Posted Tuesday, March 19, 2002

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002.

"The Fabricated Holocaust of the Jews"


DAVID Irving is the reputable British historian whose books about Nazi Germany have attracted praise from mainstream historians. His works have been published by leading publishing houses containing accolades bestowed on his works by the leading names of literature and historiography on both sides of the Atlantic.

His 1977 book, Hitler's War, was widely applauded. In his Daily Telegraph review, British historian John Keegan wrote:

David Irving knows more than anyone alive about the German side of the Second World War.

He discovers archives unknown to official historians and turns their contents into densely footnoted narratives that consistently provoke controversy... His greatest achievement is Hitler's War and is indispensable to anyone seeking to understand the war in the round. No historian of the Second World War can afford to ignore Irving.

Christopher Hitchens despite his harsh criticism of David Irving's said that Irving is "probably one of the three or four necessary historians of the Third Reich and of the Nazi period." Holocaust denial: The Holocaust is a controversial term which is coined by some writers to refer to the deportation and alleged extermination of the European Jews by Hitler and the Reich's Security forces during World War II.

David Irving has once described himself as conducting a "one-man intifada" against the official history of the Holocaust. Irving disputes the definition of the term Holocaust and had removed it from the second edition of his book Hitler's War because that word was imprecise. He said: "I found it misleading, offensive and untruthful because it's too vague and unscientific, and should be avoided like the plague."

According to David Irving the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz (Poland) was completely fictitious myth. Gas chambers were a fabrication and fraud and built to attract tourists in Poland. Mr. Irving said:

I'm denying that any kind of multiple of millions of Jews were killed in the gas chambers but just by disease, overwork or starvation. Irving said that only 600,000 to 1 million Jews were killed during the so called Holocaust, and there was mass killing of other groups such as gypsies, Poles and homosexuals. Mr. Irving said a million people weighed 100,000 tonnes, presenting a "major logistical problem".

Furthermore, Mr. Irving stated that "there were no holes in the roof of the chambers to insert poisonous gas. According to Mr. Irving a number of "revisionist" researchers had entered the ruins of Crematorium II at Auschwitz, where Holocaust historians say 500,000 died, and photographed the collapsed underside of the roof but found no holes.

He says the gas chambers if any were used only to de-louse corpses and objects. "I do not accept that the Nazis in the last frantic days of the camp, when they were in a blue funk, would have gone around with buckets of cement filling the holes that they were going to dynamite," he told the court. Mr. Irving provided materials and documentation and expert technicians to prove that it was chemically and physically impossible for the Germans to have conducted gassings.

Irving said: "I don't see any reason to be tasteful about Auschwitz. It's baloney, it's a legend. Once we admit the fact that it was a brutal slave labour camp and large numbers of people did die, as large numbers of innocent people died elsewhere in the War, why believe the rest of the baloney?

In February 1992, Irving declared, "The Jews are very foolish not to abandon the gas chamber theory while they still have time." He warned that there would be anti-Semitic violence because of how the Jews "have exploited people with the gas chamber legend."

Irving says in his book that Auschwitz was the "slave labor camp" with "the highest mortality rate. Irving blamed the Jews for "a Jewish declaration of war on Germany. The Nazis were simply retaliating."

Litigation Arising from Holocaust Denial

A libel action was fought at the High Court in the early 1960s between an Auschwitz doctor (who was alleged to have carried out medical experiments on inmates) and Leon Uris, the author of Exodus (a book on the Holocaust). In that case, the plaintiff - the doctor - was awarded only a halfpenny damages.

Ms Deborah Lipstadt is the Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Georgia, USA. She is an American Jewish who delivers speeches to audiences in USA and in other countries. In 1994 She authored a book titled " Denying the Holocaust "sub-titled The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory".

The book was published by Penguin Books. It was a product of a research contract funded by an Israeli agency. In the book, she describes Mr Irving as a "dangerous" spokesperson for Holocaust denial Prof Deborah Lipstadt and over the book, Denying The Holocaust.

Mr Irving sued Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt before London's High Court over the book which has he says has libeled him and generated "waves of hatred" against him. In his speech before the court, Mr Irving said the book, Denying the Holocaust, was the culmination of a 30-year campaign against him that had left him the most "vilified" historian ever.

