vancouver on Saturday night [April 18, 1998]. Addressing a room of supporters, the antisemitic[1] fringe British historian gave his convoluted stump speech painting the Holocaust as a hoax, according to a source who was able to attend the somewhat clandestine event. This was Irving's fifth trip to the Portland area in six years.[2] The secretive lecture, sponsored by the innocuous-sounding Northwest Historical Society, was closed to the public and the media. (Irving had hosted a similar event in Seattle six days earlier sponsored by the Northwest Knights of the Ku Klux Klan[3] and a Christian Identity movement leader named Doyal Gudgel.)
People interested in hearing Irving speak in Vancouver were told to meet at a rendezvous check point - a strip mall copy shop on Northeast 117th Avenue and 95th Street. In the Copy Express parking lot, ticket holders were questioned and looked over by a group of skinheads. If approved, they were given a map to the event. The meeting was held at the Prairie High School library, just a few blocks away.
About 45 people - including well-dressed elderly couples, common-law court activists and flight-jacketed members of Volksfront - listened in as Irving, 60, gave an hour long talk arguing that Winston Churchill should have made peace with the Nazi's in 1940. One person who was able to make it past the check point came to serve legal papers to Irving on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, England's version of the Anti-Defamation League.[4] Irving had lost a libel suit in 1996 against the group,[5] and the legal papers demanded payment of $10,000 in attorneys fees.[6] The demand for payment was presented to Irving during his book signing, where he was selling titles such as Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich. Irving seemed annoyed at the interruption, and the server left immediately.
Irving is slated to give similar speeches this month in Atlanta and Washington, D.C.


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Notes on some of the lies:

  1. While happy to use this hurtful smear ("antisemitic") at random in public, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in fact admits in its internal memoranda that he is not antisemitic, and that this is one of the problems. The Board of Deputies of British Jews makes the same regretful comment -- in secret.
  2. For a lying newspaper article about an earlier talk given by David Irving at Portland, on October 10, 1994, see elsewhere on this Website.

  3. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sees hooded Klansmen under every bed; the KKK had no part in the Seattle lecture. This claim alone would make the article actionable under English law.
  4. Journalist Feit thus reveals the ADL as the source of his (mis-) information. That he knew the content of the legal document shows that he was entrusted with it by those who issued it.
  5. As the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the originator of this fresh smear, well knows, the High Court application which Mr. Irving lodged was not an action for libel, but an application for leave to bring a libel action against the Board "out of time". By deliberately concealing for several years their authorship of the secret libellous report which they had placed on Canadian government files in 1992, the Board of Deputies of British Jews wriggled out of being sued for libel by Mr. Irving in 1996. Since they succeeded with their submission that Mr. Irving should not be given leave to bring his lawsuit against them out of time (they made no attempt to defend or justify their actual libels), the Judge at the London hearing in November 1996 ordered Mr. Irving to pay the costs of the interlocutory hearing. He paid by $12,000 cheque, which the Board's laweyr's accepted -- and then lost!
  6. The "attorneys" concerned are the well-known and highly-respected London firm of Mishcon de Reya. They act both for the Board of Deputies of British Jews and for the Atlanta (Georgia) professor of religion, Deborah Lipstadt, in the British High Court lawsuit which Mr. Irving has brought against her for libel. Mishcon de Reya are highly respected for the poetic and literary interests of their leading partner Mr. Anthony Julius, and well-known for having earlier in 1998 billed the trustees of the Memorial Fund of Diana, Princess of Wales, for half a million pounds ($800,000) for attorneys fees for setting up the charitable Diana Fund. Mr. Julius was a member of the board of trustees which selected his firm to do the legal work. The size of his firm's charge caused an outcry in the London press, and Mr. Julius shortly announced that he was standing down. (Note: The fund's accountants, a different London firm, simultaneously waived all fees to which they would have normally been entitled.)

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