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Letter to the Editor
Canadian Jewish News

Monday, October 5, 1998

Canadian Jewish News
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Reader's Letters

Claims thesis writer is David Irving follower

Re: University approves controversial master's thesis (CJN, Aug. 20).

THE QUOTATION, "No historian can prove formally that Hitler had the genocide of the Jews as a political objective," shows Pierre Asselin as David Irving's follower.

I recommend that he read Eberhard Jaeckel's, David Irving's Hitler - A Faulty History Dissected.

Not only has Jaeckel, professor of history at the University of Stuttgard (Germany), answered Irving's falsehoods, but also those of several others mentioned in Jaeckel's little book of 58 pages.

D. Broh, Montreal

London, Monday, October 5, 1998

IN YOUR October 1 edition you print a reader's letter from a Mr D Broh of Montreal, suggesting that a recent successful Master's thesis submitted by a Pierre Asselin showed him to be a David Irving follower. May I say I have checked my address lists (which hold the names of many thousands of supporters and sponsors around the world) and Mr Asselin does not figure on them. He evidently arrived at his conclusions independently, and on the archival evidence.

As for citing Professor Eberhard Jäckel as an authority, Mr Broh will find that that German professor, in a recent history published by the Holocaust Memorial Museum, concedes that it was not until my biography Hitler's War was published in 1977 that the controversies started and other historians started to examine the history of the Holocaust. I have reproduced the relevant pages on my Website.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving


  1. See our dossier on the forger and liar Jäckel.

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