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Letter to the Editor
The Australian

July 26, 1994

London July 26, 1994


To: Letters Editor,
The Australian


Sir, I see from Frank Devine (The Australian, Jul. 25) that my old antagonist

Deborah Lipstadt, the U.S. professor of international relations (alas, not history), has been allowed to tour Australia promoting the Holocaust.

She denigrates historians who differ as "Holocaust deniers" (an odious phrase that she herself invented), and ladles out libels, left and right: Among other things, she states that I have a portrait of Adolf Hitler above my desk -- a weird and untrue allegation first made by Moscow's Izvestia in 1982 (not that I am suggesting that that is her source).

She and her ilk prefer to continue defaming opponents from a safe distance (in this case, 10,500 miles) while refusing to debate in the traditional manner. I lectured in her home town of Atlanta, Georgia, at the old courthouse, on November 4 last year: challenged to share a debating platform with me, she refused, and fled to Boston, Massachusetts.

I wonder who has paid her surely not modest air fares to, and around, your beautiful country; I suspect it is the gentlemen who have gone to such lengths to keep me out.

Yours sincerely

David Irving


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Further notes:

  1. In September 1996 David Irving served a British High Court libel writ on Lipstadt for passages contained in her book Denying the Holocaust.

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