Mr Irving told the judge he was the victim of an international hate campaign led by Jewish groups across the world. He claims Prof Lipstadt's book was part of the "climax" of the conspiracy and severely damaged his career as a historian.

The defendants have invested a sizeable fortune in re-researching the Holocaust. Mr Irving alleges they were part of "an organised international endeavour" to destroy his career and said the "waves of hatred" they had generated had robbed him of financial security for the future.

Punishment For The Deniers

The Holocaust denial is a phrase which, Ms Deborah Lipstadt prides, she herself as having coined and crafted, and it has subsequently been used to blacken the name of the suspected anti-Semitic, where the more usual rhetoric of neo-Nazi, Nazi, racist, and other similar epithets is no longer deemed adequate.

The Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre, is dedicated to hunting all suspected Holocaust war criminals, and seek their deportation and extradition to face prosecution. In 1988, a man of German origin, Ernst Zündel, was put on trial in Canada for publishing material which, amongst other things, denied the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Faurisson, Leuchter, ZuendelIn defence of this charge, Mr Zündel's lawyers recruited a technician called Fred Leuchter, a consultant in the design of execution facilities in the USA. Mr Leuchter was duly dispatched to Auschwitz to seek evidence of the use -- or otherwise -- of homicidal gas chambers.

He took some samples from various parts of the remains at Auschwitz which he later had analysed in America and then wrote a report describing his findings and summarising his conclusions. These were that there were never any homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz.

Unfortunately for Mr Zündel, Mr Leuchter's report was declared inadmissible by the Canadian judge on the grounds that Mr Leuchter had no relevant expertise.

If an American writer or politician like Mr. Patrick Buchanan is branded even briefly a "Holocaust denier", his career can well be said to be in ruins.

The phrase has become a part of the English language. Irving said that it is a poison to which there is virtually no antidote, less lethal than a hypodermic with nerve gas jabbed in the neck, but deadly all the same: for the chosen victim, it is like being called a pædophile:

It is enough for the label to be attached, for the attachee to find himself designated as a pariah, an outcast from normal society. Western governments have been prevailed upon to pass the most questionable laws, including some which can only be considered a total infringement of the normal human rights of free speech, free opinion and freedom of assembly.

In Germany it is now a criminal offence to question the mode, the scale, the system, or even the statistics of the Holocaust. No defence is allowed. Some good friends of mine, I have no hesitation in allowing to this Court, are sitting at this very moment in German prisons for having ventured to voice such questions.

In France the situation is even more absurd: any person found guilty in France, under a new law aptly named an "amendment of the law on the freedom of the Press" finds himself fined, or imprisoned, or both.

This law, passed in 1991, makes it a criminal offence to challenge (the French word is contester) any war crimes or crimes against humanity "as defined by the Nuremberg Statute" of 1945. Fifty years on, it has become a criminal offence to question whether Nuremberg got it right.

History is to be as defined by the four victorious powers in the Nuremberg trials of 1945-1946. David Irving's Action Report on his website includes letters from admirers, such as a fan in England who writes, "An Auschwitz survivors touring schools in my area, showing the film Schindler's List. That's what I'd call propaganda brainwashing of young children."

Irving's Action Report also prints the last letter from Reinhold Elstner, a German who committed suicide by burning himself to death in order to awaken German nationalism against "judicial zionist revenge" and "insults to former German soldiers."

Irving is accused of anti-Semitism

Irving said for 30 years he suffered "a reign of terror" from those "minority groups" seeking to undermine him. "I know the organizations involved. I've come under their pressure and terror methods worldwide." He has said, "When I go to Florida for three months I never use my credit card twice in the same place, so that Mossad does not know where I am." There are serious censorship issues involved.

The Labor Party in England has proposed a prison sentence of up to two years for anyone who denies the Holocaust. If the anti-denier law is passed, England will join Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France in banning the ideas of Holocaust deniers. Irving is currently barred from Germany, Australia, Italy, and Canada because of his views, and in 1992 he was fined 30,000 Marks ($25,000) by a Munich court for claiming that the Auschwitz gas chambers were "fakes" built after World War II to lure tourists to Poland.

In 1975, David Irving argued that The Diary of Anne Frank was a fraud written after the war by a New York scriptwriter "in collaboration with the girl's father."

