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[Ellensburg newspaper, May 5, 1999]


Hearing Irving speak was unpleasant

To the Editor

I just had the unpleasant experience of hearing David Irving speak publicly at CWU. He is a self proclaimed revisionist historian, meaning he tries to rewrite what the rest of the world takes as fact. Mr Irving's message, however, is basically that Hitler was not such a bad guy after all, no matter that he killed millions of innocent people.

Irving publicly denied any connection to Northwest neo-Nazi groups, despite the fact that his last two lectures in Portland were organized by neo-Nazis.

It was interesting, scary really, to see several students at the lecture buying posters of Hitler from Mr Irving and congratulating him on his views that Hitler had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

I want to thank all of those community members who spoke up against Mr Irving, who support honest and legitimacy in our academic centers and out community.

The "watering down" of history, of the evil perpetrated by Nazi Germany, will only make Hitler an d his beliefs more palatable, more acceptable, and more likely to surface again.

It surfaced in Ellensburg just today.,

Bruce Herman
Ellensburg [Washington state, USA]


May 5, 1999
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Comment: This letter is reproduced as ax example of the unreasoning hatred of Mr Irving expressed by members of the Jewish community. Herman's totally incorrect report on the Ellensburg function strongly suggests that he was not in fact present at the university lecture by Mr Irving that day.

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