Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2002

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This is one of those occasions where even the observation "comment is superfluous" is superfluous. -- David Irving

(London), Monday, March 11, 2002



FBI fails to expose al-Qaeda networks

By Daniel McGrory

THOUSANDS of FBI agents have rounded up more than 1,300 suspects across America since September 11, but they have failed to find a single al-Qaeda cell operating in the United States.

David Irving comments:

BETWEEN one and two hundred Israeli "art students", "tourists", "souvenir sellers" and others have been caught and deported from ther United States since September 11, 2001, or are still being held in custody. But not one al-Qaeda terrorist? This is one of those occasions where even the observation "comment is superfluous" is superfluous, so I won't make it. Too late, I have.

Tom Ridge, the Director of Homeland Security, admitted yesterday that he suspected that there were active cells in the US, but he could not explain why none bhaad been caught. "I think we should assume and we should operate under the notion that some still are in the United States," he said.

Security authorities in more than 60 countries have arrested suspects linked to Osama bin Laden, but none of the hundreds detained has yet been found to have any links with terrorism.

Only two of the top 20 most-wanted al-Qaeda suspects are known to have been caught or killed: Mohammed Atef, third-in-command to Osama bin Laden, died in a rocket attack on Kabul; and Anas al-Libya, a computer expert who lived in Manchester and is said to have helped to compile al-Qaeda's terrorist training manual, has been arrested.

No one in the American military or intelligence services knows where bin Laden is. While the British and other governments accept that many of their young Muslims travelled to Afghanistan for training in al-Qaeda camps, the only American accused of following that path is John Walker, "the American Taleban" who is facing trial in Washington.


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