The trial of David Irving

In January 11, 2000, David Irving appeared before the court and requested to order the Defendants (Penguin Books Ltd. and Deborah E. Lipstadt) to pay damages and requested the issue of an injunction against further publication of this work and that the Defendants should make the usual undertakings.

He said it is no longer possible to write pure history, untrammelled and uninfluenced by politics, Irving told the court that the defendants have done very real damage to his professional existence. First he set out the very real pecuniary damage which can be done to an author by an attack on his reputation, which may make him an unpublished author. Publishers decline to reprint his works, refusing to accept new commissions and turning their backs on him.

Irving said that Ms Lipstadt did not act alone in her determination to destroy his career, and to vandalise his legitimacy as an historian. They were part of an organised international endeavour at achieving precisely that. He was expelled in the most demeaning circumstances from Canada in November 1992.

He discovered in the files of the Canadian Government a mysterious and anonymous document blackening his name which had been planted there for the purpose of procuring precisely the ugly consequence that had flowed from it in 1992.

The trial lasted for three months and ended on April 12, 2000.

David Irving lost Holocaust libel case

On May 6, 2000 Judge Charles Gray ruled against Mr Irving and ordered him to pay £150,000 by June 17 towards Penguin's estimated £2m legal and research costs incurred by Penguin Books for his disastrous libel action against charges that he was a Holocaust denier. Mr Justice Gray said If Irving defaults he could face bankruptcy and the loss of his home.

Mr Justice Gray rejected claims by the advocate representing Irving, that any interim costs order could hamper the author's ability to mount an appeal. The advocate appearing for Penguin had asked for an order worth £500,000. Mr Justice Gray said Penguin could seek a fresh order for Irving to pay more money if he was denied permission to appeal.

If he doesn't pay the money, we'll have to enforce payment. The ultimate is bankruptcy.

A trustee in bankruptcy would be appointed to assess any assets he's got. That would include his house. Mr. Irving, who is now likely to face defence costs estimated at £2m, Irving, indicated that he would appeal against the verdict, though he refused to talk about the effect of meeting the potentially crippling costs.

Eldred Tabachnik QC, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, welcomed the judgment.

Israel the swindler

Irving wrote, "Nobody likes to be swindled, still less where considerable sums of money are involved." Irving identified Israel as the swindler, stating that Germany had given Israel more than ninety billion deutsche marks in voluntary reparations, "essentially in atonement for the 'gas chambers of Auschwitz.

The Holocaust, as symbolised by Auschwitz, is a myth, legend or lie deployed by Jews to blackmail the German people into paying vast sums in reparations to supposed victims of the Holocaust. "The term Holocaust has been politically abused by the Jews to enhance their sense of victim-hood. In April 2000 a lawsuit had been filed against the Austrian state seeking $18bn to compensate Nazi slave labourers.

However, Austria agreed to pay $480m in compensation to Nazi slave labour victims . Ms Maria Schaumayer the Austrian negotiator on this issue met the US Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat in April 2000 as part of her country's bid to secure a "legal peace", which would protect Austrian firms from class actions relating to forced labour. Germany also was forced to make a similar deal to compensate Nazi slave labourers.

In a related development, the US Chamber of Commerce is to solicit donations from American corporations to compensate slave labourers and others forced to work in German factories owned by US firms or their subsidiaries during World War II. The chamber, which represents over three million businesses worldwide, decided to establish the fund after being approached by the Clinton administration and various US corporations threatened with lawsuits by survivors and their descendents.

Why Holocaust Memorial Day? For the second time, on the 27th January ceremonies were held across Europe to mark the Holocaust Memorial Day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. Memorial masses were held, flags were flying at half-mast on public buildings and thousands of candles were lit.

However, there has been a considerable debate in Europe over how the Holocaust Memorial Day is relevant and why the day should focus only on the Nazi Holocaust ? Over the last hundred years, human blood has been shed on a horrendous scale and atrocities go on in the world today. While the main focus is only on the persecution of European Jews.

Why not recognize other mass killings, including those in Cambodia and Rwanda and the Jewish slaughter of the Palestinians as genocide or war crimes to be commemorated ? Why there is no commemorations for the massacres of millions of Algerians in their homeland during the French occupation of Algeria, which many Algerians regard as genocide. ? This selective attitude is prompting a growing feeling of abandonment in the Muslim World and elsewhere.

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