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Skinflint Spielberg lets Schindler's widow rot

Website correspondent Manuel Carbajal" of Argentina informs us (Sunday, December 3, 2000):

A COUPLE of weeks ago all the Argentinian newspapers announced that Emilie Schindler, the widow of the late Oskar Schindler, suffered an accident and broke her hip. It now turns out that she was hospitalised in Buenos Aires -- in a public hospital, because she does not have enough money to pay for a private clinic.

None of the people that benefited from her husband as a person (those on the famous List) or from the telling of his story (Steven Spielberg and all the Hollywood producers and Holocaust industrialists who made millions with the movie) helped her in any way. In the end her medicals bills were paid by an anonymous benefactor; the newspapers have made a point of clarifying that he was not Jewish.

Comments our correspondent:

SpielbergIt seems quite inmoral, that Spielberg, who gave millions for the Lipstadt defense team against a man defending his reputation in court, was not able to cough up $1,200 for the medical bill of the widow of a person to whom he owes so much. Buenos Aires newspapers reported that Spielberg's production office didn't even return phone calls when a friend of Widow Emilie Schindler called, pleading for help. None of the Argentinian Jewish associations helped her either.