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David Irving

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Letter to the Editor
The Calgary Herald

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

The Calgary Herald
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Key West, Wednesday, July 29, 1998


Re: Brinks Suspect Ryan

I HAVE READ your story in today's Calgary Herald with some disquiet for the manner in which you use the search for a suspected bank robber Patrick Ryan to peg a gratuitously insulting attack on my name as an historian.

So -- a copy of my famous Hitler biography Hitler's War (The Viking Press, New York, 1977), was in his bookshelf: so what -- the book was, and is, a worldwide best-seller. It is in half a million bookshelves in the USA and Canada alone.

This is quite unacceptable form of journalism. You are aware that I am banned from Canada, thanks to the smear tactics of the same people who fed the absurd "Holocaust denier" label to your newspaper.

For the record: I have just checked my files of world-wide supporters; there is only one Patrick Ryan on it, and he lives here in Florida and his middle initial is different, too.

Your Canadian villain of that name is unknown to me.

Yours sincerely

David Irving


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