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Thursday, December 27, 2001


[Damage control by Israelis]

A spokesman for the Israeli national airline El Al said Thursday that Reid visited Israel in July and went through security screening that involved checking his shoes.

Nahman Klaiman said Reid "arrived in July" aboard an El Al flight. During the security check-in at the airport where Reid boarded the plane, Klaiman said "our security people were aroused and he went through security check, which included a personal check as well as removal of his shoes, which were checked separately.

"Only after the passenger had passed all of the security checks was he allowed to board the aircraft," Klaiman said.

He refused to name the city Reid was flying from. Klaiman said he had no details on whether Reid used that name or if he carried a British passport. He said Reid did not leave Israel on an El Al flight and it was not possible to say how long he stayed. The Israeli Interior Ministry said it had no comment.

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