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Letter to the Editor
The Independent

London, Saturday, April 22, 2000

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Saturday, April 22, 2000

SORRY to spoil the party -- me being called a racist and all that (e.g. your editorial, April 15, "Any reasonable person who knew anything about him sensed Irving was a racist.") You will find that Sir Charles Gray stated in his judgment, among other things to my credit, "I accept that Irving is not obsessed with race. He has certainly not condoned or excused racist violence or thuggery." Not that the public will have learned as much from the newspaper reporting.

On Day 18 (February 10) I produced to the court photos of the many ethnic minority staff whom I have personally selected -- over White candidates, and for equal pay -- to work as my personal aides as an author (some of whom have now been interviewed by London's ethnic media and have confirmed my lack of racist attitudes).

For what it is worth, on Day 14 (February 2, page 99) I also pointed out that Prof. Lipstadt's entire legal team, some thirty people, had not shown one coloured face in court during the previous four weeks. That observation earned me a stinging rebuke from the Judge, the fairness of which I still fail to comprehend.

In my closing statement I drew attention to a similar paradox: Lipstadt has written entire books and newspaper articles urging that Jews never marry outside their own race; yet I stand condemned as a racist on the basis of one nineteen word ditty -- all they found in a 20 million word diary). Since the Lipstadt case will go to appeal, I shall not say more here.

Yours faithfully,

David Irving



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