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David Irving

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Letter to the Editor
The Independent

London, May 23, 1992

Mr Andreas Whittam-Smith,
The New York Times
40 City Road
London EClY 2DB

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London, .May 23, 1993

Dear Whittam-Smith,

Your article on my fight to be heard in Australia was reasonable enough, and up to your newspaper's usual standards (though playing to your usual gallery). Your headline was inexcusable, and I have today lodged an immediate complaint with the Press Complaints Commission.

If you wish to commission a reply from me -- not in the form of a Reader's Letter, given the prominence of your slur -- I will withdraw the complaint.

You will be aware that a recent complaint by me against The Observer, who published an article by Chaim Bermant which had already been rejected by Scotland on Sunday as too libellous to print, led to them publishing a grovelling apology and forking out about £10,000 pounds in costs incurred by their solicitors and my own.

Yours faithfully

David Irving



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Further notes: The newspaper had published an article with a headline including the phrase "Video Nazis". Mr Irving protested to the Press Council that this was a play on the phrase "video nasties", and that the word "Nazi" itself was not included even once in the article. The Press Council (predictably) rejected the complaint.

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