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July 9, 2020




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pinocchioTMZ, the paparazzi website, posts video of a White child who was
dancing being brutally attacked by a Black man |
Black violence plagues the U.S.A. over the 4th of July weekendInside Edition | Drone footage captures unprecendented amount of illegal fireworks in Los Angeles | Columns of Black militants with rifles are seen marching through a Georgia town

Ghislaine        Ghislaine Maxwell has Jeffrey Epstein’s “secret stash of tapes” and could use them as jail “insurance policy” friend claimsnews | Maxwell Has “Dead Woman’s Switch” Secret Sex Tapes in Her Possession– summit | Prince Andrew’s cousin says Maxwell has ‘Secret Video’ of him– infowars

Cuis custodet custodiens        Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight boardelectronicintifada

They can’t be libelled?        “Anti-Semites” appropriate “Black suffering” to libel Zionists– jewishjournal

Promoted to what? Corporal?       TikTok promoted anti-Semitic death-camp meme, by Joe Tidy Cyber reporterBBC Again: What‘s a meme?

Suspects        McCarthy was anti-Communist. Was he also anti-Semitic?forward. Most of his suspects were Jews!!

Poor Jews wanted        Argentinian University Professor Offers Bonus to ‘Whoever Finds a Poor Jew’- algemeiner. An unnamed student of Lizondo recorded the class and posted it on Twitter. He also reported the incident to the Córdoba branch of the Argentine Jewish umbrella organization DAIA. One guess as to the “student’s” origins?

PayPal unmasked        Despite serving 200 million users in 203 countries, PayPal denies its service to Palestinians – though not to Israeli settlers – in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip– eletronicintifada

Archaeology news        Gruesome discovery of murdered inmates under a former NKVD prisonexpress

There’s a welcome in the —        Former slave hub Ghana asks “African Americans" to return home, to Africa–Western Journal

Timely advice        Ann Coulter warns: “Get Ghislaine Maxwell On Tape” Before She Dies Like EpsteinInfoWars

Epstein news     Ghislaine “Maxwell” arrested by FBI | Latest Epstein revelations: an excellent overview ... |  Mystery as superyacht linked to “Maxwell” is spotted in New ZealandSun | Where Ghislaine “Maxwell’ ” been hiding – a good video by Inside Edition | How she avoided arrest for so longnews| Tucker Carlson gets it right away, he exposes another “Maxwell” Jewish link, Hoffmann owner of Linked In. “Friends of Jeffrey Epstein are probably terrified says Alana Goodman”– YouTube, Fox |
“Maxwell” spread $28m over 15 bank accounts, used fake name ‘G-Max’news

Like France, Belgium, and other suckers          UK denying Maduro access to Venezuelan Gold is not only theft, it’s murder of London’s reputation as trusted financial center, says George Galloway– RT

One of the good U.S. Presidents        Jimmy Carter says Israeli annexation would be “illegal” land grabthehill

pinocchioClass action        Seattle business owners within the “autonomous zone” file class action lawsuit against the cityInside Edition

Illegal annexation        Leaked Memo details ADL’s annexation response

The Gift which keeps on Giving        Dutch national rail company offers $5.6 million for “Holocaust”-era transport of Jewish victims. Jews say, More please. No, really– Jewish Telegraphic Agency | Jewish groups angry at railway reparationarkansasonline They are expecting 6Million euros each!!

pinocchioNascar dreamers        FBI says Bubba Wallace NOT victim of hate crime; the notorious “rope” had been in Talladega garage since October 2019. Another “Fake” Hate Crime | It was just a strap to pull down a garage door | The Richard Petty Motorsports team also pushed the noose story but there’s pictures from 2019 where the same rope is hanging from that garage door

Forgot they were English        Girlfriend of Man who flew “White Lives Matter” banner fired from her job because she rejected “intensive racial sensitivity training”– prison planet | Cambridge University backs academic Dr Priyamvada Gopal, 51 hit by a wave of abusive messages for tweeting "White Lives Don't Matter” | Cambridge Promotes [Gopal] to full professorship Academic– infowars

Blacks exempted from masking      Lincoln County, Oregon is requiring whites only to wear face masks in public, blacks and other non-whites are not required to wear them so they will not be profiled | official government document stating this law (scroll down to top of page 3) | After backlash Lincoln County forced to drop its mask exemptions for Blacks

Sensitivity monitor        Blacks call for redesign of U.K. royal honour because of “offensive” image – they say image of St Michael standing on Satan is reminiscent of George Floyd. Except that St Michael was a saint, and George was not


Caught red-handed        Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal, 33, arrested for torching police cruisers during Philadelphia's unrest with Molotov cocktails, faces “serious jail time”–YouTube. (Read the comments: they are hilarious. Disgracefully few show sympathy for George Floyd or Black looters; 650 people have been arrested, face cases in Philadelphia. Blumenthal’s lawyer whined: “The public should be concerned about the [FBI’s] approach used in this investigation.” (One Comment: Yes, how dare they use evidence to track down an arsonist)

Mass murderer        Controversial statue of [Jewish Bolshevik] Lenin erected in German city, GelsenkirchenBBC

How still we see thee lie        Israeli settlers assault, injure, a Palestinian child near BethlehemIMEMC

