Posted Sunday, September 1, 2002

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Florida, Saturday, August 31, 2002

[Jewish outrage at "Jewish"]

David Irving comments:

WHAT goes around comes around, the Americans say: The media have spent months referring to Muslim terrorists.
   Now a Florida doctor is arrested in the most compromising circumstances; he is already treated most leniently, and there are loud suggestions that his problems were not political or religious at all but psychological. He can accordingly expect a mild sentence, if any, for having concealed thirty weapons in his house and plotted to kill Muslims and blow up mosques ("It was mosquitoes he was going to do blow up, not mosques!", we can hear his lawyer pleading already).
   Now fellow Jews are outraged that the media did not conceal that Dr Goldstein was Jewish.
   What a storm in a teacup. I remember my political correctness editor George Stern chiding me, after reading the draft of Nuremberg, the Last Battle, that if a man was President Franklin D Roosevelt's lawyer and his name was Samuel Rosenberg, it was totally superfluous to describe him as "Jewish". Of course.
   I managed to cut the word out of the draft fifty-nine times after that, without losing the plot.

Several complaints about the use of the term "Jewish' to describe podiatrist Robert Goldstein by The Tampa Tribune and WFLA, News Channel 8, make up Citizens' Voice this week.

That term and other race, religion and cultural descriptions are accepted journalism practices used to put stories in context. Some readers disagree.

Goldstein was arrested Aug. 23 after police said they found a cache of weapons and detailed plans to attack Islamic centers in his home.

Carolee Kirshman of Lakeland e-mailed her dismay:

"On last night's news, you had a piece about the podiatrist who had so many weapons at his home. I resent the fact that you called him a Jewish doctor. I don't think that piece needed to have his religion brought out. I'm sure that his name alone signifies his religion. But as a Jew, I must object to religion being noted in this case while never before seeing a news piece where some accused person was denoted as Catholic or Baptist.

"We Jews are very proud of the fact that we are rarely accused of an illegal act and certainly this needn't have been noted as to his religion.'"


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