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Letter to the Editor of
Australian Jewish News

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London, September 29, 1992

On September 25 [1992] the Australian Jewish News published an article referring to my renewed visit next year to Australia.

Australians are of course familiar with me from my several appearances on Jana Wendt's television programme and hundreds of thousands of people have purchased my books.

Your description of me as a man who states that the Holocaust was a hoax will puzzle many people, and I feel it important to set the record straight -- if only to help you avoid the kind of legal actions now facing British newspapers who have made the mistake of calling me in print a "Hitler apologist", a "Holocaust denier" and even "the man who authenticated the Adolf Hitler diaries." (I exposed them, too, as fakes).

My views are simple: after thirty years working in archives of German documents, including those in Moscow, I have found not one wartime document referring to "gas chambers".

Furthermore, there is no reference to any gassings in the daily top secret reports from the commandant of Auschwitz, Rudolf Höss, to his superiors in Berlin, which we British decoded at Bletchley Park during 1942 and 1943.

Furthermore, there is no significant trace of cyanide residues (ferric ferrocyanide) in the fabric of the buildings identified by popular Holocaust mythology as "gas chambers" at the Auschwitz site; both forensic tests published by "revisionists" and clandestine tests conducted by the present Auschwitz authorities in 1989, have established this fact beyond doubt.

Those same authorities now admit that the gas chambers they display to tourists are postwar fakes, like the "execution wall".

The eye-witness evidence does not, in the circumstances, reflect well on the eye-witnesses.

That having been said, let me make it plain that I have also found in the archives abundant evidence that mass shootings took place in Russia and the Baltic states, with perhaps as many as 100,000 Jews and others perishing in this way from 1941 to 1943.

Clearly there is the substance for a compelling public debate -- though this is not the topic of my forth coming visit.

If the organised Jewish community tries to suppress such a debate, whether by violence, or window-smashing, or blackmail (methods they have employed in Britain and North America), they will only increase anti-semitism, which I utterly deplore.

Incidently, it is incorrect to state, as your article does, that I am banned from Germany, Austria, Italy, and South Africa: I spoke to a large audience in Germany only last week, and I shall spend two months in South Africa before visiting Australia.

You are requested to publish the above as a Reader's letter.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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