Posted Wednesday, May 8, 2002

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The 1976 Tax Reform Act specifically prohibited 'agreements to refuse or actual refusal to do business with or in Israel,' the report further read.

May 1, 2002

Still facing threats from pro-Israeli supporters despite issuing letter of regret

Texas Business Under Fire For Boycott of Israel

Chicago - May 1, 2002 (IAP News) A US auto part export company has recently refused to sell some auto parts to an Israeli citizen based upon the current situation in the West Bank.

"We must inform you that Texas Export will not do business with Israeli citizens at this time," wrote John Harris, representing Texas Automotive Export of Dripping Springs, Texas. "We urge you to rein in your military and stop your oppression of the Palestinian people," the letter said. "Your country has lost the respect of the civilized world," it concluded.

A national radio talk show host named Neal Boortz decided to discuss the incident on April 26 on his show and urged his listeners to "pick on" the company.

In addition, the story has circulated all over the mainstream media and Israeli press.

IAP called the company this morning, and spoke with Mr. Harris who informed us that he as been receiving hundreds of negative calls and death threats from supporters of Israel.

Harris told IAP that he is very afraid, and despite the fact he later wrote a letter of regret and apologized for any inconvenience or insult that was caused by his letter, he still really needs continued vocal and physical support as the threats are continuing to pour in.

The company may also come under legal fire. According to a report in the April 28th edition of the Israeli Insider, "a warning issued by the Bureau of Industry and Security at the United States Department of Commerce, the compliance of American businesses to "requests to engage in activities that further or support the boycott of Israel… may be prohibited by the Export Administration Regulations and reportable to the Department."

The 1976 Tax Reform Act specifically prohibited "agreements to refuse or actual refusal to do business with or in Israel," the report further read.

Harris said he received many positive calls of support, but on the ground this is not enough to ensure his safety and that of his employees.

To call Texas Automotive Export and express support phone them at 512-858-7216, or e-mail

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