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Monday, June 5, 2000

More Jewish Outrage

(IHR audience picture added by this website)

David Irving

Re "Holocaust Revisionist Begins U.S. Tour," May 30: We were outraged to read David Irving described as "one of the best-known historians of the Third Reich."

audienceIn the April British court decision against him, Judge Charles Gray characterized Irving as a racist, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. Gray wrote that "Irving has misstated historical evidence; adopted positions which run counter to the weight of the evidence; given credence to unreliable evidence and disregarded or dismissed credible evidence . . . Irving's historiographical 'errors' converge, in . . . that they all tend to exonerate Hitler."

Irving has made frequent[*] appearances before the Institute for Historical Review since 1983. The IHR, based in Costa Mesa, has spearheaded the international movement to deny the Holocaust and remains the world's single most important outlet for Holocaust-denial propaganda. Irving and other Holocaust deniers must be taken seriously and exposed for who they are and what they stand for and not accorded credibility they do not merit.

Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League, Los Angeles

Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League, Orange County


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Monday, June 5, 2000

Website fact: The stamina of the defence team in the Lipstadt libel action was aided by a six million dollar slushfund provided by Steven Spielberg, Edgar J Bronfman, and the American Jewish Committee, which enabled them to pay 21 lawyers and "experts". A million pound lollipop was figuratively brandished from the defence lawyers' table throughout the trial, and all those who behaved got a lick at it; their experts like the "scholars" Prof. Evans, Prof. Longerich and others were paid up to £125,000 each (on top of the academic salaries they continued to draw) to testify as they did. Nobody was paying for Mr Irving. His defence witnesses testified without payment, from conviction. [Help!]

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