Posted Wednesday, July 17, 2002

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Eighty percent of Palestinians believe that it is their duty to support Iraq if it is subjected to an American strike as occurred in the Gulf War in 1990 -- Opinion Poll, March 2002



Beirut, Saturday, July 20, 2002


David Irving comments:

HERE's a little item that our Arabic expert has translated from today's edition of the independent Beirut paper as-Safir. It is a poll among Palestinians that shows that 80 percent of Palestinians would support Iraq if it is attacked, and indeed that they would "feel that it is their duty" to do so.

This raises questions:

First, Bush wants to impose "democracy" on the Arab world, but 80 percent of Palestinians -- to say nothing of Iraqis -- are against him. What kind of "democracy" will that be? For that matter, what kind of "democracy" can be imposed by a foreign invasion? The Afghan, Karzai, style? Not encouraging.

Second, what does this imply for the security of Americans in coming years? The US leadership claims to be concerned with "terrorism," yet it pursues policies calculated to arouse intense opposition among the very peoples that Washington identifies as a source of "terrorism."

Third, why is Washington pursuing Middle East policies that stir up such vast enmity? For whose sake is Bush following a course that will only make all Americans, everywhere, the object of deep hatred and rage, and quite possibly the targets for physical violence in coming years?

Palestinians support Iraq against an American strike

AN opinion poll indicates that 80 percent of Palestinians believe that it is their duty to support Iraq if it is subjected to an American strike as occurred in the Gulf War in 1990.

The poll was conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion last March but its results were not published until now because of the aggression by the Israeli occupation forces in the past months.

The survey of a thousand Palestinians over the age of 18 consisted of the following question:

To what extent do you support the statement that the Palestinians must support Iraq, as they did in 1990, if it is subjected to an American strike?

Of the respondents, 51.6 percent said they strongly supported that statement, 28.3 percent said they supported it somewhat, while 3.6 percent said they strongly opposed it and 6.9 percent opposed it somewhat. The margin for error in the poll was 3.09 percent.


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