Posted Saturday, May 12, 2001

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We've had time to consider the issue and will be returning the books. -- Westminster libraries chief

London, Saturday, May 12, 2001

Peterborough column

Irving back

TWO days after being barred from speaking at the Oxford Union, the "revisionist" historian David Irving is smarting at another snub.

His books have been withdrawn from public libraries in his home borough of Westminster, pending a council inquiry.

"I am far from pleased," Irving tells me. "Particularly as I have been a Westminster ratepayer for 40 years or more.

"My books are borrowed countrywide by thousands of readers, as I know from my PLR cheque each year, and it seems odd that the wishes of many Westminster borrowers are flouted by the concerns of a few."

Westminster claims that the books will be returned to their library shelves pronto.

"We've had time to consider the issue and will be returning the books," says a spokesman.

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