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Letter to the Editor
The Seattle Weekly

November 18, 1995

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London, November 18, 1995


About half of Tad Cook's article (Nov. 15) on my necessarily low-profile lecture in Seattle was very good; but half was way off-beam, as the verbatim transcript of what I actually said would show.

I do not for instance myself claim that sixty percent of Auschwitz is fake, a post-war reconstruction; I am merely quoting what the prestigious French magazine L'Express found, when its writer Eric Conan visited the hallowed Auschwitz site in January [1995].

In particular, the gas chamber they show the tourists: it was built in 1948, three years after W.W.II, by the Polish communists. The Auschwitz staff now admits this.

As Conan wrote in L'Express (Jan. 26) "Tout y est faux"--Everything in it is fake.

If that discovery doesn't give food for thought, then, gentlemen, you just ain't hungry.

Yours sincerely,


David Irving


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Further notes:

  1. On the gas chamber controversy, see David Irving's letter to historian Robert Jan van Pelt.

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