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Comments by this website: Well written and entertaining though this article is -- albeit it contains a number of English words which do not exist in any dictionary or vocabulary except that of this schizoid "Professor of English" it is riddled with errors of the kind that only a casual observer of the trial could have made.

  • There were no Irving "groupies," outside Jacobson's fevered and distorted imagination. The Courtroom's public gallery was occupied almost entirely by Jewish luminaries, and by Israeli worthies and notables, according to their own press.
  • A search of the transcripts for many of the "quotations" from the proceedings fails to confirm their existence. They too are figments of his imagination.
  • Mr Irving offered more than "three" witnesses, and more than one (the Prof. Macdonald upon whom Jacobson passes such scathing remarks) testified on oath in the box, which is more than the brave defendants Lipstadt and Penguin dared to do.
  • Jacobson seems unaware that the modern court procedure calls for witnesses to make lengthy written statements; these are their evidence in chief, upon which they are then cross examined by the opponents, if desired.
  • Rampton introduced his own well-paid (up to £109,000 each) defence witnesses with barely two lines of examination; so did Mr. Irving as Plaintiff. It is their written evidence which is before the Court, evidence of which Jacobson was unaware.
  • What on earth is a "lumbering yet distracted stride": we suspect that somebody has been unable to decipher the professor's handwriting?
  • From Jcobson's frequent but puzzling references to Irving's exoneration of Hitler for guilt in the shootings of Jews in Russia by the Einsatzgruppen, in the euthanasia murders and all Hitler's other known crimes it is obvious that he has never even glanced at Mr Irving's book Hitler's War, let alone the other books. (Note Jacobson's wild assertion that Mr Irving claimed that the "record cleared Hitler of the charge of having had a hand in whatever crimes against the Jews of Europe were committed by the German forces and their allies during the Second World War"!)
  • Compare the Jacobson version of the cross examination of Prof. Longerich on Vernichtung durch Arbeit, with the transcript using the link provided.
  • Readers will appreciate why Mr. Irving went to the considerable expense of procuring permission to post the verbatim transcripts on this website: that is Real History!
  • As for Hitler being the Jews' "best friend", the allusion is of course to the creation of the State of Israel.
  • And Hitler never once spoke of the "Eliminierung" of the Jews: this is another manipulation by Jacobson of the evidence.