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WE take no pleasure in reminding Website visitors of the harm that mindless persecution by self-appointed vengeance seekers, claiming to act on behalf of the Jewish community, can inflict on innocent citizens. The following report appeared in Canada's leading newspaper The Toronto Star in 1983:


The Toronto Star

April 13, 1983

A life ruined by Nazi hunt

by Dick Chapman


As the RCMP steps up its hunt for alleged Nazi war criminals hiding in Canada, a sombre warning comes from a retired Chicago factory worker.

Frank Walus is the warning.

He personifies a valuable lesson to mark today's start of a Holocaust Remembrance Week, a worldwide commemoration for nearly seven million victims murdered by Nazi Germany's Third Reich under Adolph Hitler during World War II.

Vienna-based Simon Wiesenthal, famed Nazi hunter, had fingered Walus, 61, in 1974 as a former Gestapo collaborator.

By the time the allegation reached Israeli police, Walus had been "promoted" to Gestapo member.

Walus later stood in a U.S. denaturalization court to hear 12 "eye-witnesses" identify him as a notorious mass-murderer who allegedly stomped to death a young pregnant Jew.

Walus had to find $60,000 for his defence and to bring witnesses from Poland. But he lost the case, was stripped of his U.S. citizenship and ordered deported.

There was just one horrendous flaw.

Wiesenthal, Israeli police, the U.S. justice system and the media had the wrong man.

U.S. prosecutors later agreed Walus had never been at the Nazis' concentration camp at Kielce, Poland where "eye-witnesses" 40 years later had placed him.

"Nine of the 12 witnesses who said they had been born in Poland and lived there, never did," Walus said in a recent interview.

The U.S. justice department dropped the case, apologized and paid Walus $34,000 in legal costs. But Walus figures he's spent $120,000 trying to clear his name.

"Simon Wiesenthal fabricated the whole story," Walus says bitterly. "I don't know how the U.S. justice department believed him. Who the hell is Simon Wiesenthal that they believe everything he says?"

In prosecuting Walus, the U.S. government overlooked several important details:

  • Walus is Polish and therefore the Nazis would never have allowed him to join the Schutzstaffel (SS), as alleged.
  • The 5-foot-4 Walus was too short by two inches to be allowed to join the Gestapo, as alleged. Some witnesses even testified "Walus" was well over six feet.
  • Walus arrived in Kielce after the war.

Walus also points out the most obvious reason he couldn't have been the SS boss.

"I was 16 or 17 years old at the time I was supposed to be a top-ranking SS officer. How could you attain that rank at such an early age?"

The Simon Wiesenthal Center Annual states that it concentrates on the scholarly study of the Holocaust. "Our definition of the Holocaust in its widest context includes: Nazi Germany and the Final Solution, 1933-1945; European Jewry during World War II; refugees, rescue, and immigration; displaced persons and post-war trials; and modern anti-Semitism."

FOR THIRTY-FIVE years the international Jewish organisations like the SWC have been harassing British historian David Irving. Again and again he has been shown examples of the furtive "backgrounders" and smear-sheets circulated by them in an attempt to blacken his name.

COURTESY LINK: Visit the Simon Wiesenthal Center Website.

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