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As a web service we are providing here a mirror to the most recent update page on the website www.flight93crash.com which is devoted to the mystery of the Pennsylvania crash of United flight 93. We have improved the layout and put dates into international format. All views expressed are those of the other website and not necessarily shared by us. [The webmaster can be reached at this link] The webmaster also offers these recent links:

http://www.flight93crash.com/index.html http://www.flight93crash.com/flight93_shoot_down.html http://www.flight93crash.com/flight93_secondary_debris_field.html http://www.flight93crash.com/flight93_timeline.html http://www.flight93crash.com/flight93_latestupdate.html

Latest Update


November 2 -- Here's an article [Sunday Times, London] worth considering. "Aviation experts say that at this point there were three nuclear power stations between the plane and Washington and directly in its line of flight: Three Mile Island, Peach Bottom and Hope Creek."

It's a good thing the heroes were on the job, because the National Guard must have been flying circles over D.C. for 20-25 minutes before they moved toward 93 to intercept . . . or F-16's would have been there.

October 30 -- Just a quick note to thank Pat Campbell from WSTV news-talk radio for having me on for an hour this morning. It takes some guts to bring up this topic and think it over on the air.

October 29 -- Updated timeline with new information. Here's a 12 page story on Flight 93.

October 28 -- Revised the summary a bit.

October 26 -- updated some links that went bad.

Hey people -- if you need to see the original links you better save them now. We've had a number of articles disappear here. I also made small changes and additions to a few different pages to reflect new things I've learned. Nothing earth shattering.

October 24 -- Added Sorensen's Article to links

October 23 -- Added the Lear jet joke of a cover story to the Shoot Down page. Get the following videos before they are removed from the Internet:

Video: A couple of eyewitnesses talking about the plane going in and the primary debris field.

Video:Governor says very little debris seen from air -- just a crater.

Video:Plane traveling SW at impact.

Video:Another plane was in the area with no markings...

Video:Crash scene described, forest shown -- 300 yards away is showered in small pieces.

October 22 -- Found a spooky pdf link to an afternoon special edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on 9-11-01 -- 10:36 Flight 93 crashes? update -- link added (10-21-01)

Comment: If this 10:36 time is actually the correct time it really raises questions because all the cell calls ended before 10 a.m. So did the Post Gazette call the locals and get an accurate time before they printed it as the headline on the front page? Or did they just make it up? Did someone report it to them wrong? I'm guessing it was a mistake.

I also added a description of the primary debris field on the debris page that describes a unique area that is not part of an eight-mile continuous debris field.

October 20 -- Google finally indexed this site -- and it comes back on the first page of search results for "Flight 93" when I checked today.

Guess I can get off their case a little. I actually tried to buy a small ad on Google and they denied my ad because they didn't like the nature of this website -- which is understandable. I imagine it will slowly show up on other search engines now. We'll see.

October 17 -- The bulletin board was down for a few days, now it's working again.

After about 10 days of not getting many emails etc. I've been getting a lot more in the past couple days. The counter shows about 1,000 more page views in the past 24 hours, so somebody with a bit of traffic has linked here. I'm busy with work, but I hope to add some content and comments soon. I think I need to add a poll to this site -- the emails I've gotten are all over the board. Very interesting reading.

October 6 -- After talking to the real pilots of American and United Airline planes grounded that morning, FBI agents believe 12 separate incidents were planned.

Investigators learned from the cockpit voice recorder from UA Flight 93, which crashed in rural Pennsylvania, that a hijacker had joined the flight crew.

Comment: Wow, 12 incidents planned and we got 4 (four). That means 8 crews of terrorists may still be at large. Sleep tight. But again, do you hear it on the news? No, because you can't handle the truth.

October 3 -- I've gotten a number of emails asking me to finish this darn thing off... really not that much to add. I just want to write up how a shoot down or bomb might have happened.

October 3 -- Added to Military FAQ: In 1995, the CIA and the FBI learned that Osama bin Laden was planning to hijack U.S. airliners and use them as bombs to attack important targets in the U.S. This scheme was called Project Bojinka.

Comment: Who's getting fired? Frankly, I believe our military was aware of this threat and planned for it. The FAA is another story. I think we've all seen how pathetic they are at security. Again, who's getting fired??

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