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[Photoby Michael Hentz, for
The New York Times]

Right: Günter Deckert

David Irving

Letter to the Editor of
The Sunday Telegraph


The Editor,
The Sunday Telegraph,
Fleet Street,
London EC4

WE INVITE our visitors to send words of encouragement to Mr Deckert in prison in Germany:-

Günter Deckert - politischer Häftling -
Schönbornstrasse 32
76646 Bruchsal (Germany).

London, April 15, 1997

I WAS SAD to see that a Mannheim court has sentenced Günter Deckert, whom you describe as "one of Germany's most notorious neo-Nazis", to a further two years and three months in jail for "denying the Holocaust" (report, April 12).

Deckert, 57, is a former schoolteacher, city councillor and chairman of the NPD, one of Germany's constitutional political parties. Two years ago two German judges praised his character and motives in the highest terms (which led to their enforced retirement). This latest jail term has been imposed because Deckert chaired a lecture for me in Weinheim in 1991.

When defence lawyers pointed out that the video and audiotapes offered in evidence showed no trace of the incriminating sentences which I was accused of having spoken - nor indeed was it uttered - the public prosecutor held that I had intended to speak it; and that the unfortunate prisoner was mentally aware that I had intended to do so.

All of this results from Germany's law for the suppression of free speech (para 130 of its penal code), which Mr. Blair has announced he is eager to introduce here too.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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