David Irving

[Photoby Michael Hentz, for
The New York Times]

Letter to the Editor
Sydney Morning Herald


To: The Sydney Morning Herald. Attn.: Readers Letters 235-243 Jones Street fax to 612 9282 1640 Broadway, Sydney , New South Wales 2001, Australia For publication:

London, February 18, 1998

I WAS angry to read your Editorial's reckless and hurtful reference to me (Feb. 12) as "the anti-Semitic British historian." That a handful of Australian Jews have agitated against my visiting your country does not make me ipso facto an anti-Semite, it makes them anti-Irving.
For the record, the most influential American Jewish agency, the Anti-Defamation League, reported secretly in April 1977, after my biography Hitler's War was published, "Irving is definitely not anti-Semitic." Even the Board of Deputies of British Jews admitted in a confidential Intelligence report sent in 1992 to various governments including no doubt your own - it was obtained by me from Ottawa under the Canadian Access to Information Act - that I have many professional friends who are Jewish, and that there is no evidence of any anti-Semitism on my part (other than a dislike of the policies of Israel).

(I attach photocopies of the pages concerned).

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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