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Letter to the History Society
Canterbury University

Mr D.M. Wrobel,
History Society,
Keynes College,
The University,
Kent CT2 7NP

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London, October 19, 1983

JUST A few lines about my talk to the History Society on November 2nd.
Perhaps you could telephone me to confirm details shortly? I had a very successful (and lively) meeting with the Reading University history society last night.
In fact about 500 people packed into their Palmer hall to hear my talk on the great fakes of historiography.
Of course, I am just as happy to speak to five as 500.
But I thought I ought to warn you that there is evidence of an orchestrated campaign to prevent me speaking, and to overrule the right of societies like yours to invite whomsoever you wish.
So you must not be surprised to find, as November 2nd draws near, pressure mysteriously mounting to have the meeting cancelled.
One of the techniques they use is to call a last-minute meeting of the Union and put up a resolution instructing you to cancel your invitation to me, at penalty of being disaffiliated.
They leave this until the last minute so that you will not have time to obtain the answers to the untrue allegations which they make.
Forewarned is forearmed! You should know now, well in advance of this tactic, that I am not a member of any political group and that any smears about "racism and fascism" are untrue and defamatory.
I have been a professional author for twenty years and have written fifteen books, all for reputable publishers.
My last major book, "Uprising", about the Hungarian revolution of 1956, involved research in Moscow and other Iron Curtain capitals; if I am good enough for the Russians, I think I am good enough for the National Union of Students! Let's hope you need none of this information: but if you should need more, please give me a call so that I can brief you.

Yours faithfully,
David Irving

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