Documents on the Fight for Real History

David Irving

[Photoby Michael Hentz, for
The New York Times]

Letter to the Editor
Svenska Dagbladet

November 15, 1993

John Larsson

Valhallavägen 133
115 31 Stockholm

London, November 15, 1993

Dear Mr Larsson,
MANY thanks for your timely letter. I have today faxed an immediate reader's letter to the Svenska Dagbladet as follows:

"Since you printed under the headline "Falsifier of History Expelled" (Nov.11) the German government's wholly unwarranted press attack on me after their action in excluding me last Tuesday from Germany, a country where I have researched and lectured without incident for thirty years may I briefly assure your readers that it is totally untrue that I "claim the annihilation of Jews during the Second World War never took place" or that I arrived in Germany "to incite violence."

The arrogance and mendacity of this German government press release are breathtaking. This struggle is getting increasing ugly! Please carry on keeping me informed.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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