Rayshard’s Criminal Record       Rayshard Brooks was on probation for four crimes – including cruelty to children – and faced going back to prison, when he was found asleep and intoxicated blocking Wendy’s drive-through– DailyMail. | Rayshard’s rap-sheet. Why don’t the mainsteam media mention this? Oh, we forgot | Black district attorney of Atlanta has charged the White police officer in Rayshard Brooks shooting with murder, and other police officer – who did not even fire his weapon – with aggravaged assault. Now that’s Black power. Atlanta police walk out in protest

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David Irving writing in his Mayfair home in the 1970s  (The Times, London)               [Buy the books here]

Not me, you idiots        The liberal mayor of Olympia, Washington supported BLM – until they spray-painted her house. Now she calls them “domestic terrorists”– Western Journal

Don’t mention it        BBC refuses to remove bust of former chief [Lord Reith] who “backed Hitler,” while scrapping Fawlty TowersExpress

Statue strikes back        Man hospitalized with serious injuries after being struck by a statue pulled from a Confederate monument in Portsmouth, VirginiaNBC News. The victim was later named as BLM protester Chris Greene, who remains critically ill in a coma

Britain’s role in slavery        Boris Johnson once said colonialism in Africa should never have ended. He wrote “the problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are not in charge any more” 

Ignorance is Bliss       Video: BLM Protesters Demand Removal of Statue [of Cecil Rhodes] they know nothing aboutinfowars

Dib dib dib        Council brings in 24-hour security for Lord Baden-Powell statue after furious finger-pointing over who made decision that monument should be taken down | Was Baden-Powell a supporter of Hitler?BBC

They’ll be Needing Lawyers            Molotov cocktail-tossing lawyers tried to pass out firebombs to protesters, say Feds | Pakistani-American lawyer Urooj Rahman, and her accomplice get Conditional Bail in New York police van firebombing

Risks of looting        Sheriff warns rioters planning to raid [Polk County, Florida] neighbourhoods: “I’m highly recommending’ residents shoot you dead. People of Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns – and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded”– infowars

The good-humored way of defeating arguments       The British Jews who fought postwar fascism on London’s streetstheguardian. “Sam jumped on him. The genial, good-humoured Sam said, ‘I’m just breaking the bastard’s ribs so he won’t attend any more meetings.’”

David Frost returns        The original archive tapes of the BBC’s David Frost Programme, in which Frost attempts before an invited audience on June 9, 1977 to destroy Mr Irving’s just-published book Hitler’s War – and fails, as the U.K. Press admits next day: Thankyou, YouTube

Revealed at last        Lenin’s Statue is vandalized with anti-Jewish graffiti in Kotka, Southeast Finland. The foundation of the statue is also inscribed “Jewish mass murderer.”

Below: ADL chief Jonathan A Greenblatt. Note his ritual wristband   

Social distancing from the chosen          Ultra-Orthodox Jews [haredi] hit disproportionately hard by Israel's coronavirus outbreakLos Angeles Times | Strasbourg, France: A Majority Of Jewish Community infected, “anti-Semitism” Rising, Chief Rabbi says- The Yeshiva World

Nuremberg: The Last BattleLaws don't apply to us        New Jersey cops break up another wedding in a Jewish community, with forty guests, as Lakewood NJ residents continue to ignore social distancing rulesDaily Mail. “New Jersey cops are forced to break up another wedding in a Jewish community as residents continue to ignore social distancing rules” |   Rabbi among three arrested for operating a mikvah [ritual Jewish bath] in Buenos Aires, in violation of anti-virus lawsThe Jerusalem Post | Shameless parasites out for money. Our misery is ADL’s taxpayer- funded opportunity | Billionaire Bill Ackman [a Jew] details a $2 billion bet he just made that coronavirus will be a “temporary but massive economic shock”The Guardian

Hitler’s War by David Irving, is available. Photo, right: from the book’s picture section, one of Walter Frentz’s fine photographs, Hitler addressing Luftwaffe fighter aces at the Berghof, spring 1944

videoLesson in pariotism       How David Irving defined Patriotism for Richard Rampton, QC, the very capable defence counsel of Deborah “Liar" Lipstadt (15 secs.)

The Biter Bit       Protesters Disrupt Talk by “Renowned Holocaust Scholar” Deborah Lipstadt at UC Berkeleyalgemeiner. So, Renowned Liars can be disrupted, too. That’s interesting. She has been silent recently. | Richard Evans on Lipstadt trial– historyextra.Lipstadt described to him in detail the frightening experience of a lone author with little or no means, being sued for a large sum of money, and facing a complete loss of academic reputation if she lost. Evans: “I felt by this time that it was an action that should never have been brought”. So much for the “neutral” expert

Is there a pattern emerging here?        U.S. President Donald Trump pardoned Israeli-born drug pusher Ronen Nahmani, who had served four years of a twenty-year sentence for conspiracy to distribute synthetic drugs. American Chabad member Sholom Rubashkin, was also released from prison | Bernie Madoff asked President Trump to reduce the remainder of his 150-year prison sentence                       


* ASSHOL: “Association of Spurious Survivors of the “Holocaust” and Other Liars” | * AWPOW: Are we powerful or what | * HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: somebody to whom nothing happened on the way the bank, like Hadassah Liebermann etc.


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