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A New Jersey lawyer huffs and puffs

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Facsimile Cover Sheet

To: Steven Morris (Amhurst Brown)

From: Gary S. Redish

Re: David Irving

Date: May 23, 2002


Dear Mr. Morris:

I know that you represent David Irving. I sent him an e- mail after his latest loss which he apparently didn't like. He posted it on his website and has suggested that his supporters should write to me in connection with that e-mail. All this information is enclosed although I have omitted the approximately 20 e-mails that I have received because some of them are pretty obscene.

I am requesting that you contact Mr. Irving and direct that he remove this information from his website. In my view, he is inciting his "supporters" to commit a hate crime against me based on my status of being Jewish by characterizing me as a "Jewish Gentleman of New Jersey". I already received a number of antisemitic slurs.

For your information, inciting others to commit hate crimes or to deliver terroristic threats are very serious criminal offenses in the United States. I know he is in the United States now and he obviously prepared this action report while he is in this country.

I have no particular desire to take any legal action against Mr. Irving (who has plenty of trouble without me at this point) or his supporters but I would request that you advise him that he must remove this information from his website. Based upon the content of the e-mails I aim receiving, I do have some concern about my personal safety and that of my family.

For your information, I have worked with your firm on a number of occasions and your partner Guy Facey and I are friendly and consult with each other a number of times a year on various U.S. and English legal matters, the latest being earlier this week.

I had hoped that you would have called me back because I really didn't want to send this fax and that I would have been able to discuss it with you over the telephone.

Of course, I reserve all of my rights against David Irving. I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards .

Gary S Redish

cc: Guy Facey (via facsimile)

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