Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2001

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London, Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Inside information on: IBM link to Final Solution revealed

The real reason why Edwin Black targets IBM: nothing to do with the Holocaust?

IN the early 1990's Edwin Black was the editor and publisher of two excellent PC monthly consumer magazines: OS/2 Professional and OS/2 Week. Mr. Black was an avid and committed user of IBM's product, OS/2.

OS/2 was a PC operating system, which was a competing product to Microsoft's Windows platform. Like many informed and technical PC users at that time, he believed that IBM had a superior product, that with sufficient advertising, proper marketing and product positioning, OS/2 would capture a significant portion of the desktop PC market and that OS/2 would prevail and eventually dominate the PC operating system market.

However, abruptly and irrationally, around 1995-96, IBM decided to drop OS/2 as a consumer operating system and to focus OS/2 on enterprise businesses exclusively. Hence those two consumer magazines were terminated. Edwin Black suffered substantial financial loss as a result thereof.

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