Media Coverage of the Lipstadt Libel Action

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Fifth Media Clippings Update: Irving vrs. Lipstadt & Penguin Books


CNN Television coverage in the U.S. includes a feature by CNN in its "CNN & Time" program aired Sunday January 16, 2000 at 2100 HRS EST. This can be read or heard on these links:

Coverage for the U.S. and international Jewish Press, e.g., the Jerusalem Post, and the Jewish Telegraphic Service, includes daily news reports from Douglas Davis, a London- based correspondent. See too The Jerusalem Post coverage.

Courtroom trial reports have appeared on a daily basis on the British Broadcasting Corp. website. Of note is the daily coverage by the Irish Times by reporter Rachel Donnelly. The British press has covered the trial extensively. The major UK dailies are provided continuing coverage:

In the U.S. the Atlanta Constitution has covered the trial in depth every day with daily reports by reporter Bert Roughton, Jr. Atlanta is Lipstadt's home town where she teaches at Emory University

Opening day coverage appeared in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune all of whom had reporters in the courtroom. However, none of these papers have yet provided their readers with any follow-up coverage nor has any coverage yet appeared in the Washington Post nor in USA Today as of January 17, 2000.

If you would like to read coverage in Reuters from London, use the Yahoo UK Reuters wire service. We have set up the appropriate search term. Just click to get what coverage there is.

To find Associated Press coverage at Yahoo ... search on the term "Lipstadt" without the quote marks within the news pages. To read the most current Associated Press World News coverage about the trial, when there is content, click on this URL which incorporates the relevant search syntax.

Archive of Media Clips on the Trial: In cooperation with the Nizkor project an archive was set up this week and will be maintained with news clippings about the trial. The clippings archive will be updated as long as the trial is in progress:David Irving's Action Report

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