Documents on the Fight for Real History

David Irving

[Photoby Michael Hentz, for
The New York Times]

Letter to the Editor of
Private Eye

[Not published]

The Editor,
Private Eye,
22 Greek Street,
London W1.

London, November 3, 1983

Dear Gnome,

Y OU HAVE not published my enclosed letter correcting the (no doubt unintentional) error in your news report of September 9 attributing two very strange books, None dare call it conspiracy and The controversy of Zion to my pen.
I have never written any such books. To suggest that I have is defamatory.
Please publish the attached letter in your next issue. As The Guardian is learning at this very hour of writing, I am suddenly in a litigious frame of mind. These come round at unpredictable intervals. I am sure you too will want to come round.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

[Planting untrue stories like this, it now turns out, was one of the smear methods adopted by the agents of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.]
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