Posted Sunday, September 15, 2002

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The letters showed up whenever [Judge] Diamond's security was scheduled to end.


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Sunday, September 15, 2002


Judge Wrote Threatening Letters To Herself, Police Believe

A Manhattan judge who claimed to have received threatening letters actually sent them to herself, police now reportedly believe.

David Irving comments:

I VERY rarely find it necessary to write threatening letters to myself, as others do that for me.
   I must admit that I would not feel very intimidated by baby powder however (unless the Absender was identified as one Dr Philip Zack.)

According to the Daily News, acting Supreme Court Justice Marylin Diamond has been receiving threatening letters that included anti-Semitic messages since 1999. Some letters sent after the anthrax mailings last fall contained baby powder.

A criminal profiler hired by the NYPD has concluded that Diamond wrote the letters herself, the News reports. The profiler told the News that the letters showed up whenever Diamond's security was scheduled to end or whenever there were terror alerts.

Diamond, who has had 24-hour bodyguards since the letters appeared, denies the accusation, the News says.

Criminal charges against Diamond are unlikely, the News reports, since evidence is limited.


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