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Cape Times
Capetown, South Africa, June 5, 1992


Visa snag for rightist


RIGHT-WING British author Mr David Irving will now have to apply for formal permission every time he wants to visit South Africa.

A Home Affairs spokesman in Cape Town said yesterday he could not give reasons why Mr. Irving, who has visited South Africa four times, had lost the Visa exemption enjoyed by British citizens.

The immigration section of the South African embassy in London this week confirmed that it had received a formal application from Mr Irving to visit South Africa early next year.

In his application Mr. Irving notes that he will not undertake a lecture tour if granted permission to visit South Africa but would "purely reside at George to write my manuscripts..."

He lists as referees Mr. Justice Louis Weyers of the Supreme Court in Pretoria, MP Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis and Mr. John Bishop of SATV.

An angry Mr. Irving, already banned from Germany and fined R20,000 for telling a beerhall audience there that the gas chambers shown to Auschwitz tourists were a "post-war fabrication", yesterday vowed to fight the latest clamp. The Austrian government was also so incensed by his comments that it issued a warrant for his arrest which still stands.

June 5, 1992
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Note: Mr. Derby-Lewis, a leading Conservative MP and member of the President's Council, was later convicted of masterminding the assassination of Communist ANC chief Mr. Chris Hani, sentenced to death; later commuted. He and Polish-born hitman Mr. Peter Walusz are still (1999) held in jail, with his application for amnesty refused.

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