These two outraged Jewish worthies refer to Mr Irving as a frequent speaker at the IHR, picking up the lie spread by Professor Richard Evans (fee: $200,000) at the High Court. See Mr Irving's cross examination of Evans (Beginning at "Q. Can you estimate how many times in the last 17 years I have visited these conferences to justify the word 'frequent'?") on Day 20, Feb. 15, 2000 at page 126. The following is from Mr Irving's closing speech on March 15 (Day 32, at page 200:):

I AM NOT, and never have been, an official of the IHR; at most, one of many friendly advisers. As for speaking engagements, my association with the IHR has been the same as my association was with, for instance, the Cambridge University Fabian Society, or the Trinity College Dublin Lit. & Deb., or any other body of enlightened people keen to hear alternative views. Professor Evans, in his odious attempts to smear and defile my name, which I hope will long haunt him in the common rooms of Cambridge, called me a frequent speaker at the IHR. And may I say, So what: none of my lectures had a Holocaust-denial, or anti-Semitic, or extremist theme. I spoke on Churchill, on Pearl Harbor, on Rommel, on the Goebbels diaries, on my Eichmann-papers find, and on general problems of writing history. The Court has learned that I have in fact addressed functions of the IHR only five times in seventeen years, one lecture each time. No amount of squirming by this expert witness could increase that figure. It is true that I socialised before or after the event with the IHR officials and their wives. So what. It is true that I use their warehousing facilities. So what. It is true that the IHR (along with thousands of other retail outlets) sell my books. So what.