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Sunday, August 30, 2009

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

[In your review of Andrew Roberts' latest potboiler you close with the usual smear. Please therefore allow me the customary right of reply in your printed pages:]

Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg and the mystery woman he married

Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg and the mystery woman he married (Unpublished photo from David Irving's archives)

The Nuggets of Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts: The Storm of War, reviewed by Ian Pindar in The Guardian, Saturday 29 August 2009

"Roberts is also dismissive of Hitler apologists such as David Irving, and this excellent one-volume history of the war stands as a principled rebuttal to their claims that Hitler was in any way a genius."

Hitler with BlombergYOUR reviewer welcomes the "impressive new analysis" of WW2 by young historian Andrew Roberts for the "nuggets of overlooked evidence" he has unearthed in his latest work. The story of Field Marshal von Blomberg's unfortunate wife is hardly new; he could have found it in several of my biographies, and probably did - I visited the woman in question in Berlin in the 1970s (she was rather abrupt).

Maybe Roberts should have continued picking up crumbs from my table as he once used to. Being the fellow who supplied him with Lord Halifax's secret diaries twenty years ago, in May 1989, which he used to write his own first biography, I find his sneering references to my work meagre recompense indeed.

David Irving
(Windsor, UK)


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