Notes (from Gush Shalom):

  1. "Bear" is the army code for the D-9 bulldozers. Kurdi means a person of Kurdish origin.
  2. In Israel, men are recruited at the age of 18 for 3 years of obligatory military service. After being released, at the age of 21, they enter the reserve corps. The reserve duty usually demands 30 days of service each year, till the age of 45.
  3. In January 2001, a building in Jerusalem collapsed during a wedding in a hall named Versailles. Some 25 people were killed.
  4. The D-9 actually weighs 48.7 tons, without Armor. The armor brings the weight closer to 60 tons.
  5. The operator is referring to the day in which 13 Israeli soldiers were killed by Palestinian fighters in an ambush in Jenin.
  6. Two right-wing movements. Beitar, the youth movement, is more nationalistic. Likud is the major right-wing party.
  7. This is the size, in meters, of the part of the camp that was totally demolished.