["There is a vast cyber-cesspit..." quote]

["Dredged up from the cesspit..."]

When the traditional enemy feeds the "fascist" smear to his first publisher William Kimber, David Irving assures him on April 25, 1963 that this is untrue

London, April 23,1981


Dear Mr Kimber

Further to our telephone conversation of 10.15 this morning, I can confirm categorically that I never have been a member of any fascist group or organisation; during my course at London University I was a Member of the Young Conservative's Association, and a leading official of Common Cause, an anti-Communist anti-fascist association.

If any other people should communicate with the Daily Telegraph or with you repeating the libel that was published about me in the Daily Mail, I would be grateful if you would inform me, and try to obtain their names and addresses.

Yours faithfully

David J Irving

William Kimber
46 Wilton Place
London SW1

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